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The Blackout Argument

Storie von: arne, am 02.06.2008 ]

Unter dem Titel „Smile Like A Wolf“ ist seit gestern eine Online-Gratis-EP von The Blackout Argument zu haben. Die Münchener haben zu diesem Zweck eigens eine neue Website gelauncht - www.smilelikeawolf.com - auf der die EP heruntergeladen werden kann. Mit den neuen Songs stellt die Band ihren neuen Sänger Raphael offiziell vor und verkürzt die Wartezeit auf den zweiten Longplayer für Lifeforce Records, der im Januar 2009 erscheinen soll.

Mit folgendem Statement erklären The Blackout Argument die Hintergründe ihrer Aktion: "Dear lovers & fighters,In times when the music industry is stumbling across its own feet, it is time to break new ground. As a band you have 2 choices, you either play the game by the old rules hoping you’re one of the few at the mercy of the old marketing and promotion strategies. Or you can trailblaze your own pathway through the ever-changing music business jungle.

Sounds a lot like biz-talk, but in the end it’s all about you, the fan, the listener, the fuel that keeps The Blackout Argument running. We have toured with Boy Sets Fire, Parkway Drive, This is Hell, just to name a few, played shows all over Europe, we have various releases out on great independent labels, a ongoing record deal with Lifeforce Records, got massive press attention all over the place, worked with some of the most renowned designers and have a long list of partners and supporters. Yet still, this is all about you. It’s you who we are trying to reach with our message and music.

To go the most direct way without detour

to your hearts and ears we decided to release a FREE DOWNLOAD EP in June 2008. It’s titled “Smile Like A Wolf” and contains 5 brand new and exclusive songs, by the way the first recordings with Roughael, our new singer. No fees, no email-registration, no myspace friend requests requiery or any other bullshit. Just go to www.smilelikeawolf.com and download the songs for free alongside a complete cd artwork and lyrics.

We put at least as much effort in "Smile Like A Wolf" as in any other release we put out so far. We spent hours and hours at the practice place, later on in the studio, forced our most drastic life experiences into lyrics, got Dave Quiggle (Rise And Fall, Sick of it All, Atreyu, War of Ages, etc.) to do the artwork and Milchglas Media to do the web development, to make sure “Smile Like A Wolf” is gonna fully satisfy us and you. This is our hearts and our lives, this is what we love to do and this is what we want to share with you, the fan, the listener, the fuel that keeps us running."
Chris, Sascha, Phil, Roughael, Chris