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Interview von: Janick mit Jesper Tilsted, am: 22.08.2002 ]

Mit Velvet Noise haben Raunchy ein sehr starkes und vielversprechendes Debut vorgelegt. Damit haben die Jungs den Beweis erbracht, daß qulitativ hochwertige Musik auch aus dem musikalisch eher beschaulichen Dänemark kommen kann. Wer auf Fear Factory steht sollte auf alle Fälle diese Combo mal anchecken. Außerdem wer zum diesjährigen Summer-Breeze in Abtsgemünd fährt hat die Chance die Jungs Live zu erleben.


Musicscan: Would you please introduce yourself and then the rest of the band?

Raunchy: I am Jesper Tilsted and I play guitar in Raunchy and on Velvet Noise I also take care of the keyboards. The other guys in the band are Lars Christensen also on guitar, Jesper Kvist on bass, Morten Toft Hansen on drums, Lars Vognstrup who does the vocals and finally our newly added keyboard player Jeppe Christensen.

Musicscan: Tell me a little bit about Raunchy´s history, what should we know about Raunchy?

Raunchy: When we started the band we were just a bunch of good friend who where all very much into Metallica and Slayer and the first couple of years we mostly played cover songs and didn't take it that serious. In 1994 we changed our band name to Raunchy and started writing our own songs and recording demos with a more serious approach. After this we played a lot of gigs to all sorts of concerts and competitions but mostly in our hometown Thisted and never outside Jutland. In 1998 we all moved to Copenhagen to play music and continue our education except our drummer who moved to Aahus where he still lives. In the summer of 2000 we appeared on a radio chart for unsigned bands on P3 (Denmark's national radio) with the song "Hypnotized" (later renamed to "My Game" on Velvet Noise). After this we signed a deal with a small Danish label called Mighty Music who had heard the song and Velvet Noise was recorded a couple of months later.

Musicscan: I would describe the sound of "Velvet Noise" as a mixture between Fear Factory, Machine Head and Misery Loves Co. would you agree or how would you describe your sound?

Raunchy: I like to think that our music is a bit hard to describe since we use a lot of different elements from both the American and the Scandinavian scene. However I will agree that some of the most obvious influences on the album are Fear Factory and Machine Head even though I don't listen that much to either of them anymore. As for Misery Loves Co I have never heard their music but I have heard the comparison before. If I should describe our music I guess I would call it modern symphonic metal.

Musicscan: What are your main influences when you wrote Velvet Noise?

Raunchy: When we wrote Velvet Noise it was bands like Deftones, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Faith No More, Paradise Lost, Rob Zombie and Devin Townsend who inspired us the most. However I think that we've managed to keep our roots in the music and in my opinion you can still hear that we've all grown up listening to bands like Metallica and Slayer. But actually it can change from day-to-day where we find our inspiration and it really isn't very important for us whom we sound like and whom we don't. What really matters to us is that the music we make is something that we would like to listen to ourselves and that we don't put any limitations on ourselves just because we have to fit into a certain genre.

Musicscan: After the split of Fear Factory i think Raunchy could fill that spot and i´m shure with that album you´ll please many dissapointed FF fans!

Raunchy: I think you are right that it could open up some possibilities for us that F.F. has split up since our music might appeal to the same audience. However I don't hope we sound so much like Fear Factory that people will just see our album as a substitute for F.F. - As for the split of Fear Factory it is of course a bit sad since they were one of my favorite bands a couple of years ago but in my opinion their absolute best album was Demanufacture and I think that Digimortal was quite a disappointment so maybe it was for the best.

Musicscan: Velvet Noise is your first full length album are you satisfied with the result or is there something what should have done better?

Raunchy: We are all quite proud of the album and when I consider how few days we spend recording it I don't think we could have done better. As for the next album we hope to be able to spend more time in the studio especially when mixing the album. Other than that we would like to record the next album in protools at least for the drum tracks since that would enable us to make the music more precise.

Musicscan: How long did you work on that album?

Raunchy: The songs have been written over a lot of years. The song "Crack of dawn" was recorded in a simple version on a demo tape we made in 1996 and three of the other songs from Velvet Noise also appear on our demo from 1998. The rest of the songs were written within a few months before we entered the studio. We recorded and mixed the album in only 12 days, which was lot of fun but also quite stressful.

Musicscan: When you start writing a song what is first the lyrics or the music?

Raunchy: We always write the music first. In other kinds of music I guess you can do it the other way round but since metal is so riff-orientated I don't get it if anyone can write the music to the lyrics and get anything useful out of it.

Musicscan: You recorded "Velvet Noise" back in 2000, why does it took that time to release it?

Raunchy: Velvet Noise was released in Denmark through Mighty Music in March 2001 about half a year after it was recorded. After that a lot of time was spend on trying to find a label to release the album outside of Scandinavia. We were actually just getting ready to release the album worldwide through Mighty Music when we suddenly started to get some attention on some of the big webzines like The Pimp Rock Palace and Blabbermouth.

Musicscan: Your Label now is Nuclear Blast, how you get in contact with these guys?

Raunchy: I think the turning point for us was when we had a really great review on Blabbermouth by Borivoj Krgin. After this several interested record labels contacted us and among them was Nuclear Blast who we of course knew quite well by reputation. This contract is of course a big step up for us and we're very exited about what this will bring for the future of the band and how the album will be received.

Musicscan: What you guys do in "real" life beside the music; are you all students?

Raunchy: Yes actually we are except for Jeppe and Lars Vognstrup who are both working with handicapped people. Morten is studying to be a civil engineer, Lars Christensen is a graphic student and Jesper Kvist and myself are advanced computer students.

Musicscan: Are there any tour plans right now?

Raunchy: We are currently planning some jobs in Denmark later this year but right now there are no tour plans outside of Denmark. If we have the opportunity to get a support job we might do a small tour in the fall but right now I think we are more likely to do a tour next summer to promote the next album.

Musicscan: So there will be a new Raunchy album in 2003?

Raunchy: We expect to record our next album early in 2003 for a summer release and we're all very excited about getting back in the studio. We haven't finally decided were to record the album yet but I think it will be here in Denmark.

Musicscan: Do you have already written new songs?

Raunchy: Yes we have a lot of new material and I would say that we're more than half way through the writing process of the next album. We have no song titles ready yet but right now I am very satisfied about how the songs are progressing.

Musicscan: Any last words at the end of the interview?

Raunchy: Only that I people will take the time to listen to the album and please check out our website www.raunchy.dk

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