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Interview von: arne mit Johan, am: 19.10.2002 ]

Non Exist spielen treibenden Metal- Sound zwischen Death und Thrash. Ihre explosive Mischung reißt von Beginn an mit und hinter der Band stehen keine Unbekannten; als da wären Johan Liiva (ex- Arch Enemy), Johan Reinholdz (Andromeda) & der Defleshed-/Dark Funeral- Drummer Matte Modin. "Deus Deceptor" heißt das Debüt-Album, das kürzlich über New Haven erschien...


Musicscan: introduce the band and its individuals, please. what is important to know about you guys as individuals?

Nonexist: Hi! My name is Johan Reinholdz, I play guitar and bass in NonExist. Johan Liiva sings/growls/screams and Matte Modin punishes the drums.

Musicscan: what was your motivation to build up this band? by the way: is it a real band or just some kind of project?

Nonexist: So far it´s more of a project than a band. We don´t have a full line-up. But we´d like to play live so we have to get another guitarplayer and a bassplayer in that case. As far as writing songs and recording goes, we are satisfied with doing that as a three-piece with me playing guitars and bass.

Musicscan: there havn't been a bass-player to record your first record. the guitar-player did this job. have you already found a permanent bass-player to complete your line-up?

Nonexist: Yes I did. Not yet.

Musicscan: what is your self-understanding of nonexist? what does this band stands for?

Nonexist: Playing metal with heaviness, brutality and melody.

Musicscan: is nonexist a fulltime band? i think not!? are you guys professional musicians? what are other bands you are involved in at the moment?

Nonexist: I play in a progressive metal band called Andromeda. We have just finished our second album which will be out in November in Japan and in February in Europe/North America and South Korea.
Johan Liiva plays in a band called Hearse. They have an album coming out on Hammerheart-records soon.
Matte Modin plays in Dark Funeral and Defleshed.

Musicscan: what do you do besides playing music? what does your everyday-life looks like?

Nonexist: I used to study music and philosophy at the university but now I´m looking for a job instead. Besides that I work out, write music and drink beer with my friends.

Musicscan: what is different or special about the music nonexist is playing? why should people listen to your band?

Nonexist: I think we are playing an interesting mix of different styles of metal. And sure, there are many bands mixing these styles - but most of them suck!!
Also, Johan Liiva is a great, original singer and Matte´s drumming kicks ass!!

Musicscan: what kind of people could be interested in nonexist? where do you see your fans-base for the future?

Nonexist: Don´t know. Hopefully from many different scenes. But it´s hard to tell. I don´t care, as long as people buy the album.

Musicscan: what are you guys doing when you enter your rehearsal room? what's your main focus creating new songs onto?

Nonexist: We have actually never rehearsed. I wrote the songs at home, recorded demos of them with programmed drums, sent the demos to Matte. He then learned the songs and by the time I came to the studio, he had already recorded the drums!
Liiva wrote the lyrics and most of the vocal arrangements at home and then we worked on them some more in the studio when we were recording.

Musicscan: nonexist is not that old so there is room to progress. what is a direction you want to develop into?

Nonexist: We are satisfied with the album but we don´t want to make the same record twice. I´ve already written about half of the songs for the next one. They are a bit more heavy and not that fast. But there´s also gonna be some fast songs of course, but not that many, I think that can get a bit tedious.

Musicscan: have you already got feedback for your record? what do people think? what i have read is that people like "deus deceptor" more than the new arch enemy record...

Nonexist: The reviews have been both positive and negative. Most of them have been positive though.
Yeah, we are being compared to Arch Enemy all the time, and it´s not that strange considering that Liiva used to sing with them. But I don´t think that we sound that alike.
The new Arch Enemy album is boring, except for maybe the first two tracks.

Musicscan: your songs combine brutal energy with melodic finesse from death, trash and progressive metal. so you're using lots of elements of different styles. is it planned to be more varied or/and natural happened?

Nonexist: It´s planned but it also happens quite naturally.

Musicscan: what is characteristic about your songs - what do you think?

Nonexist: That´s hard to say. You should ask the ones who bought the album, they are the ones who can give an objective answer to that question.

Musicscan: if there is anything you want to add - do it, please.

Nonexist: That´s all I guess!

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