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Interview von: arne mit Sebstian, am: 01.04.2007 ]

Die polnischen Antigama sind mit ihrer irrwizigen Mixtur aus Grind, Death, Chaos und Jazz eine der aktuell inspiriertesten und beachtenswertesten Bands im internationalen Extrem-Underground. Das neue Album „Resonance” wird im Mai über Relapse erscheinen, was dem sympathischen Quartett hoffentlich endlich zum weltweiten Durchbruch verhelfen wird..


Musicscan: Give us a short briefing at first, please. What have Antigama currently been up to? Anything you want to tell us beside this new full length coming out pretty soon?

Antigama: At the very moment we are patiently waiting for the new album "Resonance'" due to be out on 15th May 2007. Apart from that we are having regular rehearsals and starting promotion of the record.

Musicscan: How has the response for “Resonance” been so far and what made you settle down with Relapse Records this time? Did you fulfill Relapse’s expectations with your album?

Antigama: As I said, the album isn't released yet so it's hard to talk about its reception from the listeners. Relapse Records is satisfied with the collaboration, they like the album and it makes us happy. It's just the beginning of our cooperation so we'll see the results soon. We are all very optimistic and believe that future will bring us more good news.

Musicscan: Was it hard for you guys to part ways with Polish Selfmadegod Records?

Antigama: We've never parted with Selfmadegod Records. Karol is still our manager, publisher and promotion supervisor. He's just issued our 3'' split CD with Drugs of Faith which contains 2 new tracks and a cover od Goblin's song. Our co-working goes very well and nothing seems to change it.

Musicscan: This new album “Resonance” seems to be a little more groovy, in some way less speed and agression oriented. Is it just me or is there any truth to this? A least it’s easier to listen to it…

Antigama: The album has a 100% more old groove, more oldschool riffs mixed up with the new stuff that is weird and very distinctive only to us. The tracks are very versatile, sometimes slower and sometimes faster haha. The album is more "absordable" because of some old thrash inventions we've used.

Musicscan: You have managed to be more focused as well as being more controlled this time. Would you agree to my statement?

Antigama: For sure many things have changed in the band since our previous album "Zeroland". This time we worked hard to sound really well. And this sound is defferent, more clear and comprehensible. This important aspect of our music gave the new quality to the recordings. We've also tried to be more focused on our work and the effect is easy to hear on "Resonance" - and this is the new Antigama's sound.

Musicscan: Is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

Antigama: No, these are just the elements of our style and we make them up without any deliberate planning. The twistedness comes unintended and we can't help it ha ha...

Musicscan: What’s the driving force making you guys create extreme music in between different metal genres?

Antigama: We've never played in one fixed style. We've always experimented matching together many diverse and quite different styles. It is very creative and gives very interesting effects. The mixture called Antigama is the result of blending together the four different types of personality of its members.

Musicscan: Listening to your record right now, this are my main impressions: as a whole it's a bit slower and on the other hand more technical and complex. It's an intersting development. What did you guys do differently that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Antigama: Is it slower? Not completely, because there are also varied compositions in the medium tempo. There is one really slow track but you can also hear extreme speeds never experienced on our albums before. This time the music is more rhythmic thanks to our drummer who is pretty into experimenting on this new album. The tracks are even more weird and progressive. The progress has also to do with many reherasals we've had while preparing for the album.

Musicscan: I also would say “Resonance” is again a very experimental record. How much of the material has already been written, when you entered the studio? What was the recording process like? Any interesting story to tell?

Antigama: The whole album was "ready" before we even got into the studio. While being there we've invented only some electronic sequences and acoustic compositions. We had been rather prepared for the recordings with our old friend, sound engineer Szymon Czech. He did a fantastic job on this record. He's a great pro and a wonderful friend so we couldn't complain. The studio work was a big challenge for all of us and a lot of fun at the same time - like it always is.

Musicscan: Your sound definately has evolved over the last couple of years. How do you guys judge bands development by yourself? Where did you start and what's bands position right now?

Antigama: The band has gone through a quite big metamorphosis since its formation in 2000. We've had some records out and played many shows, working hard for the situation we're in now. The most important thing is the commitment - without it the band wouldn't exist. We are happy with the direction of Antigama's development. It encourages us to work even harder and brings us much joy and satisfaction. We are still the same - we do what we always do - we just play.

Musicscan: You guys seem to master your instruments. Do you have any formal music training or are you self-taught? You much attention you put on the technical side of Antigama?

Antigama: We are all practically self-taught. The drummer Siwy attended some school in his young years but it was nothing special. And Lukasz had some vocal practice too. But our development is due to our constant efforts to be better and this is a very important factor in the work of Antigama. We invest in new equipment, develop our skills, play many rehearsals - and it pays off. You'll be able to hear our good condition on the album.

Musicscan: What message where you trying to portray through “Resonance” lyrically? Do you feel you were successful in this aspect?

Antigama: It’s hard to say as every song has its own lyrical quality. Together they are just an insight into the uniqueness of man’s mind and the vulnerability of his feelings…

Musicscan: Any last words?

Antigama: The new album will be out soon and we hope that shortly after that we will be able to come with some gigs to Germany and show everyone how "Resonance" sounds live.

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