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The Faceless

Interview von: Flo mit Mike, am: 29.01.2009 ]

Brutaler Ami-Death mit Anspruch, wüster Deathcore, progressiver Math-Metal oder einfach nur extrem und gut: In den USA gelten THE FACELESS als „new face of technical metal“ und können bereits auf eine ansehnliche Fan-Schar verweisen. Lifeforce Records bringt die Kalifornier und ihren modernen, Genre übergreifenden Extrem-Metal nun auf den europäischen Markt. Fans von Cynic, Cannibal Corpse und Necrophagist bis hin zu Meshuggah und The Black Dahlia Murder sollten Obacht geben, denn “Planetary Duality” birgt das Potenzial, deren neue Lieblingsplatte zu werden.


Musicscan: Who produced your new record, where did you record?

The Faceless: I produced our new record at my studio in North Hollywood, CA.

Musicscan: Why did you go for that producer in particular?

The Faceless: I really like producing our records because we can be totally comfortable to explore and take chances in the studio. Plus I usually have a pretty solid idea of what I want out of each performance.

Musicscan: What´s the main difference to your last record when it comes to songwriting, lyrics etc?

The Faceless: Our first record was written over a course of years spanning from when we were teenagers in high school all the way up to steeping into the studio several years later as a band who was beginning to define our sound and motives more. The lyrics dealt with everything from your average death metal banter about death and murder to religion. The new album was written over a shorter period of time with a focused goal for what the album should be. We're not only stronger musicians and song writers now, but we know what we are trying to accomplish musically.

Musicscan: Is there any sort of concept behind that record?

The Faceless: It's a concept album about conspiracy and control.

Musicscan: What´s your lyrics about?

The Faceless: It's a story about inter-dimensional beings that are on a path of dimensional domination. Within the story line however, the over all theme is control, dogma, and the ridiculous ordinances people live their lives by strictly out of fear and indoctrination.

Musicscan: Does the artwork and the album titel have any specific background / meaning?

The Faceless: The cover and title directly tie into the story and concept

Musicscan: Where do you see your band within the Tech-Death-Metal scene amongst bands like Nile, Decapitated and so on?

The Faceless: Those are amazing bands that have brought innovative sounds to death metal and we strive to have as strong of a unique personality and character as them.

Musicscan: Do you think a Death Metal band nowadays can really make it like Morbid Angel did back in the early 90ies? There´s a LOT of bands out there playing that kinda of music… Who do you think is the leader of the pack? The „Slayer“ of that genre, if you will?

The Faceless: I think when a band like Morbid Angel came forth they were doing something total fresh and new. Right now I don't see a lot of that which may be why there are still few bands with the overwhelming perception of a band like them. That's a huge part of what The Faceless is trying to achieve. Offer people something new and exciting that isn't another band doing what Morbid Angel already broke new grounds doing.

Musicscan: What plans do you guys have for 2009?

The Faceless: We'll be touring the US with Meshuggah and Cynic in February and then Cannibal Corpse in April. We'll also be hitting Australia and New Zealand with Necrophagist and Dying Fetus in March. Thanks!