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The Chuck Norris Experiment

Interview von: arne mit Chuck Lee Riot, am: 14.01.2008 ]

Die Art und Weise, wie THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT ihren Punk’n’Roll spritzig, temporeich und rough in Szene setzen, spricht klar für die Kombo. Angesichts der schwer rollenden, hymnischen Tracks der aktuellen Platte „And The Rest Will Follow” denkt man an Szene-Größen wie Puffball, Zeke, Gluecifer oder The Bones. Die Schweden erreichen sowohl den coolen Arschtrittfaktor der Genannten als auch deren rotzige Eingängigkeit.


Musicscan: Give us a short briefing at first, please. What do we have to known about The Chuck Norris Experiment beside its bandhistory that’s to find on your website?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: The info on the website is all we can remember, if you have any more info about us, please let us know.

Musicscan: What’s the driving force still making you guys create heavy punk’n’ roll-music?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: Mainly alcohol hahaha, no, seriously we just do what we do best. The result of us guys going into our rehearsal room is what ends up on the albums. We want do make music we would want to buy & listen to ourselves.

Musicscan:Do you feel like The Chuck Norris Experiment is out to make a difference or more to make people more aware of heavy rock music? Are you successful in this respect?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: Well, looking at the positive response we get from people who come to the shows or who buy the albums I would say that we are successful. And if we can make a difference and make people aware that there is music beyond the toplist-shit & R’n’B crap that is always a good feeling.

Musicscan:What have been the highlights of your just finished European support tour for your latest record?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: The feeling and feedback throughout the whole tour was great. But some shows always stick out a little extra, Stereo Total in Heilbronn was fantastic. The people at that club really love what they do. Zurich, Vienna, Berlin. And on the part II of the tour we played three shows with our friends V8 Wankers and Electric Eel Shock, that was awesome.

Musicscan:Where do you see the explanation for the fact, that listeners from different musical tastes are getting The Chuck Norris Experiment? I guess, there no “typical” listener for the kind of sound you’re playing…

The Chuck Norris Experiment: No, the CNE sound seems to work for metalheads, punks, rockers, stoners alike which is great. I think that we play basic hard rock mixed with the energy of punk and sometimes garagerock and that gets thru to everybody who loves a good rock song. It is not something we planned, it is the sound and style that we developed. We all played different styles of music in bands before the CNE and I think that is mixed in to the CNE sound.

Musicscan:Beside The Chuck Norris Experiment is sounding traditional i would say you try to include some kind of modern appraoch as well, right? And The Rest Will Follow is featuring songs that vary from real hardrock to punk grooves, soul parts or plain rock’n’roll. Did you have something like a main focus while working on your songs?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: A good song is a good song is our motto when we write. Some songs are more punky because they come out better that way, some songs more hard rock. Ransom, who writes 90% or the songs does the hard rock bit fantastically while I (Lee Riot) add more of the punky or stoner wibes to the mix.

Musicscan:You have managed to create something like a homogenous flow and a “complete” sounding over the whole record. Is this something, that’s important to you, or did it happen by accident?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: On the "...and the rest will follow" album we didn´t think about it too much, it turned out that way by itself when we were recording. We worked more like that on new album "The Return of Rock n Roll", but yes I like albums that has that flow so I think it is important.

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently by choice that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing with And The Rest Will Follow?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: Well, we went from an analog studio to a digital for the first time and were actually quite sceptical about it, atleast some of us hehe. And worked with a sound engineer that has more of a pop background than rock. But it worked out great and we ended up recording the new album in the same studio.

Musicscan:Is it an intentionell drive to make the Chuck Norris Experiment songs as varied and explosive musically as possible?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: Yes and no, as I said earlier a good song is a good song. We try not to overdo it with arrangements of the songs. I mean, it is not brain surgery, it´s only rock n roll haha. But some songs evolve after you have played them a while, live especially. We are very explosive live and we always try to get even more so, one way is arranging the songs that way.

Musicscan:What message where you trying to portray through And The Rest Will Follow lyrically? Do you feel you were successful in this aspect?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: The message we try to portray through lyrics is always the same, and it is one of the most important messages you can send out to the world. It is what life is all about, it is why we exist, and most important, it is what we want you to do. Party, party, party!

Musicscan:The rock underground, as a whole, has evolved over the last copule of years with huge success of bands like The Hives, Turbonegro, Gluecifer or even Puffball. How did you experience all this happen? And does Chuck Norris Experiment get some benefit from that in terms of mybe bigger audiences to play to?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: When it comes to playing rock music I don´t think you get anything for free, sad to say. It´s fantastic what happens to bands like The Hives and Turbonegro. It proves that there are actually people who listen to music out there, and not just the shit on NRJ-radio. On the other hand you have bands like Gluecifer and now the Hellacopters who split up, or will split up. Makes you think? It is hard work, and like I said, nothing comes for free…

Musicscan:How do you feel about the viability of having prog-rock become the ‘new’ thing in rock music?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: Give it a few months and then it crawls back to a quiet dark corner again.

Musicscan:A last question: What impact do you think your music has?

The Chuck Norris Experiment: Like a kick in the nuts haha. No, seriously I think the CNE makes people want to have fun. Especially when you see us live, it is a big party all the way.