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Dying Fetus

Interview von: Daniel mit Mike Kimball, am: 12.03.2007 ]

Mit "War Of Attrition" steht ein neues Album in den Startlöchern, das alle Trademarks, für die der Name DYING FETUS steht, in sich vereint. Brutaler DeathMetal mit Tendenz zum Grind; zwischen Groove und schwindelerregender Raserei. Dazu technische Finessen der Marke Death und Co. und politisch-aggressive Texte, gegrunzt von Gallaghers markantem Organ. Aber, das letzte Quentchen Originalität fehlt eben doch; ein gewisser Esprit, wirklich außergewöhnliche Ideen...


Musicscan: Please tell me about the recording process and why it took so long after you have released "Stop At Nothing"

Dying Fetus: The recording process definitely improved in terms of the recording equipment – but better, faster machines just give you more time to be picky about the sound and the performances, so in the end you always wish you had more time to work on it. Overall we are very happy with how it turned out. The long time since Stop at Nothing was largely due to being on the road a lot, but also because of the year that we didn’t have a drummer and had to write the drum parts ourselves on the computer. PC Drummer is a great tool but it is time-consuming to program.

Musicscan: Do you guys jam on ideas, or does everyone work on ideas for themselves ?

Dying Fetus: Both, although most of the work on riffs is done by John on his own, or Sean and I with the songs we wrote individually. Lyrics are the same way – I work on them almost entirely on my own, and then small adjustments are made later as we all help fine tune the songs.

Musicscan: What does the title "War Of Attrition" refer to ?

Dying Fetus: We thought it would be a good title that generally could mean a lot of different things. For me it is all about being bombarded with information every day, by people who are either trying to sell you something or influence your point of view. And it’s about the internal war, to keep your integrity intact and not allow yourself to be compromised by the world’s many forms of corruption.

Musicscan: I guess you see Dying Fetus as political band, how intense do you think is the impact you have on your fans ?

Dying Fetus: I hope the band is able to inspire people’s ideas and provoke thought, but even with lyrics that are often political in nature, we have no agenda to promote and hope our fans don’t take the music too seriously. My lyrics are highly influenced by warlike bands such as Slayer, and I think it would be lame to shrink from that subject matter just because we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having an unpopular president and an unpopular war. Ultimately it’s just entertainment, just art, so it should be fun and enjoyable, no matter how dark it tends to get.

Musicscan: Please comment on the contemporary music scene and do other bands or musicians have any influence on your music ?

Dying Fetus: I have plenty of bands that continue to influence me, but few of them are new and none of them are part of mainstream pop. I’m glad to see that some form of metal continues to enjoy wider exposure but my personal tastes tend to be the heavy, extreme bands that remain as uncompromising as possible. Suffocation, Slayer, Exodus, Nile, and Goatwhore are some of the bands I listen to most.

Musicscan: I think the new record goes a little bit away from Grindcore and tends more to Death Metal, would you agree ?

Dying Fetus: I would have to agree, and I think as we progress in our technical abilities that may continue to be the case. We love the groove riffs and the slow grinding sound but we also love pushing the limits of crazy, faster riffs.

Musicscan: Do you get inspired by books ?

Dying Fetus: I do sometimes, although I wouldn’t be able to name any books that particularly inspired me for this album. Mostly it is from various articles I read or current events that inspire strong feelings, plus different kinds of movies and documentaries.

Musicscan: Do you think the tight borders of the genre you're in will bind your creativity ? How do you think will this sound develop in the future ?

Dying Fetus: I don’t feel the genre binds our creativity, it may provide some framework but at least in our style we feel free to write music we would want to hear. If anything our style encourages us to try harder and keep pushing the limits.

Musicscan: Any specific goals you wish to achieve with the band ?

Dying Fetus: I would like the sound and writing on each album to progress, and naturally we always like continued success with tours all over the world. But I greatly appreciate what we have achieved to this point, and I feel very fortunate already.

Musicscan: Please comment on the political situation in the U.S.

Dying Fetus: I’m very ambivalent, like our album cover expresses. Overall my view is there’s a big difference between idealism and practical necessity. The tedious and frustrating fact of life is that the world is full of as many relentlessly primitive and unwise policies as there are modern and well-informed ones. But like it or not, many of those bad policies are adopted to meet the basic needs that we tend to take for granted, or even overindulge. Nevertheless, I think we need a leader who is a better representation of us as a people – whether you agree with him or not, having an unpopular lame duck president is never good for our country or our image to the world.

Musicscan: Final words, regards or comments ?

Dying Fetus: Thank you very much for the loyalty and support and we hope to see you out on the road!

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