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Scars Of Tomorrow

Interview von: Daniel mit Dan, am: 19.01.2007 ]

Im Herbst 2006 schickten Scars Of Tomorrow Scars Of Tomorrow mit „The Failure In Drowning“ eine neue Platte via Victory Records in Rennen, mit der sich das Quintett so kommerziell wie niemals zu vor positionierte. Bereits in wenigen Tage tritt das Outfit den Live-Support zur neuen Scheibe in Europa an…


Musicscan: Please tell me about the history and biography of the band, when and how it all started.

Scars Of Tomorrow: The band started back in 2000 in orange county,ca we quickly started playing shows and writing records. We got signed by victory records in 2003 after putting out records with thorp records and let it burn records. Now we are touring off of our new record we put out in october called The failure in drowning.

Musicscan: Please recall the recording process of your actual record.

Scars Of Tomorrow: We recorded for almost 3 weeks in new jersey and it was incredible. We did 12 hour days and focused incredibly on writing a super intense record which we think we accomplished.

Musicscan: What background (socially and musically) do you guys have?

Scars Of Tomorrow: We all listen to so many things. Bands varying from Lamb of God to Deftones are were we get our influences from. We have all grown up going to hxc shows so we have deep ties to the scene and have always supported it.

Musicscan: Does living in a so called "sunny" state has an effect on your music?

Scars Of Tomorrow: It doesnt really have an affect. Its just like any place except for more crowded and more smog! luckily all the big tours always liked coming through california because we have seen and played here on some amazing tours.

Musicscan: Tell my about the lyrical content of "The failure in drowning"

Scars Of Tomorrow: the new lyrics have alot to do with struggle and accomplishing the things ive always set to do. i feel i have proven that even in the worst odds or the worst situations you can accomplish anything you put your mind too.

Musicscan: Please comment on the contemporary music scene in the U.S. and if you personally see a danger in being labelled "Metalcore"

Scars Of Tomorrow: Metalcore is definately slowing down currently. Right now theres a change in the trends for the 100000000000000000 time and right now everyone is going towards a little bit different style but in 6 months everyone will be back on the wagon again. its what always happens in the states. myspace changes everything!

Musicscan: What are "The Scars of tomorrow"? The wounds of today?

Scars Of Tomorrow: the scars arent all neccesarily bad. they make people grow they make people change and they help make a difference.

Musicscan: What goals you wish to achieve with the band, could you imagine playing in this band to make a living?

Scars Of Tomorrow: right now this is all we do . we tour year round and its amazing. i would love to come over here more often so help us make it happen. if we could be more comfortable they we are now it would be even better but im happy with what we have done.

Musicscan: Any final comments, last words or thanks to now or future fans, or the European readers in general?

Scars Of Tomorrow: we will be there soon so come out to a show and hang out with us!!!