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Interview von: arne mit Markus, am: 26.01.2007 ]

Zwischen sphärischen Instrumentals, etwas Jazz und Drone sowie dem Mut zu ausladenden Klangkulissen entwickelt sich ein „lebendiger Organismus“, der seinen Hörer verschlingt und in ein „machtvolles Sound-Universum“ entführt. CALLISTOs „Noir“ Kompositionen zeigen sich verspielt, anspruchsvoll und allumfassend. Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei zumeist der natürliche Soundfluss, was Vocals fast „überflüssig“ werden lässt. Erklingen doch welche, geschieht dieses in den wenigen „härteren“ Momenten einer Platte, die sich eher an Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Red Sparowes oder Earth anlehnt...


Musicscan: What's the label you're actual signed to? It's kind of confusing seeing Noir being released on Fullstream, as i expected it to be out on Earache...

Callisto: It`s Fullsteam J Earache deal was only one album deal and that album was True Nature Unfolds. It could be little bit confusing…

Musicscan: I want to start things off by asking about the new album Noir. What were the actual changes that you tried to bring forth on the record?

Callisto: I think the main thing was that we tried out to convey the actual sound of callisto that we had in mind.

Musicscan: Out of my feeling there is something as the new record seems to stand more stripped down and at the same time more varied musically...

Callisto: You are exactly on the right track ! We tried to put all our ideas, our new influenses and skills to this album, even though it might not please everyone who listens us. But it surely has pleased ourselves. We didn’t have any boundaries or ties when we made this album. No limitations to any genre.

Musicscan: Describe the songwriting process, please. Your new songs again are incredible interesting and complex but rarely ever stay in one place for too long...

Callisto: We started the pre-production in fall 2005 with Jonas, who produced our previous album. All of us brought their own stuff to practise place and we started to put pieces together. Some of the stuff on on the album were so new to us because we hadn’t do this kind of material before, combining some 70`s prog elements to our music, mainly on keyboard section. We like to move feelings within a song, different moods etc…

Musicscan: Were there any particular adjustments or things that you wanted to improve upon from a technical aspect or writing? How important is the technical aspect to Callisto?

Callisto: We don’t consider ourselves as technical band, I mean we can play our music quite well, but we know our limits. I think we just wanted to make better songs to Noir, and we challenged ourselves quite good.

Musicscan: Were all songs for the album already written and ready for recording when you entered the studio or did you rearrange or improvise parts?

Callisto: We had 10 songs ready when we entered the studio in December, 2 of them didn’t make it on the album. One didn’t sound so good and one didn’t fit to overall feeling of other songs, Coming Aeons was the song title and we actually recorded drums, bass and almost all guitar parts to that song, vocals, keyboards will be recorded someday and we might release it in some special format. We changed and arranged some parts in studio, with jonas. nothing big, just little parts that didn’t sound so good.

Musicscan: Were you surprised that a lot of people of different musical tastes were getting your releases?

Callisto: Little bit, but even on “True nature unfolds” we had gained much more variation in our listeners, in a way that in the beginning we had only heavy music listeners. Its nice that different people like our music, like it is meant to be.

Musicscan: A thing I personally like about Callisto is, that it's obvious that you guys aren't trying to fit into any particular scene. But what's your attitude towards the band and its music?

Callisto: Second time you are on the right path ! Not belonging to any particular scene gives us more freedom to do whatever pops up to our minds, and its quite big advantage to us. With Callisto we just try to make music that challenge us and please us, I think that sums up the meaning of Callisto.

Musicscan: Do you feel that you finally have found bands "own" sound with Noir, or is it still evolving?

Callisto: Yes, at least we are one step closer to it J We have lots of ideas what to do on our third album, and I think it might be ever closer to callisto that noir is.

Musicscan: As far as lyrical themes go, for anyone who's unfamiliar with them, could you give us a little insight into it?

Callisto: It loosely follows Film Noir theme, in a way that almost every song tells you a little story, most of them are from our daily life, some are not, but they are also important to us. That’s all I will give you. We normally don’t like to explain our lyrics, better listen and read them.

Musicscan: When you strip Callisto down to its core, what would you say is the message of your band?

Callisto: Christ is risen.

Musicscan: Last words?

Callisto: Thank you, you had great questions.