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Interview von: arne mit Mischa, am: 27.11.2006 ]

Mit ihrem fabelhaften “0“ Debüt erwischten die Niederländischen TRANSMISSION 0 ihre Hörer unvorbereitet und gewaltig. Die früheren Reveal-Leute kamen aus dem Nichts und positionierten sich scheinbar problemlos auf Augenhöhe mit Neurosis, Isis oder Cult of Luna. Dass dies kein Zufall gewesen ist, beweist heuer der zweite Longplayer der Band, der “Memory Of A Dream“ betitelt ist. Augenmerk gilt vor allem der natürlichen Entwicklung der einzelnen Songs, die mit einer stetigen Intensitätssteigerung einhergeht. Das dunkle, aufgewühlte „Wellencover“ stimmt perfekt aus das Auf und Ab der Gefühle ein, wie es durch TRANSMISSION 0 hervorgerufen wird.


Musicscan: Does it feel good to be back with your second studio record finally? What are your thoughts seeing it being available in stores soon?

Transmission0: Of course we are very excited to have the record out soon, the songs were recorded almost a year ago, so finally the wait is over, and we hope to get a fresh, new start.

Musicscan: Memory Of A Dream is considered to be a highly anticipated release by many people and Go-Kart seems to put a lot of expectation on Transmission0. What are your thoughts on this?

Transmission0: Is it highly anticipated? Well, that makes us happy, and of course we hope we won’t let any people down with this record, although I don’t expect that anyone who liked our first album, will be disappointed with the new one. We think this album is Transmission0 in optima forma…..

Musicscan: What's your attitude regargarding Transmission0 today, and how did it change since you once started?

Transmission0: When we had just started Transmission0, things went very fast for us and everything was (a little too) promising. That way, you are bound to encounter some set-backs and disappointments. This won’t happen to us again I think, because we are taking the band and the music scene in general a little more lightly. We hope for the best, but we don’t expect too much. Since then a weight fell off my shoulders….This of course doesn’t mean we don’t try to make the best out of it…

Musicscan: How do you feel about Transmission0’s place within the heavy music scene? You gain a lot of attention lately among certain groups of listeners...

Transmission0: I’m very pleased with the fact that more people are trying to understand the music that we make. Transmission0 is definitely not the typical easy listening band, and requires some effort to understand. Maybe because of that, we do not really have a particular place yet in the heavy music scene, at least not that we know of.

Musicscan: It seems like your sound is still evolving, as the new record is again featuring songs that vary from real Heavy Metal to Doom grooves, Soul parts or plain rock and instrumental parts...

Transmission0: Yeah that’s true! When we wrote and recorded “0”we were still a 3-piece and we were experimenting a bit with our sound and songwriting. ”Memory of a dream” is a much more homogenic album in which we have found the perfect balance between the different kinds of inspirations and influences that we have. We also think the sound Is bigger and relates more to the sound we put out when we play live shows.

Musicscan: Memory Of A Dream seems to be a little more groovy and in some way less aggression oriented to create something like a better flow and a more “complete” sounding. Is it just me or is there any truth to this?

Transmission0: You are very right. The songs are much more built on melodramatic melodies and harmonics than on aggression. It is based on atmospheres even more than our first album.

Musicscan: Did you road test any of these new songs while you were touring?

Transmission0: We played a couple of songs off the new album live for quite some time already, and the reactions we got were very good.

Musicscan: Beside Transmission0 is sounding kind of traditional in matters of post-music with Memory Of A Dream i would say you try to include some kind of modern appraoch as well, right?

Transmission0: It is 2,5 years ago since I wrote the songs for this album, and back then I didn’t even know post-music, let alone listened to it. So for us there is not much traditional to it. Maybe if you consider slow and heavy traditional, ok……

Musicscan: Did you have something like a main focus while working on Memory Of A Dream? Have there been certain issues you specifically wanted to address with the new record?

Transmission0: Our main focus was, and will always be just to make good music. We do not really confine ourselves to work with certain boundaries, nor do we try to impose specific opinions or views on anyone. The only thing we try to convey to people is an atmosphere, a feeling, and that of course this is completely, personally interpretable…

Musicscan: Were there any particular adjustments or things that you wanted to improve upon from a technical aspect of writing?

Transmission0: The main improvement we wanted to achieve on this album was to make it sound more as a whole, and to get the sound we wanted, as our first album was recorded with mere toys, than actual equipment, haha. I also learned a lot from producing “0”,so these things really helped with the making of this record. Also the fact that we now have an actual drummer and second guitar player resulted in a broader, richer sound.

Musicscan: What would you consider to be your finest professional achievements?

Transmission0: Ehhhh…well,this album!!!!!

Musicscan: What meaning lies behind the title Memory Of A Dream?

Transmission0: The feeling this music gives us, is almost dream-like. Sometimes very flowing and gentle, sometimes more harsh and complex. Since our lyrics are mostly very introspective, we decided that this title would best represent the feeling of melancholy that introspectiveness usually brings up.

Musicscan: The heavy underground, as a whole, has evolved over the last copule of year with huge success of bands like Mastodon, Cult Of Luna, Isis,…. How did you experience all this happen?

Transmission0: I think it is a great new scene that is being created. The world was in desperate need of something new, the combination of heavy riffs, and melodic structures, in case of Cult of Luna and Isis, that is, Mastodon is a different story I think, since I consider them a pure metal band. But it is great that it is possible to make your band grow like they did, with hard work, and not by kissing people’s asses or plain luck…

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for the bands future?

Transmission0: We would be very happy to establish a stable place in the European music scene and through that, play a lot of good live shows. Another thing we want to achieve is to make another album that will be even better than this one, because we believe that the best is still to come!