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The Burning

Interview von: arne mit Rasmus & Johnny, am: 10.01.2008 ]

Neo-Thrash erfreut sich ungebrochener Beliebtheit. Das Debüt-Album der dänischen THE BURNING ist dafür nur ein neuerlicher Beweis. Die elf Tracks von “Storm The Walls“ laufen gerade einmal 35 Minuten und die Dänen lassen nichts anbrennen. Ungemein temporeich und knackig fokussiert kommt nicht der kleinste Zweifel daran auf, dass man genau so klingen will, wie man es tut.


Musicscan: How are you and what are you doing in days like these, when the recordings of “Storm The Walls” are finished and you have a brand new album in your pockets?

The Burning: Rasmus: Hi Arne and thank you for showing interest in our band. Well we recorded the songs some time ago. So to finally see them being released – and on a great label as Massacre – is just an amazing thing for us. You know it's like a dream come true really.

The Burning: Johnny: Hi Arna, we are spending most our time doing interviews like this, he he.. It takes a lot of time to promote an album, and book tours and all the stuff that comes with making music. But we love it!!

Musicscan: Define "success" in the context of being open-minded musicians in between thrash and death metal, please.

The Burning: Rasmus: Well thats a tough one... Success is hard to define – I think it depends on who you are and where you are coming from. But success for us is to being able to release this album and get to play for a lot of people – we love to play live, thats why we make music in the first place. We really are a liveband. And the album has gotten some really good reviews so far, so I guess thats also a success.

The Burning: Johnny: Success for me is reading very positive reviews of our album. Because that means that not only have we achieved the goal we set for ourselves (to make a “no bullshit” brutal metal record) but we have also been able to do it in a way so that other people could understand where we are coming from, and what we are trying to do with our music.

Musicscan: As “Storm The Walls” is your full length record: How do you think it will weigh for the further development of The Burning?

The Burning: Rasmus: First of all we are happy that it is possible to even release this album. And right now all of our energy is put into everything that is happening right now. But I'm sure that we will learn a lot from this “first album ting”. We evolve as musicians constantly and The Burning is a fine tuned machine that has grown into this hard hitting fourpiece – and as things are right now i can't see that it shouldn't continue. And we are hungry for more believe me!

The Burning: Johnny: I totally agree. But allthough it’s nice to have a record out, we have a lot of work to do on the road, there is a lot of people out there that haven’t seen us live yet, and as Rasmus pointed out earlier, that really is where we “enjoy fighting, and do our biggest battles”. He he, so Europe watch out, we are coming, HA HAA!!

Musicscan: What were your goals for “Storm The Walls” and were they reached, or perhaps altered along the creative or recording process?

The Burning: Rasmus: We wanted to make a solid little wild metal beast of a record! he he – you know thats what we are about in this band – to cut to the chase and not make things more complicated than they have to be. And I think that we have reach that goal.

The Burning: Johnny: I still agree. We tried a lot of stuff on this record that isn’t “normal” in the kind of metal we play, and we also tried to mix a lot of genres, but it seems that our gambles worked out! Atleast that’s what the reviews say…

Musicscan: With “Storm The Walls” you started your path to dicover straight-forward thrash sounds as well as melodies and a more well balanced and structured modern death metal sound? Why did you choose to take this direction , or did it happen by accident?

The Burning: Rasmus: It's no secret that what you hear on this album is exactly what we want you to hear. We have spend a lot of hours to make the songs the way they ended up. We never really said to ourselves “lets make thrash with some death metal stuff here and there” - it just ended up that way. We have all been listening to both death and thrash – also some blackmetal. And it's only natural that you can hear that in the way we write music. A lot of the songs on the album were longer and had more parts in them originally, but we always cut the songs to the bone – there should be no “left overs” in a “The Burning” song. We have nothing against melodies though – infact I always try to write some melody into most of the riffs. We don't want to just make noise. And great that you think we combine them in a good manner – thats what we try to do.

The Burning: Johnny: Yeah, the only thing that we ever discussed about this music is that we wanted it as hard hitting and as heavy as possibly, and a lot of times we will choose to keep the song heavy instead of trying to squeeze some more melody in there. I think that’s the only “mantra” we have; “Always keep it as heavy as possible”

Musicscan: What were the most prominent influeneces for The Burning when the writing and working process for “Storm The Walls” took place in terms of other bands, sounds or even philosophies?

The Burning: Rasmus: We have never tried to sound as any other bands on purpose. But I'm sure you can hear where we come from – what bands we grew up with and so on. I can't pinpoint one band that we feel we are influenced by – because there is far more than one. We are listening to everything from Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy to Slayer and Obituary. I could list so many bands that I have listened to and still listens to but i think that would be kind of boring – he he. As far as sound goes we knew we had to have this thick sound with the bass high in the mix – since we only use one guitar in the band and Thue is an amazing bassplayer it was obvious that the bass should play a big part in our music – something that I think a lot of bands don't do.

The Burning: Johnny: We didn’t have any philosophies about how we wanted to sound, instead we had some about how didn’t want to sound; We didn’t want any clean vocals, any Swedish twin guitars, or any keyboards or other studio effects… Just four guys banging our metal in a room.

Musicscan: You guys are masters of your instruments. How important is that for you and do you feel you'll always keep that brutal edge to your music?

The Burning: Rasmus: Well I don't know if you can call us masters of our instruments – but we play alright I think – he he – but thanx! We are always trying to make as brutal music as possible. And I'm sure we can make it even more brutal in the future. The new songs we are writing are a great development from what you hear on Storm The Walls.

The Burning: Johnny: He he, I can’t comment that… but yeah, they are very good musicians, a lot of the stuff might seem simple, if you only scratch a little on the surface, but if you dig deeper in the music, you will find that there is some crazy shit going on underneath… especially with the bass.

Musicscan: Where do you see the line drawn between progressiong on what you do well, and completely offering a new direction or sound? Especcially in the context of The Burning…

The Burning: Rasmus: We have found our sound and we have always known in our heads what we should sound like – and thats the sound you hear on the record. I think progression is a good thing. But a total change of our sound and style will never happen – we have a style that suits us perfectly and you shouldn't fix something that's not broken right?!

The Burning: Johnny: Yeah, we see our music as a knife, and we will never change that knife into a fork, or a spoon… we will only continue to sharpen that knife, so it can go even deeper.

Musicscan: Anything left you want to say?

The Burning: Rasmus: I just want to say thank you to all the people who writes us at Myspace and comes to our shows. It's because of all of them that we can do this and we are forever in debt to you. Hope you all will enjoy our album and we will see you out there! Cheers!

The Burning: Johnny: Thanks to everyone who have already bought our album. And to everyone else, please give it a listen. If you like heavy brutal grooves mixed with oldschool metal stuff, this will be right up your alley…