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Children Of Bodom

Interview von: Flo mit Jaska Raatikainen, am: 24.09.2009 ]

Das aktuelle Release von CHILDREN OF BODOM, “Skeletons In The Closet”, ist ungmein erfrischend. Die Finnen haben es sich im Laufe ihrer Karriere nicht nehmen lassen, zur ein oder anderen Gelegenheit Coversongs einzustudieren und aufzunehmen. Diese finden sich nun geballt auf einer CD wieder. Wer mit den üblichen Klassikern rechnet, wird so manche Überraschung erleben. Schon der Opener ‘Looking At My Back Door’ von Creedence Clearwater Revival ist ein erster Spaß, der im Folgenden nicht abebbt. Wenn CHILDREN OF BODOM den Ramones-Song ‘Somebody Put Something In My Drink’ intonieren, bleibt kein Auge trocken. Im direkten Anschluss folgt Sepulturas ‘Mass Hypnosis’, das auf ein ganz neues Niveau gehoben wird, um vom Scorpions-Klassiker ‘Don’t Stop At The Top’ gefolgt zu werden. So geht es weiter.


Musicscan: What is the reason for a cover-album?

Children Of Bodom: We have had the idea of a cover-album for many years. In the past we have toured a lot and covered so many bands - all these songs tell something about us and we wanted everybody to hear and to know that. Even though it is a long time between two albums – The folks should know that we still exist!

Musicscan: What is the message of the album-titel?

Children Of Bodom: I think the point is, that these cover-songs are not that usual for a metal band. The Album tells something about us and our weird mentality. So you can say, that these album deals less with messages but more with the weird taste of Children of Bodom.

Musicscan: What is the reason for the 3 different album versions for US, EUROPE and ASIA?

Children Of Bodom: The mayor reason is the fact that there are different kinds of rights in every territory - that forces us to come out with three different releases.

Musicscan: What is your expectation for the US tour, with how many tickets do you calculate?

Children Of Bodom: The more the better! But it’s not about the number of people who will come to see us. It’s more about the feeling that comes up during the show. 1000 people average would be nice, if I had to pick a number!

Musicscan: Why Britney Spears?

Children Of Bodom: Why not? It’s kind of shocking to hear CHILDREN OF BODOM covering Britney and we like to shock people. It’s a lot of fun to do this kind of covers. Although CHILDREN OF BODOM is a straight Metal-band, it doesn´t have to be always that serious.

Musicscan: About the RAMONES Song: “Somebody put something in my drink”, did that ever happen to anyone of your band…If yes, tell me the story?

Children Of Bodom: In fact that happens to everyone of us on every tour. At the Megadeth tour I was drinking some good whiskey with Dave Mustaine and after a couple of shots (and stories he told me) I was totally done… When I finally came clear I couldn’t remember anything at all. The other time on our EU tour I felt down from my bunk a couple of times in the same night and I was talking nonsense. The next day I had a scar in my face and of course - I couldn’t remember anything. So I really thought that somebody put something in my drink

Musicscan: For sure there is a reason why you choose this songs for the album. Any stories behind that?

Children Of Bodom: Not really. We wanted to collect all the good ones and put them on the album. It was important for us that the songs represent our mentality.

Musicscan: Beside this album, which are your favorite coverversions of other bands?

Children Of Bodom: Killswitch Engage has done a very good version of “Holy Diver”. HIM did good work with the “Summer Wine”.

Musicscan: Is there any plan for a European tour soon?

Children Of Bodom: I would love to go on tour in europe but I have to say that there are no plans so far.

Musicscan: Which is your most favorite song on the album?

Children Of Bodom: I like the CCR version a lot and of course the Britney Spears cover.

Musicscan: Which song was the most difficult song to play?

Children Of Bodom: “Silent Scream” made me sweat my ass off.

Musicscan: Which song is an absolute “no-go” for you to cover?

Children Of Bodom: “Final Countdown” from Europe or “Bohemian Rhapsody” from Queen.

Musicscan: Two of the original songs are from the movie “The Big Lebowski”, is this a coincidence?

Children Of Bodom: No – we are fans and it’s a great movie!

Musicscan: Which of these bands have you ever seen live?

Children Of Bodom: At least 60 or 70 % of the artists. I had the honour to meet and to talk to a lot of them. That is without doubts the blessing of my job!