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Shattered Realm

Interview von: Janick mit Chris & Joe, am: 21.10.2002 ]

Den Namen SHATTERED REALM solltet ihr euch schon mal merken. Die Jungs aus New Jersey haben mit ihrem Debut Album "Broken Ties... Spoken Lies" auf Alveran Records ein Monster vor dem Herrn abgeliefert. Das Album strotzt nur so vor unbändingender Power und es gibt massig viele Mosh-Parts und Breakdowns, die keine Gnade kennen. Deshalb wollte ich auch mehr über die Jungs wissen, die hinter dem Namen SHATTERED REALM stehen, aber lest selbst.


Musicscan: First of all would you please introduce yourself and then the rest of the band.

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) I'm Chris I'm fat and I sing, then Danny plays bass, Kevin on guitar, Al on guitar, and Joe plays guitar and sings.

Musicscan: What should we know about Shattered Realm´s history?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) Just that what Shattered Realm was 2 years ago is not what it is now.

(JOE) Yeah we´ve had some changes....we call the beginning when i joined the band and Chris started to sing. After that our other guitar player left, then we had Kevin join the band but then he became incarcerated for a while so we then had our freind Fat Pat fill in worked on the full length and recorded it then when Kevin came home he re-joined the band. We then kicked out our bass player, and had Danny fill in for tour and he eventually became part of the band cuz he´s a retard like us haha.

Musicscan: I would describe your sound as a mix of All Out War, Hatebreed, Slayer and Jungle Rot how do you see that?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) I can see that, but I kinda like to think we do our own thing.

Musicscan: How would you describe your sound or the vibe to somebody who never heard of SHATTERED REALM?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) One word : HEAVY

Musicscan: Would it be okay, if people call you a tough guy band? Or do you think SHATTERED REALM isn´t a tough guy band?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) Somone on a messageboard put it best, 90% of the " tough guy" bands are anything but and we actually live up to the label. Take it as you want.

(JOE) Yeah it´s so funny to me that everyone cries about fights and this and that. All these bands talk about fighting and killing and this and that, but when a band comes through like us and actually fights everyone bitches about it. You know it´s like we play another state and 10 guys try and jump us and we beat their ass, and the next day it´s all over the internet " SHATTERED REALM BEAT UP A 100 LB GIRL AND A BUNCH OF 15 YEAR OLD SCENE KIDS" it´s so pathetic that people wanna involve themselves in a scene where, whether you like it or not fighting is gonna happen, but then they wanna cry about it.

Musicscan: The title of your first full length is "Broken Ties... Spoke Lies". What do you want to express with that title? Is there a story or deeper meaning behind it?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) Basically put, EVERYONE is dishonest. There are no ties that can't be broken over time.

Musicscan: Did SHATTERED REALM has a specific message?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) Not really, just another angry band, except we're actually truthful about it.

Musicscan: Your lyrics are very dark - can you tell me little bit more about it? Are the lyrics for you a kind of self-therapy or just something where you can get rid off you anger and rage?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) It's not at all self therapy, it's basically my life with music over it. Every song has imbedded in it a true situation that happened to me, or something I've been through. Writing about how angry you are, for me, has no point, because no one can relate. I´d rather write about how angry I am about somethin and actually explain it, rather then just write about being mad. Believe it or not similar people go through the same situations and you enjoy something more when you can relate to it.

Musicscan: In your lyrics there´s a lot about demons, angels, the devil and heaven and stuff like that. Are you religious? Or why you choose to put your lyrics in that apocalyctic christian context?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) There's actually some fucked up religions in our band. Al is Jewish, I'm Muslim and everyone else is Catholic or doesn't practice or whatever. And a lot of my points about devils and gods are just the point that there are none. I have a lot of "mad at God" issues.

(JOE) Yeah i would say all the devil and gods and angels refrences are more towards the contexts of the words rather the religion. Ya know like devil = evil, gods = rulers, angels = souls rising. Ya know more stuff like that rather then jesus christ and apostles and angels and stuff. Me myself have seen alot of fucked up things and life and lost trust in god and religion a long time ago.

Musicscan: In the song "The April Situation" you got some acoustic guitars and some clean vocals. Do you want to do something again in that direction maybe on the next record. Or did you done that because it fits perfect to the song?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) From what I know that was a one time thing we wanted to try, I don't think we're gonna make it a habit but if we do it's not because we want to appease anyone.

(JOE) Yeah Chris actually wrote the slow part. We think of it as more of an old school metal thing rather then what some ppl call it as emo. Every metal band sang back in the day. That song was actually 2 different songs that I meshed together because the chord structure just fit together so well.

Musicscan: Are there any european tour plans so far? Especially plans for a german tour?

Shattered Realm: (JOE) Well we are definately down to play Europe and we want to very much, but at this time we have alot of debts as a band that we have to get together. And right now the money for us just isnt right to go across the sea. But, im hoping that the record does really good there and that we can come in the new year and sell merch ( shirts and shit like that ) this way we can just be absolutely broke when we get there and try and make money to eat and stuff while we are there. Im sure it will work out then and i think we will definately be there in the new year.

Musicscan: What do you think about the european HC/Metalcore Scene?

Shattered Realm: (JOE) Europe always has a strong scene and always does best to try and stay strong. The only problem is that euro bands have such a hard time coming to America and getting there stuff out. But there is alot of good bands out there I have friEnds in bands all over Europe.

Musicscan: What are your current top 5 cd´s?

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) Killswitch Engage " Alive Or Just Breathing ", Further Seems Forever " The Moon Is Down ", Until the End " Blood In The Ink ", Coheed and Cambria " I forget the name of the cd ", and the Full Blow Choas ep.

(JOE) Our cd hahaha i like it so much i can´t stop listening to it. Until The End " Blood In The Ink" - Petes lyrics make me wanna kill my xgirl and all my old ass snake ass friends, Merauder " 5 Deadly Venoms, American Nitemare '" Backround Music", Full Blown Chaos " advanced copy of their new record on stillborn records" YOU GUYS HAVE TO BUY THAT WHEN IT COMES OUT IT IS SOO GOOD.

Musicscan: What do you do beside SHATTERED REALM, do you all have regular jobs? Tell me something about it.

Shattered Realm: (CHRIS) I work at UPS, yeah I have a real job! Al is a engineer of some sort, Kevin is a land surveyor, and Joe and Danny are bums haha.

Musicscan: Any last words at the end of the interview?

Shattered Realm: (JOE) Thanx to all you guys over their at Alveran for hold down the Euro tip. Thanx for the interview, and especially thanx to everyone who took time to read this and will take the time to go buy our record. Give us a visit at www.shatteredrealm.net

(CHRIS) I'm hungry, feed me.

Musicscan: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. And i hope to see you VERY soon live on stage here in Germany!