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Norma Jean

Interview von: arne mit Jake, am: 04.12.2006 ]

Neben Underoath sind NORMA JEAN das zweite gewichtige Aushängeschild ihres amerikanischen Labels Solid State und jenseits des Atlantiks eine der bekanntesten und beliebtesten Hardcore-Bands metallischer Orientierung überhaupt. Mit „Redeemer“ ist unlängst das dritte Album der Gruppe erschienen. Gegenüber ihren anderen beiden Platten präsentiert sich der Fünfer aus Atlanta durchaus nachvollziehbarer, etwas melodischer aufgestellt und in den eigenen Arrangements stimmiger, doch bieder oder anspruchslos ist man deshalb noch längst nicht. An der verschachtelten Komplexität und chaotisch-intensiven Brachialität der Stücke der Band hat sich nämlich nichts verändert.


Musicscan: How does your band feel about the viability of having post-hardcore, screamo and metalcore become the 'new' things/trends within heavy music?

Norma Jean: I don't think we have thought about it alot. We are pleased that heavy music getrs more and more noticed, but we aren't really concerned "trends" we just like playin heavy music

Musicscan: As a musician, why do you think the marriage of emo, hardcore and metal is so popular with young people?

Norma Jean: That is another question that will boggle the mind, but I mean kids are just into music. there are alot of other music stlyes that have just as big of following.

Musicscan: Was it different writing this album, now that you are more skilled with your instruments and have been toured a lot?

Norma Jean: It is always different when writting new songs, because we are always learning more about our instruments and learing more about music.

Musicscan: "Redeemer" was considered to be a anticipated release and Solid State seems to put a lot of expectation on your band. What are your thoughts on this?

Norma Jean: This record didn't bother us in that aspect as much as O god did. with redeemer we did what we wanted without a regard for what anyone thought. We wanted to make an album we are proud of, and something we loved.

Musicscan: Where do you see the line drawn between progressiong on what you do well, and completely offering a new direction or sound? I'm asking, cause there're lots of changes between your new album and "O God The Aftermath"...

Norma Jean: a progression is when you build off what you have had before. I feel we totally did that on redeemer. There are elements of BTMKTC and O god, plus alot of new stuff.

Musicscan: This new album seems to be a little more groovy, in some waya less speed and agression oriented. Is it just me or is there any truth to this?

Norma Jean: I feel it has way more agression than the last record. It is less Violent then O god, but its heavier and there is way more feeling on redeemer

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on "Redeemer"?

Norma Jean: Making the best Norma Jean record ever! we made something we are all so proud of.

Musicscan: Do you feel that the record is a pretty good representation of Norma Jeans sounding as of right now?

Norma Jean: its a perfect representartion.

Musicscan: And do you feel that Norma Jean has found its "own" sound, or is it still evolving?

Norma Jean: we will always be growing musically. There will always be those elements in our music that make us Norma Jean, but We won't be soundin exactly like this on the next record.

Musicscan: Every band has a vision of how their album should sound like after the recording it. Listening to "Redeemer" right now. Would you say that this was a successful mission or would you even say that the band was able to surprise itself? If this is the case - in how far?

Norma Jean: We are totally in love with this album. I feel like we will always surprise ourselves cause there are always little things that when you record sound different when you get the finished product.

Musicscan: Is it a challenge to you to continually write and record new songs and records?

Norma Jean: Actually not really. we love writting new music. I mean we push ourselves but its never a struggle

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently on "Redeemer" that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Norma Jean: one thing we wanted to record it with a more raw sound. and we wrote this record like it was our first and last record. puttin everything on it we have wanted to do, and we just went ahead and did it not caring what people thought.

Musicscan: Were all songs for "Redeemer" already written and ready for recording when entering the studio or did you rearrange or improvise some parts?

Norma Jean: All the songs were written but we always change things around once in the studio, thats just the way it goes with us. we would still be changing songs if they weren't recorded.

Musicscan: The songs on "Redeemer" cover a lot of bases musically - there's something for everyone within the extreme underground from hardcore to mathcore/chaos and even metal or rock. Were you going for a more inclusive approach this time or did this happen by accident?

Norma Jean: we just wrote songs we liked, Norma jean has never written a song that wasn't first and formost for us

Musicscan: When you strip Norma Jean down to its core, what would you say is the message of your band?

Norma Jean: A message of faith and hope in this world. And that is our God and savior Jesus Christ.

Musicscan: What happens when you go back home, any jobs to keep up with or does Norma Jean already pay your bills?

Norma Jean: Norma jean pays the bills. Most people don't realize but its a full time job being in a band like this.

Musicscan: Would you say a band of your size makes more money touring or selling records?

Norma Jean: Its not making records for sure ha ha

Musicscan: Due to downloading music a lot of people already had "Redeemer" before its actual streetdate I guess. How do you feel about that and downloading music in general?

Norma Jean: records leaking is something that you can't avoid. so we let it not get to us. And downloading music. I mean everyone has downloaded music before so its kinda hard to point a finger

Musicscan: Would you agree to say Norma Jean is still an underrated band in Europe?

Norma Jean: I dunno actually I guess we will see after this next tour.

Musicscan: How much attention you put on Europe in general and how do you remember the German shows you played so far?

Norma Jean: we try to get to Europe when we can and Germany is always a good time. I am stoked to get back there in Jan

Musicscan: Anything left you want to say?

Norma Jean: Europe needs to find out about real BBQ and get lots of it everywhere

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