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Evergreen Terrace

Interview von: arne mit Craig, am: 26.09.2007 ]

Das aktuelle Album der Florida-Truppe Evergreen Terrace wartet mit allerlei Überraschungen auf. Zunächst einmal veröffentlichte man über Metal Blade und nicht länger über Eulogy. Angesichts des beständigen Tourprogramms mit anderen Bands des Labels ist der Schritt durchaus nachvollziehbar, auch wenn die Gruppe nach wie vor mehr Hardcore bzw. New School denn Metal ist.


Musicscan: Do you feel that Wolfbiker is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now? How would you sum up this release in short words?

Evergreen Terrace: short words: its the most dynamic, diverse record weve ever written.

Musicscan: How did you find your way to sign Metal Blade? I was surprised getting this album from MB, since your last one has been on Eulogy? What have been your expectations by settling down with MB?

Evergreen Terrace: evergreen terrace felt that we needed to step it up for this release. we knew eulogy wasnt the label for us anymore. we sort of outgrew them. mb came into the picture via tim lambesis. he/they saw the potential that we had with large label backing and resources, and initiated the buyout. the rest is history.

Musicscan: Don’t you fear to be overlooked in their roaster with all this well established and famous metal acts? Of course, you are playing a more metallic style on Wolfbiker, but I still see you in a new school-hardcore-background, what separetes you from most of the MB-bands.

Evergreen Terrace: id say that the obvious sets us apart from the rest of the bands on mb. we are a punk/hardcore/slight metal influenced band. oh, that, and no blast beats.

Musicscan: In comparism to your last record Wolfbiker seems to be way more aggressive and speed oriented. What made you change the direction? Beside what I just have written down, it’s more focused and straight-forward as well...

Evergreen Terrace: im not sure about the change of direction. we still feel like we are writing evergreen terrace songs. the same as years ago. i just think through trial and error and natural evolution, weve honed our craft and tightened up our songwriting. its definitely more focused. more dynamic than ever. we felt as if we lost a little of the old e.t. epic sound on our previous release, sincerity. it was more to the point. we wanted to get more of the feeling and emotion back into the music. hence the range and diversity of wolfbiker.

Musicscan: Were there any particular adjustments or things that you wanted to improve upon from a technical aspect or writing and have there been any difficulties or obstacles during the songwriting or recording process?

Evergreen Terrace: songwriting is always tough. especially when you care about what youre doing as a band and a songwriter. we arent the type of band to pump out 10 metalcore songs that all sound the same in order to capitalize off trends thus resulting in a fat label deal or a dollar lined pocket. we write what we want to hear. we always have. we hit a few snags in the studio, but as always, we wolfbiked it and kept going.

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently on Wolfbiker by choice that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Evergreen Terrace: focused on dynamics and feeling. we love those to the point, short, in your face hardcore songs, but we also love melody, and envoking feeling and emotion out of the listener. so, as discussed earlier, wolfbiker is definitely more epic than anything weve done to date. which is exactly what we wanted. start to finish rollercoaster of moods and genres.

Musicscan: Your new songs cover a lot of bases musically - there's something for everyone within the heavy underground from hardcore to metal I would say. Were you going for a more inclusive approach this time?

Evergreen Terrace: not really. weve always had the same formula for songwriting. we write something heavy, then we say "ok, now lets write a rock song." or a punk song, etc. weve done the same thing on each record, but not as good as wolfbiker.

Musicscan: What message where you trying to portray through Wolfbiker lyrically? Do you feel you were successful in this respect? Unfortunately I only received some promotional cardsleeve-cd...

Evergreen Terrace: well, its definitely a lot to take in. lyrically more aggressive than anything weve done. from religious oppression, to the struggles of trying to keep this band afloat, the record is pissed off. theres resolution on the record as well. its not all negative. it will hopefully make some people think.

Musicscan: How do you feel about your place as a band within the heavy music scene? What scene if any do you guys consider yourself a part of?

Evergreen Terrace: who knows. we tour with anyone from strung out to as i lay dying. warped tour or sounds of the underground. i think you can stick us anywhere.

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for bands future?

Evergreen Terrace: to continue touring and possibly make enough to sustain our existence in order to keep putting out more records and doing what we all love so much.

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