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Interview von: arne mit Romain, am: 25.10.2002 ]

1998 gegründet, legten HAERESIS im Frühjahr ihre erste MCD in Eigenregie vor. Das Quintett spielt fetten, treibenden Death-Metal-Sound und das noch dazu gut mitreißend...


Musicscan: Introduce the band, please and sum up its history. What is important to know about HAERESIS?

Haeresis: HAERESIS was born late 999 from the ashes of 2 meaningless bands, with 5 guys that wanted to spread their fuckin' metal around the globe. In 2001, things went further: we played our firsts good shows, fired a former member because of his lack of interest (Sylvain then took the responsability for both guitars and vocals), and recorded the MCD in Wood studio (Genf). 2002 has been a great year for HAERESIS as we played several shows in both France and Switzerland. We will play for the first time in Pratteln (Z7, near Basel) on November the 2nd. The line up is now Sylvain (guitars, voices), Maurizio (guitars), Bruno (bass), and Romain (battery (of the night)).

Musicscan: How developed the style of music you're playing?

Haeresis: In our early days, we used to play a basic kind of death/thrash metalcore influenced a lot by H 8000 bands such as Congress or Liar and as we wanted to add something new in our music, we picked up heavy metal as well as black metal influences to have something more interesting for us to play and hear...

Musicscan: What's your motivation to play especially this heavy kind of music? Do you consider yourself being metalheads?

Haeresis: As long as your definition of the word "metalhead" is metal listener then you can consider we are "metalheads". Regarding our motivation to play metal, we just play the music we feel within ourselves.

Musicscan: What have been the past of you guys in the heavy music scene of France? have you been in other bands before?

Haeresis: First of all, we rehearse in France but we consider to be part of the Geneva scene as we all live around this town (in France as well as in Switzerland), and the structures are more developed in Geneva than in our surrounding in France. All the members of HAERESIS played in shitty bands before starting something serious but as these bands didn't last long there's nothing really interesting to say about them.

Musicscan: Why did you choose to release this MCD by your own. I mean it's expensive... are you proud of what came out?

Haeresis: We were thinking about recording something since a while and we wanted to have something "professional" (not a CD-R with a shitty sound) to help us go further so we decided to pay the recording ourselves because it's really hard for an unknown band to get in touch with labels. We are really proud of our first release, Stephane Kroug (Wood studio) did an excellent work concerning the sound of this record.

Musicscan: What are bands that surround and inspire you guys? Can you tell me something about your local heavy scene, please.

Haeresis: Here's a list of bands that we like and respect: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Immortal, Dissection, Satyricon, Opeth, Morbid Angel...But despite the fact that some bands inspired in one way or another the main inspiration comes from what we feel within ourselves. The scene of Geneva is very developed with bands of various horizons such as Nostromo (grindcore), Prejudice(hardcore), Fractal Point(death metal), Rain(dark metal), Meridian(black metal), and some ska bands we won't talk about.

Musicscan: How did you get in touch with Deadsun? has it been your first choice?

Haeresis: Actually we sent numerous cd to numerous labels and of course the big labels didn't give a shit about us as we are unknown, so Deadsun made us a proposition about promoting distributing the MCD, and it sounded good for us!

Musicscan: I like your cover-artwork!! what was your intention to do it this way?

Haeresis: Bruno really tried to render Sylvain's feelings about our music and the band: something between melancholy and aggression, a modern graphism without forgetting the metal codes.

Musicscan: By the way: what does HAERESIS mean and why did you choose to title your band this way?

Haeresis: HAERESIS is the latin word for heresy. Knowing that you should easily understand why we chose this name.

Musicscan: What kind of people should listen to your record and why - what is your music all about?

Haeresis: Everyone who is aware should buy our MCD. HAERESIS is about playing brutal, dark and sophisticated music, concerning the lyrics, they now all deal about the lyricist (Sylvain) and his feelings/inner troubles, in an abstract/metaphoric way.

Musicscan: Oh - why didn't you title the record?

Haeresis: We didn't feel the need to title it...

Musicscan: What is a HAERESIS-live-show all about?

Haeresis: Blood, fire, death, a lot of smoke, and rivers of sweat

Musicscan: Why did you not have an own website?

Haeresis: We will have one soon, we are working on it.

Musicscan: If there is anything you want to say: do it, please.

Haeresis: Thank you for helping us spread our fury. Get ready, because HAERESIS will strike back in 2003 with a full length recording which will sound like the perfect soundtrack for holidays in Ground Zero.
Congratulations and death threat to HAERESIS@DEATH-STAR.COM

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