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No Use For A Name

Interview von: arne mit Dave, am: 10.10.2002 ]

NO USE FOR A NAME legten kürzlich mit "Hard Rock Bottom" bereits ihr siebtes Studio-Album vor. Es ist ein komplexes Werk melodischen Punk Rockes geworden, das musikalisch einem größeren Anspruch folgt als es bei anderen Bands ähnlicher Ausrichtung der Fall ist (zumindestens in meinem Klischee-Denken). Grund genug kurz bei den Jungs nachzufragen...


Musicscan: what is to know about no use for a name. who are the individuals behind this band? how did you get get involved in this kind of music?

No Use For A Name: The band consists of four members Tony, Matt, Rory, and Dave Nassie. The bands history stretches back to about 15 years ago. I myself (Dave Nassie) have been in the band for 3 and a half maybe 4 years now. As to how the band got started playing this kind of music the best thing you could do is check out some of our previous releases that way you could the get the hole transition.

Musicscan: for me personally punk-rock is still very close to the idea of D.I.Y. i guess you felt same way when you started your band but what about today?

No Use For A Name: Well, today things are definately different. I just talked to a good friend of mine the other day and his band is getting signed to a major label and they are a so called pop punk band. I believe his managers quote that he told me was don't worry we can buy your fan base. Hearing something like that truly makes me sick, but what can you do. t least we are fortunate enough to have what I believe are some of the most amazing fans ever built, on hard work on our part and everybody involved and that in my mind is very special.

Musicscan: there are this 11 record-titles in the booklet - do you make fun of this whole copyright thing and all those problems big labels are confronted with?

No Use For A Name: No. Those were just alternate titles for the record.

Musicscan: you always have been on fat wreck but there have been offers from bigger labels i guess!? why did you choose to stay on fat wreck?

No Use For A Name: Fat wreck is the perfect place for this band. They are the best label in the world and they not only are people I work with, but people I would truly call my friends, now can you think of anything better than that. I can't!

Musicscan: what's your understanding of no use for a name today? still the same since you started?

No Use For A Name: All we want to do is the make the best records possible and tour our asses off. We still have the hunger that we started with and still have some of our best records yet to come.

Musicscan: a lot of "older" bands have been very successful during the last years (i think of agnostic front, biohazard, no fx, sick of it all etc.) - people still seem to be interested in the bands they know from their teen-days. where do you see the reason for it?

No Use For A Name: This bands have strong history and still make good music to this day. I think that they have definately earned their staying power and as you said this is a popular style all over the world. That is why it will never go away. This style will go through changes, but there will always be respect to those who did it first.

Musicscan: do you see a chance for bands like yours to show younger kids that there is real music beside this mainsteam industry-made-something?

No Use For A Name: yes I hope we can show people their is good music out their. that is the point.

Musicscan: what are bands you go on tour with this year?

No Use For A Name: We are doing a tour in the states with Yellow Card and the Eyeliners. It should be a blast.

Musicscan: how can you characterize the music of "hard rock botton"?

No Use For A Name: this is the record that we always wanted to make and we are very proud of it. I think it captures all the best qualities of the band as well.

Musicscan: i'm sorry for my next question, course everyone's asking for it surely but why did you choose to cover this song by sinead o'connor?

No Use For A Name: We thought it would be a great way to break up the record we really enjoy that song in particular and Karina has the best woice ever so it just sounded like a good idea all the way around.

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