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The Arcane Order

Interview von: arne mit Flemming, am: 08.11.2006 ]

Gitarrist Flemming C. Lund (Invocator, ex-Autumn Leaves) hat mit The Arcane Order eine neue Band am Start, die via Metal Blade unlängst ihr Debüt "The Machinery Of Oblivion" veröffentlichte. Der explosive wie hoch intensive Death’n’Thrash-Mix der Dänen geht gut an, und mit Raunchy’s Kasper hat man sogar einen markanten, namhaften Shouter in der Band.


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about Arcane Order, please. What have you guys currently been up to?

The Arcane Order: Lately we have been rehearsing our asses off for the upcoming live shows. We actually havenøt played any live shows yet, so we had to put extra effort into to it. We have enlisted a session guitarist for our livesituations so we had to introduce him to all our stuff. But man, we can’t wait to play live! Other than that we have spent a lot of time promoting the record, answering interviews via mails and phone and at the same to get new equipment and start to work on new songs.

Musicscan: What’s the actual status of Arcane Order – is it a real band or only project of its mastermind?

The Arcane Order: It started out as a project, but today TAO is definitely a “real” band. We just started to have so much fun together and we all have a strong desire to play live, so we decided to do something more with the band. Of course the other guys have their other bands as well, but we will focus as much energy on TAO as time allows.

Musicscan: As you were forming Arcane Order what was influencing the direction you would take the band and how did your sound develop since you founded the group?

The Arcane Order: I was more or less founding TAO because I wasn’t too happy with the direction my old band Autumn Leaves was taking. So my influences back then were a bit the same as in Autumn Leaves, although I knew I wanted the stuff to sounds thrashier and a bit more energetic. So when we started out we had a lot of focus on doing melodic Thrash metal, but as time passed our sound developed a bit, and the sound start to change towards something a bit more complex and dark.

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on “The Machinery Of Oblivion” and what have been the reactions so far?

The Arcane Order: I think we ended up having a record that we were 100% satisfied with. I personally think of this as a small victory. I mean I started writing songs for the album 6-7 years ago, so finally having the stuff released is an amazing feeling. And the reactions have been really great. We didn’t really know what to expect since we are a new band, but we are really satisfied with the reaction. And reading the reviews are always a good thing nomatter if they are good or not so good, because you can always use other peoples input to try to change the music to the better. If you feel like changing the music of course ;-)

Musicscan: Do you feel that the record is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now?

The Arcane Order: Hmm… well most of it has. Since like I mentioned some of the songs are 6-7 years old, or at least have riffs that are 6-7 years old, I guess some of the songs doesn’t represent the band 100% today. But that doesn’t mean the songs shouldn’t be on the record, because I think the old songs are just a good as the new ones, they are just a bit different. More simple and easy to listen to, while the newer songs a more complex and dark. So I am looking forward to doing the next record with all new songs.

Musicscan: What makes Arcane Order stand out from your own point of view and what do you consider to be bands trademarks?

The Arcane Order: I think what makes us stand out are 2 things. First of all the use of guitar solos, which many bands seem to neglect today. I think that’s a damn shame! Second of all I think you can hear that our music very energetic and “live” sounding. In my opinion you can actually hear on the record that we love playing the music we do. I think our songs sound fresh and almost… well… positive. And I think our lives shows will reflect this as well.

Musicscan: “The Machinery Of Oblivion” covers a lot of bases musically - there's something for everyone interested in death or thrash metal. Were you going for a more inclusive approach or is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

The Arcane Order: Basically I’d say that we are influences many different genres within metal, but basically of course Thrash and Death Metal. We definitely were aiming at trying to vary the songs, and at the same time we were hoping to create songs that, like you say, had a more inclusive approach. So basically I think you can hear that we are a Thrash band, but the adding of the keyboards and samples gives the songs all kinds of atmosphere, which we really like.

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently with Arcane Order, that you hadn't done with your previous bands to keep things progressing?

The Arcane Order: Things were a bit different in my old band Autumn Leaves. In Autumn Leaves there were 4 people contributing with riffs, which in my opinion ending up with songs that were too far away from each other. There were too many different styles involved and in the end I didn’t feel like the songs or our records had a special sound. So with TAO I wanted to try to create a band in which I wrote all the music to make the songs follow the same path, but at the same time vary the songs as much as possible following this path. Also with TAO I was deliberately aiming at getting musicians that really knew their stuff, and with whom I was certain we would be able to play the music I created, no matter how fast or complex it ended up being.

Musicscan: Were there any particular adjustments or things that you wanted to improve upon from a technical aspect of writing?

The Arcane Order: Yeah, definetely the level of professionalism as well as the level of the musicians involved. Also as for the songs I wanted to make them more technical and demanding to play. And also instead of writing the songs in the rehearsal room with riffs from 4 different people I now write all the songs at home on my computer and then bring the stuff to the rehearsal room were we all put together and arrange the songs.

Musicscan: What bands do you consider to be truly inspiring to you? Do you think that your songwriting is affected by music your hear, or do you try not to be influenced by that?

The Arcane Order: Our songwriting is definitely influenced by the bands we listen to, as well as the bands we grew up listening to. I mean old Thrash heroes like Testament, Exodus and Forbidden basically have a lot to say in our music, because we grew up listening to those bands. Of course we try not to be directly influenced by bands, but every now and then everyone listens to a band and you think to yourself “wow this band really has some cool ideas!” and the you might be influenced by that. I mean a band like Strapping Young Lad has so many interesting ideas!

Musicscan: How did you get in contact with Raunchy’s Kasper?

The Arcane Order: I have known Kasper for many years, since we grew up quite close to each other. The first time I heard him live was about 12-13 years ago with his first band Low Life Crisis, which was a Hard Core sounding band. Already back then I really liked his voice and often thought it would be cool to do something with him. So when we needed a guy for the vocals we just tried to contact him, and he was very keen on joining which we needless to say were very excited about!

Musicscan: Any chance to see you guys playing live overhere soon?

The Arcane Order: Yeah I think so. At the moment Go Down Believing is trying to set up some shows for us in Europe which will probably take place in February or March 2007. If that fails we will plays some shows in Northern Germany like Berlin, Hamburg and other places, so yeah, the change should definitely be there ?

Musicscan: Okay, that's it. thanks for taking time answer my questions.

The Arcane Order: Thanks for doing this interview and sorry about the delay. I really enjoyed the questions and thanks for coming up with questions that were not the usual stuff ?