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Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Jeff Caudill, am: 01.08.2000 ]

Was ist zu einer Band wie Gameface noch zu sagen? Ihr kennt sie wahrscheinlich sowieso alle schon, denn die Jungs sind schließlich schon seit weit über 10 Jahren dabei, uns mit einigen der schönsten Popsongs zu versorgen. Waren ihre anfänglichen Releases noch etwas unausgereift, schafften sie mit ihrem Album "Every last time" (Revelation) einen ganz großen Sprung nach vorne. Auf ihrem aktuellen Release "Always On" präsentieren sich die vier Kalifornier noch etwas ruhiger und nachdenklicher. Außerdem sind mir Gameface immer auch schon wegen ihrer exzellenten Texte aufgefallen, die meiner Meinung nach weit über dem Durchschnitt von dem liegen, was in letzter Zeit so fabriziert wird. Nichts liegt näher, als sich mal mit dem Verfasser dieser wunderschönen Zeilen zu unterhalten.


Musicscan: Ok, let's start off with the usual question. Give us an impression who and what Gameface is all about for people who haven't heard about you yet.

Gameface: We are four guys that started playing melodic punk music in the early 90's and have continued to do so for about 10 years. Our music has grown, as we have grown as people. We think that the music and the emotion behind it are far more important than what is currently cool in the scene.

Musicscan: How was the UK tour you guys just did a couple of weeks ago? Why didn't you do the rest of Europe?

Gameface: The UK was great. All of the shows were an absolute blast. We decided to concentrate the tour in England because a) we didn't have much time to tour due to work schedules and other priorities (i.e. family, etc) and b) the last time we toured the UK was part of an eight week European tour. We only had 2 shows within that time. We really liked it there and wanted to devote more time to playing there. I am glad we did.

Musicscan: I have read that you didn't like Europe the last time you have been here. How come? Are you planning to tour Europe again, though?

Gameface: We might. It was just that our first (and only) European tour was way too long and way too unorganised. Especially now, we just can't take another two months off, sleeping on the floor of a squat in some sketchy country. When we do it again, we will do it right.

Musicscan: I know that you are working for Revelation doing graphics and design. How do you like your job? Is it a dream come true being able to be in a band and do graphic work, which are two really artistic jobs?

Gameface: I love graphic design work. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to be involved with both music and art. However, I can't do this job at Revelation for too much longer. Actually, I'm leaving Revelation next month. I just can't have my entire world evolve around this label. Being in a band on the label and being here everyday is just too much for me. I need to get out of the indie music business. Pass the word.

Musicscan: Would you say you are living a normal life? How do you see yourself in about ten years? Still playing rock music or maybe having a family (of course, both could apply at the same time)?

Gameface: Yes, I am going to have it all. I have a normal life. I do what I do to make myself happy. I can't see myself not playing music. I definitely want to be a father soon.

Musicscan: When looking at your band, I found that Gameface probably isn't the top priority in your life, because you hardly do any extensive tours, which most bands are expected to do these days? Would you say that is generally true? And how are your agreements with Revelation concerning tours? Tell me, what is important in your life.

Gameface: Sad but true that we actually do a lot of touring compared to most of the "active" bands on Revelation today. We are not really expected to do too much. Revelation know where we're at as a band and as people. The important things are your overall well-being and taking care of each other. You gotta do what you need to do. If that means going on three week tour instead of six week tour then that's what you gotta do.

Musicscan: What is the best and the worst part in being in a recording band?

Gameface: The best: Making something for the world to enjoy (hopefully) The worst: Making sure that everyone in the band is happy with the final product.

Musicscan: : If you had three wishes, what would you do? What would you change in yourself, in your life or the world around you?

Gameface: Destroy and rebuild the music industry. End racism. Get a puppy.

Musicscan: When was the last time you fell in love?

Gameface: 7 years ago.

Musicscan: When was the last time you cried and why?

Gameface: My grandmother died many years before she was ready. It was devastating to me. She was so young inside.

Musicscan: How do you express your feelings?

Gameface: I'm pretty private. Song writing is the best way to get my feelings out.

Musicscan: Do you think music brings people together or rather alienates them from each other and divides them into different groups?

Gameface: It unifies people. It divides idiots.

Musicscan: What's the scariest situation have ever been in?

Gameface: My first acoustic show.

Musicscan: Do you have any phobias?

Gameface: Heights

Musicscan: Ok, back to the music. I have just received your last release, the split with errortype:11 and I must say that I am utterly impressed by your songs. I even liked the cover song, even though the original is usually much better. How did the split with Errortype:11 come about?

Gameface: On our last US tour, we did some dates with Errortype:11 and thought they were great. We don't usually connect with a band like we did with them. We don't meet many bands that have so much in common with us. Maybe it's because we're older. Anyway, ET:11 are great guys and we had a blast with them. When we got home I got a call from Phil (ET:11 guitarist) and he asked about doing a split 7" with them on Some Records. They had an extra song left over from their new album that was about to come out. I talked about it with the guys at Revelation (who happen to be big ET:11 fans) and they asked if Revelation could release it and they suggested we record a couple of more songs to make it a more proper release.

Musicscan: How is your songwriting process?

Gameface: I usually write the music first and record in on a 4 track recorder, the words come later. I keep a book with me to write down ideas and thoughts and stories for songs. I pull most of the lyrics from that.

Musicscan: What should people take way with from a Gameface show?

Gameface: A good time and some sweat.

Musicscan: Have you considered signing to a major label? Where do you see the advantages and disadvantages of major and indie labels?

Gameface: Only 4 million dollars. It is just not worth it any other way. The music business is so lame that a band with any kind of sincerity like ourselves will be overlooked or dropped and destroyed. Listen to the bullshit that's on the radio. That is the kind of shit that survives on a major label. So many bands that I like and respect have been victims of it. I wish it were different.

Musicscan: Ok, let's wrap things up. What can we expect from Gameface in the future?

Gameface: We are recording a new full-length now. After it's done, we're taking the summer off. We deserve it.

Musicscan: Thanks a lot for your time. What do you think about the interview? I ask that all of the people I interview.

Gameface: Thank you. I thought the interview was great. Good luck!

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