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Cannibal Corpse

Interview von: Daniel mit Alex Webster, am: 12.05.2009 ]

CANNIBAL CORPSE sind unbestreitbar die Könige des Death Metal. Beharrlich und präzise wie ein Uhrwerk hat sich die Band seit Beginn der Neunziger in die Herzen der Fans gespielt und wer hätte schon nach "Eaten Back To Life" gedacht, daß ein Album wie "Evisceration Plague" überhaupt möglich ist? Nach mehreren Alben, auf denen sich leichte Ermüdungserscheinungen breit machten, sind die neuen Tracks endlich wieder die Bündelung aller Trademarks auf extrem hohen Niveau. Grund genug Bassist Alex Webster auf den Zahn zu fühlen.


Musicscan: First of all I have to congratulate you, because after being a bit bored of the last couple of albums, "Evisceration..." is the first one that really blew me again. Looking back on your career, beginning as a more or less noisy band, would you have ever imagined getting this far with a band that is far of the mainstream? What does this tell you about the acceptance of brutal music?

Cannibal Corpse:Thanks, I'm glad you like the album! Things have definitely been a little different lately for us, as far as acceptance goes. Over the past 20 years that we have been a band we have seen mainstream metal grow closer and closer to death metal in terms of heaviness. Now it is at a point where it is sometimes difficult to tell which bands are underground and which are mainstream, as most are extremely heavy at this point. This greater acceptance of extreme metal by the mainstream has been a good thing for veteran bands like us. For example, this summer we are touring on a festival package with bands like Marilyn Manson and Killswitch Engage, so finally we are getting a chance to show our music to a large mainstream metal audience. I don't think a tour like that would have been possible 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. We are surprised that things like this are happening now, but of course we are very happy about it. Any opportunity to introduce death metal to some new fans is a good thing in my opinion

Musicscan:To me, the new album pretty much sums up all the ingredients CC stands for: Brutality, technical finesse and of course the gory lyrics. This time, the Songwriting seems to me a bit more versatile. More groove, more blast but you haven't overdone it this time. Is there something about this album that you have done differently on purpose?

Cannibal Corpse:Well, we really write the songs to be individual and unique (if possible). We try to give each song it's own identity, and one of the best ways we've found to do that is to have a variety of tempos from song to song. When an album features songs of only one basic tempo it can be difficult to tell which song is which. With Evisceration Plague I think we might have succeeded in giving each song it's own unique character, while still remaining 100% death metal. Using different tempos, scales, rhythmic ideas, and other song writing ideas was instrumental to this album's versatile sound.

Musicscan:Being somewhat caught within the tight limits of a genre, have you got fed up besides the fact that this music comes from the bottom of your hearts?

Cannibal Corpse:We don't mind the limits of the death metal genre. If anything, those limits are good for the creative process because they give us a rough guideline to work within. Without some limitations the writing process could become too random and chaotic. The rules of death metal are fairly flexible anyway (be dark and aggressive and have guttural vocals) so there is still a lot of room for innovation. Also, if any of the band members ever feel the need to make music that doesn't fit into the genre of death metal, they can do it in a side project. So, we really don't feel musically frustrated by the limitations of the genre, in fact discovering new ideas within those self-imposed boundaries can be very enjoyable and rewarding.

Musicscan:You have suffered from censorship right from the beginning and I don't want to bother you with questions about. Besides obscure figures that don't seem to get the point in Germany till now, what would you say why there is a huge difference between the states and let's say Europe as far as the acceptance of the presentation of graphical violence is concerned?

Cannibal Corpse:There doesn't seem to be much difference. Maybe in the USA graphic violence in entertainment is more acceptable, whereas in Europe graphic sex is more acceptable. It's hard to say though, it's really quite similar as both areas have similar laws in regards to freedom of speech.

Musicscan:The Stones have given proof that you can enter the stage still at a very high age. Can you imagine yourself performing Death Metal at the age of, let's say 60 ?

Cannibal Corpse:Well, I can certainly imagine writing death metal songs until the day I die, which hopefully will be well beyond the age of 60. However, doing stage performances might become an issue at that advanced age, because a good death metal live show is very physical. Only time will tell when these physical demands will become too much for us. However, I can't see it being an issue anytime soon because we are all in good physical condition. I guess it's a good thing that we started at an early age because we're all still relatively young. We have 11 studio albums and a live album and I'm not even 40 years old. That's quite a young age compared to many other musical artists with similar accomplishments. So age really isn't a factor. More importantly, we're all still extremely excited about creating more death metal music and performing it live. So, really we're not even close to being finished....we've got a lot of music left to make! Thanks for the interview!