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Interview von: arne mit Mumakil, am: 08.09.2009 ]

„This Is Grind As Fuck”: Diesen Anspruch und dieses Versprechen formulieren MUMAKIL auf ihrer myspace-Site und wirklich, der zweite Longplayer der Schweizer, „Behold The Failure”, ist ein verdammtes Inferno. Die Schweizer sind Grindcore aus voller Überzeugung und in ihrem wüsten Treiben deutlich von Innovatoren wie Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth und Nasum beeinflusst.


Musicscan: Any news concerning Mumakil you want to tell us about beside your record that has been released on Relapse?

Mumakil: The CD has been released some months ago. Globally we have a really positive feedback from fans at shows or on the internet, metal magazines, webzines etc. We already started writing new songs, which remain in the same vein as “Behold the Failure”. And of course we’re currently doing as many shows as possible in Europe.

Musicscan: What's your attitude towards Mumakil in general? I noticed that you are a seriously working band, but you guys seem to have a lot of fun as well...

Mumakil: Yeah actually having fun is the main idea in this band. We all had other bands in the past and we decided to involve a lot in Mumakil since 2-3 years. So yes, we’re work hard but it’s our passion so there’s no problem.

Musicscan: What moments in the bands history for you sum up the whole experience of Mumakil so far? And what are your expectations for the future now that you settled with Relapse?

Mumakil: I’d say that every tour date and recording gave us a great experience in 5 years of existence. I think that ‘Behold the Failure’ is also a very important step for Mumakil. Our music began even more aggressive, more “grind” than before. Musically we’ll continue that way for our future releases. It’s hard to say what we’re going to do in 5 years. I think : touring, recording, loads of booze. That’s a pretty good program eheh.

Musicscan: Right now, the harder music scene seems to go even more extreme than ever before. Bands are pushing the boundaries as far as complexity, technical approach and extreme arrangements are concerned. What are your thoughts on this development?

Mumakil: I really like some of these technical bands in death-metal, deathcore etc (Origin, Beneath the Massacre etc). But there’s also a lot of bands that didn’t let me a good impression. So I think it really depends. I’m not a so great fan of technical stuffs than few years before. It’s really interesting to develop brutal aspects of technique, but I think it’s more efficient to play with your guts, not with your brain. Mumakil is not a technical band. We just play fast.

Musicscan: Would you agree to my statement, that the acceptance for complex and crazy extreme-grindcore-music has become broader over the last few years. What would you say is the reason for this "trend"? And is Mumakil getting some benefit from that?

Mumakil: Well I wouldn’t say that grindcore has become even more complex or technical. To me, death-metal has really evolved during the last years, just listen to bands like Beneath the Massacre, Origin, or Braindrill. Musician understood that technique can always push the boundaries of extreme metal and I think it’s interesting. Grindcore also evolved but in a different way. I think a lot of bands managed to be really independent from the classic Napalm Death – Nasum – Brutal Truth influences, and found their own way to grind (Insect Warfare, Kill the Client, Afgrund etc).

Musicscan: Do you feel that Behold The Failure is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now?

Mumakil: I didn’t really ask myself that question. Every band has its own sound and influences. This album almost represents the current mood of Mumakil. We’re fucking angry.

Musicscan: What ideas and “strategies” went into the process of setting apart Behold The Failure from your previous split and mini releases? Or did you guys “just” follow the way of writing songs, you are familiar with?

Mumakil: Basically our strategy is : To kill your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women… hahah!! Seriously, this CD was written in the continuous way of the various splits we released in 2008. I think since 1-2 years we found a particularly good songwriting inspiration, and we’ll continue that way for future recordings.

Musicscan: Did you guys do something differently by choice that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Mumakil: No. We just do things we like and that sounds cool to us. We don’t care about trends or hype in the current extreme music scene.

Musicscan: Your releases always cover a lot of bases musically, beside the fact its grindcore of course, but there's something for everyone within the extreme underground. Were you going for a more “inclusive approach” right from the beginning?

Mumakil: I don’t think we have a lot of different musical influences. It’s mainly grindcore or death-metal since the beginning. Our 1st album (Customized Warfare) was more death/grind, a classical hit, with less personality than Behold the Failure. Basically our idea is to crush everything in the less time as possible. Grind & Death-metal stuffs are good weapons to manage this.

Musicscan: Mumakil is always called grindcore, but i wouldn't agree to since. Out of my view this description is too short, cause you are integrating elements of different styles within the extreme underground. If I were asked to give a description I would speak of an intense, malicious and fast grindcore-crossover-something played with a distinctive punk-attitude and a good sense of humor. What do you think about it?

Mumakil: Nice! The second degree in our lyrics is also very present, even if people can’t feel it, we don’t care. But we really enjoyed writing these lyrics. Insulting the masses is a great hobby.

Musicscan: What were the most prominent influences for Mumakil when the writing and working process took place in terms of other bands, sounds or even philosophies?

Mumakil: During the early years of the band, Mumakil was highly influenced by usual grindcore heroes (Napalm, Nasum, Brutal Truth etc). Our new songs are unconsciously written in a kind of “modern” grindcore approach. But we don’t have any band philosophy, except having fun and destroying backstages and lodges (ooops..)

Musicscan: Have you been surprised about the fact that listeners from different musical tastes are getting Mumakil? And being active with this outfit: How soon did you guys realize the impact the band had?

Mumakil: I think it’s normal. Grindcore is not a so closed musical genre. I know a few people who listen to metalcore, punk etc and enjoy listening bands like Napalm Death for example. To be honest, our tracks are really brutal and I’m very proud of it. But brutality itself cannot explain why people like your band or not. I think we managed to find our own style (call it Blastcore, Brutal Grind Assault blabla etc if you want) and grind listeners seem to find something different with Mumakil. It’s cool.

Musicscan: How important is to Mumakil to create something original every time you are writing a song? Is this something that matters to you?

Mumakil: I wouldn’t say that originality is our main objective. We mainly try to create efficient tracks which blow your head off. Period. Our guitarist (Jeje) is also an amazing riff-machine. That’s also useful.

Musicscan: I'm interested in how you came up with records title Behold The Failure. Tell us something about your ideas and intentions, please. What Failure are you talking about?

Mumakil: It depends what track from BTF you’re talking about. Each track describes a negative aspect of our world. Behold the Failure describes our decaying world in a lot of different ways. In this small country (Switzerland) everyone’s always complaining about his/her bullshit way of life. Swiss people really need to stop considering itself as an elite. The lyrical concept of BTF consists in delivering a punishment to everyone who lives in frustration, anger, hostility, perfection.

Musicscan: A last Question: Where do you see the line drawn between progressing on what you do well, and completely offering a new direction or sound? Especially in the context of Mumakil?

Mumakil: Well concerning Mumakil, we won’t take another different musical path. We play for ourselves before everything/everyone else. We like this direction and the next Mumakil album won’t be symphonic power metal. Grindcore is a very limited musical style, it’s really hard to innovate. But we’ll continue to experiment any extreme combinations as on Behold the Failure.