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Interview von: Nis mit Jesper, am: 22.06.2002 ]

BURST - wohl eine DER Bands, die den Weg auf das deutsche Label Chrome Saint Magnus gefunden hat! Die Schweden schaffen es mit Ihrer Musik den Spagat zwischen Emotionen und Aggressionen so elegant zu meistern, dass es schon fast unheimlich ist. Jesper Liveröd (nebenbei auch Bassist bei NASUM) klärte mich über den Stand der Dinge des kommenden Full Length auf, machte klar, dass er nicht als "EMO" abgestempelt werden will und das Burst definitv nicht "nur" ein Seitenprojekt von NASUM ist...


Musicscan: Burst this word has the meaning of to explode or to crash. Why did ou chose that name, is there a relation between your music and the word burst itself?

Burst: It´s just a stupid name. No profound meaning. When we took the name longer ago than I like to remember, we wanted a name which was powerful and representative of the music and the vibe of the band. We thought about it for some time, and in lack of anything better we decided on naming the band Burst. I guess al lot of bands sort of regret their bandnames at some point. With evolution in sound and stuff like that, your preferences as far as descripitve names go change.

Musicscan: Chrome Saint Magnus released your last MCD "in Conveting Ways". How come that CSM was the one? Have you been in contact before already?

Burst: …I don´t know how the relationship started. We didn´t know each other before or anything, we knew OF their label, but not them personally. What happened was the usual story: we sent out a couple of copies of the songs, a few labels contacted us, and for some reason Gregor at CSM got his filthy hands on the damn thing. They seemed passionate and willing to work on it, so we decided that it would be a good idea to release it with them. I´m glad we did.

Musicscan: Your music sounds very emotional to me. Is that a important fact for you or did I just interpreted something wrong?

Burst: Oh, very. I think music that doesn´t display any form of emotion is uninteresting and flat. But let´s get the term “emotion” straight here: we are not in any way trying to be any self-absorbed, whiny emo-band lamenting about how bad everybody is to them. When I mean emotion I mean the fundamentals of what comprises human beings. Music is a form of expression that has the ability to convey every aspect of human behaviour and mood (be it aggression, joy, sadness, anger, melancholy or whatever) in a way that other forms of expression can´t. But I guess you are referring to the fact that our music has a slight melancholic vibe over it, and yes, I agree with that. For some reason I think that the best and most music always has a certain introspective gravity over it, and thus that is the kind of sensation that we want to convey in OUR music. But at the same time we want the energy and the intensity to be there, we want the esoteric elements to be mixed with a very distinct power. That way the music has the most impact: emotion and power in one package.

Musicscan: What directly is your connection to Nasum? When you read some Burst flyers or stuff like that you always can read "...with Nasum members...".

Burst: Well, I also play the bass and do the low vocals in Nasum, which doesn´t mean in any way that Burst is any kind of side-project or anything. I have been in this band more than twice as long as I have been in Nasum, and take it just as (if not more) serious. It feels kinda corny to promote our band with that statement, but since promoting a band is anything but easy today, I guess labels use whatever selling points they can.

Musicscan: So what does the Rest of Nasum think about Burst, hehe?

Burst: I know Anders likes it, and Mieszko too I think. But I´m not sure. Mieszko produces so many bands in his studio that he hardly has the time to listen to a lot of other music, so I don´t know if he has listened to it that much.

Musicscan: Am I right when I say that Burst is a "full band" and not just a Sideprojekt from Nasum member(s)?

Burst: You are absolutely right. Burst is a very serious and important band for me. If I would have to choose between all kinds of harder music, this is the stuff I would like to play the most and what feels closest to my personal taste in music. But I fucking looooove grinding too!

Musicscan: What can you tell me about the hardcore scene over there? Do you play a lot of shows and how is the kid´s reaction to your shows?

Burst: Well, the hardcore scene isn´t what it used to be 6 or 7 years ago. Now it is mostly comprised of crummy crust bands and kids raving about politics they don´t fully comprehend. I can´t say that any of feel especially related to any certain scene, be it hardcore, metal, punk or what have you. Where we come from, people would just go to whatever show they felt was interesting, regardless of what sort of music it was. Do you, Nis, think Burst plays hardcore, per se? I think we definateley have hardcore elements in there, but this stuff isn´t really what I would term as ‘hardcore’. The very existance of different genres I feel limitates bands in the way that they make music. I mean, how interesting is it to listen to bands who don´t ever evolve out of their given genre? You have to agree that the most interesting bands were always those who pushed boundraries and moved into uncharted territories. Anyways, to answer your question, no, we haven´t really played much live the last couple of years, just a few gigs now and then. I don´t know why, it´s not really a question of want or will. I guess it´s mostly because of difficulties to get the band together for frequesnt touring. Only three of us live in Gothenburg (our current hq), and the remaining two live sort of far from there. That way it is sort of hard to get together to do like on-off gigs and shorter tours, along with the fact that everybody has jobs or studies. We have also been very lazy in that department, but I guarantee you, the future will hold a lot more touring that it has recently. We are definitely planning to get our shit together and tour a lot more in the future.

Musicscan: Are there any plans for shows in germany? Regarding the fact that you´re on Chrome Saint Magnus I hope we can expect some Burst shows here...

Burst: Oh, I hope so. It´s not a question of will or want, as I said in the previous question, it´s more a question of organizing tours so it fits our lives rather than not giving a damn. Hopefully the fact that this mcd is released on a german label will in some way make things easier for us as far as organizing goes.

Musicscan: If yes what are your expectations for that shows?

Burst: Hopefully, in the event of a european tour, people will understand what we are about. It would be ignorant to expect a thunderous response to our band on its first time in mainland Europe. After all, we are kinda new to most people out there, and we will go out there and just focus on making a profound impression on the people who show up. But I have faith in people´s ability to take in new music that tries to move forward, and I promise that our band will do its outmost to be intense and interesting in a live setting.Anyways, seeing bands live is, as everybody should know by now, the most sincere and powerful way to experience music. With that in mind, I hope people will enjoy the experience from seeing US live.

Musicscan: What kind of music you guys like the most and what bands would you say are the maininfluences for your music?

Burst: Oh man. The frequently asked question that is impossible to answer. I don´t know, we are five individuals with five very different approaches to music, so it is hard to name a bunch of stuff which has had a particular influence on our music – we are all very varied in our music tastes. Ummm…well, I´ll just name a few that I think we can all agree on: Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Tool, Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance, Neurosis, Emperor, Today Is The Day, Boards Of Canada, Ulver, Tarentel, Disrupt, His Hero Is Gone, Isis, Faith No More, Converge, Sigúr Rós and the list goes on and on…

Musicscan: I think Burst isn´t a fulltime job (yet) ;-) So what do you guys do in your "real life"? Jobs, studying?

Burst: Yup. Same as everyone else. We are all slaves, despite trying not to be. Linus (vocals) works different jobs all the time, Robert (guitars) doesn´t really do anything, Patrik (drums) works as a nurse, Jonas (guitars) is a mailman at the moment, and I am a student of political science. I wish I could have said we do bad ass stuff besides the band, like maybe being tattoo artists, drugs and weapons dealers, hitmen, presidents or something like that, but we´re just plain old boring lackeys like everybody else.

Musicscan: How´s it going with the recording for the new album? Any news about the releasedate so far?

Burst: The recordings, which begun in may, have gone real well so far. We decided to spread the recording out into different periods so that we could reflect as much as possible on the sound and structure of the music, and what we have put on tape up until now seems to become real grand. It is great to be in the studio once you just let go of all precursors as to how music is allowed to sound, disregard the boundraries of msuical genres etc. We decided to try eveything that we thought could be interesting this time, and it has turned out to be a marvellous decision. The music is very intense at times, but still has a lot of that introspection and abrasive, emotive melodic touch to it. It feels as though it sounds like us, like Burst, but evolved.. Think “In Coveting Ways”, but progressed into a wider, more sophisticated perspective. We are very enthustiastic as you can probably tell. But no date is planned for a release. The fucking thing has to be ready before we can decide that.

Musicscan: Ok, thank you for your time!!! Anything you still wanna say?

Burst: Thank you, it was very nice of you to show this interest in our band. It means a lot to us. Remember to let all aspects of the universe of music into your life. Limiting yourself to one genre of music is NOT being the alternative that people want or claim to be, it is the same sort of mentality that mainstream music relies on. Broadening your horizons, regardless what subject we´re talking about, is vital to anyone with aspirations for personal evolution. I´ll shut up now before anyone thinks I´m emo.