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August Burns Red

Interview von: arne mit Brent, am: 05.11.2009 ]

Die aus Lancaster, Pennsylvania stammenden AUGUST BURNS RED sind längst kein unbeschriebenes Blatt mehr. Mit „Constellations“ erscheint der dritte Longplayer der christlich motivierten Brutalo-Kombo, die in der Vergangenheit noch über Solid State veröffentlichte. Ob man das Quintett nun als MetalCore oder Melodic-Metal versteht, ist im Grunde egal. Wichtig ist, dass die Kombo modern, genreübergreifend und gleichsam kompromisslos wie eingängig agiert. Handwerkliche Feinheiten und tightes, beständig antreibendes Schlagzeugspiel bestimmen „Constellations“ ebenso wie tolle Melodic-Leads, fette Mosh-Parts und jede Menge Breaks.


Musicscan: You guys have been around for some time now. What is behind bands longevity? What fuels the fire and keeps you guys interested in the music you create?

August Burns Red: Bands need to create music they really enjoy in order to stand the test of time. As a band, we have always tried to create music that we would love to hear. If you can't enjoy your own bands music then you'll never last as a band, because you'll be tired of playing the music.

Musicscan: Right now, the harder music scene seems to go even more extreme than ever before. Bands are pushing the boundaries as far as complexity, technical approach and extreme arrangements are concerned. In a way you did the opposite with Constellations, as you were focussing on the homogenous flow, melodies and the emotional intensity of your tracks. How did you go about writing your new record?

August Burns Red: As I stated in the last question, we tried to create music we wanted to hear. None of us are into the spastic style of metal that many bands have adopted. I like hearing full songs, and not just parts pieced together.

Musicscan: Every band has a vision of how their album should sound like after the recording it. Listening to Constellations right now: Would you say that this was a successful mission or would you even say that you have been able to surprise yourself? If this is the case - in how far?

August Burns Red: We love our new record!

Musicscan: What are you looking for in a song? Have you ever achieved something like a perfect song in your opinion? How would you define such a perfect song?

August Burns Red: The perfect song is a song that is catchy at first but offers something new each time you listen to it.

Musicscan: Do you think there are still genuinely new sounds to be discovered or can modern music basically be said to be a recombination of already existing forms and elements

August Burns Red: There is always something new that you can do. I would hope that music hasn't become so redundant that you can't discover and make something new.

Musicscan: Where do you guys see the line drawn between progressing on what you do well, and completely offering a new direction or sound? Especially in the context of Constellations…

August Burns Red: If your old fans hate what have you done. You have probably crossed that line. I don't think we have. There's a way to progress without turning your backs on your fan base, and I'd like to think we've done that.

Musicscan: Musically, and especially lyrically, August Burns Red seems like a band fueled by raw emotion which is at the same time tempered by a reflected vibe. What are the motives behind writing in this style, what reactions are you seeking to evoke in your audience?

August Burns Red: When I personally write lyrics I try to wait until an idea really hits me and then write everything down that I possibly can. Then I'll go back and make my grammar corrections. I feel like it makes the lyrics seem more in the moment, thus more emotional.

Musicscan: Have you been surprised by the fact, that listeners from different musical tastes are getting August Burns Red? And is this something that matters to you?

August Burns Red: I think the fact that we listen to many other different styles of music comes through in our music, and maybe that's why other audiences have latched onto it. For most of us metal is one of the least genres of music we listen to.

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