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Interview von: arne mit Peter, am: 09.07.2009 ]

VOMITORY präsentieren sich auf ihrer neuesten Langrille gewohnt rabiat. Die Jungs aus dem schwedischen Karlstad sind seit Jahren ein Garant für schwergewichtige und schön extreme Heavy-Tracks zwischen Brutalo-Death und Old School-Grindcore. Moderne Stilelemente sind dem Sound des Quartetts von jeher weitgehend fremd. Die Nordmänner fokussieren auch auf „Carnage Euphoria“ viel lieber auf maximale Durchschlagskraft und handwerkliche Finesse. Dezente Melodien sind unter der schroffen und blastigen Oberfläche bisweilen schon zu vernehmen, doch VOMITORY holzen sich kompromisslos und mit nicht zu viel Abwechslung durch ihre Songs.


Musicscan: Right now, the harder music scene seems to go even more extreme than ever before. Bands are pushing the boundaries as far as complexity, technical approach and extreme arrangements are concerned. What are your thoughts on this development?

Vomitory: Well what can one say? If that´s what you´re into then go for it man! As far as our band is concerned I wouldn´t call us a very complex or technical band. Sure we now how to play our instruments but being as technincal as possible is not our goal. We write our songs in a more “standard“ way with verses and choruses and we go for groove along with the brutality.

Musicscan: Would you agree to my statement, that the acceptance for this kind of complex, crazy and extreme music in between grindcore and death metal you are playing has become broader over the last few years. What would you say is the reason for this?

Vomitory: Hopefully people in general as become more of individuals and less concerned with what´s the latest trend.

Musicscan: Of the songs you guys have written and recorded, which one do you feel crosses the most borders? What other borders, musically speaking, do you guys wanna knock down in the future?

Vomitory: I´m not sure if we have any walls to knock down but we aim to progress with our sound and make kick-ass death metal.

Musicscan: Your new album Carnage Euphoria has just been released: What sort of evolution has Vomitory gone through into this album from you own point of view?

Vomitory: We´ve become better songwriters and we have better understanding of how we want our productions to sound like.

Musicscan: What ideas and “strategies” went into the process of setting apart Carnage Euphoria from your earlier records? Did you guys do something differently by choice that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Vomitory: The only “strategy“ we had was that we said hell no to drumtriggers. What you hear on the album is how the drums sound like for real. You don´t need triggers to sound powerful, you just need to learn how to play and hit the drums like a man haha!

Musicscan: Vomitory have always been an extreme and straightforward band, never sticking to any formulas. But listening to the new album quite a bit, I have been noticing a little more groove and flow. Is this something you guys tried to do with the new stuff or did the writing process just head in that direction?

Vomitory: It all comes naturally, we never try to write music by a formula. A good riff is a good riff and then we´ll use it.

Musicscan: How important is the technical side of music to Vomitory? Is it an intentional drive to make the songs as technical and brutal as possible?

Vomitory: As I said before we´re not a very technical band if you compare to a lot of other bands, and playing riffs that make your fingers look like spiderweb has never really interested any of us. We try to make songs that are brutal yet straitforward so that it grabs you buy the crotch right away!

Musicscan: Have you been surprised by the fact, that listeners from different musical tastes are getting Vomitory? At least that’s what I read in the internet. Is this something that matters to you?

Vomitory: Sure, if it means that people are becoming more openminded to all forms of music we´re all for it!

Musicscan: Final thoughts?

Vomitory: Hopefully we get to play to a lot of people this year and spread som mayhem. Cheers!