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By Night

Interview von: Fernando mit Adrian, am: 24.09.2006 ]

Die schwedischen By Night melden sich via Lifeforce Records mit ihrem Zweitwerk “The New Shape Of Desperation” gewaltig zurück. Die Platte ist vom Sound her noch „steriler“ und präziser als das tolle Debüt “Burn The Flags“ und mehr denn je agiert die junge Band zwischen verschiedenen Metal-Genres. Fans zwischen Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Breach und Extol sollten hier unbedingt ein Ohr riskieren…


Musicscan: The second album is habitually seen as the great test to the true quality of the bands. How do you feel safe in relation to "The New Shape of Desperation?"

By Night: I honestly believe that our new album " A new shape of desperation" is is one hell of a good album and it couldnt felt better in that perspective. everyone in the band has took their responsibilty and took and took their thing on the album to the next level, the songs are wider and better and we founded us a sound that not all of the other bands out there sounds like.

Musicscan: The composition and recording process were relatively fast, there is little more than one year that you have edited the debut "Burn the Flags". I suppose that the band is crossing an excellent moment of inspiration…

By Night: we have worked so hard after "burn the flags", we toured,wrote new songs and pre-recorded them, we toured gain and the same story repeat itself nd suddenly had we 11 new songs and went in to the studio without reflecting over the time between the 2 albums. it is not so hard to find inspiration thoose days when we living in a world that we do. Everyday am I asking myselff if there is something more I can do to help other people or making a change to this world and other days I just feel like lying in my bed all day long cuz of all the shit I has to confront when I left bed can be to much. And it is the same for all people so it is just to find streanght to make a change.

Musicscan: Christian Silver made a brilliant work in the production of this album. The sound is really devastating…

By Night: yeah we where talking alot of the sound we wanted to have on this album, we tried to get a bigger and wider sound than " Burn the flags" and I think we realy made it,. Christian is a great friend and he did a hell of a good job like always.

Musicscan: Which is the lyrical concept behind «The New Shape of Desperation?"

By Night: every song has their own meaning and it might not be the same meaning for me and the listeners or the other in the band but the concept of the album in the end is tht " all changes starts within"

Musicscan: By Night began playing death Swedish metal At the Gates influenced, but at this time you reveal a powerful mixture of influences. Is it possible to define your sound?

By Night: when I talk to media or our fans out there I have noticed that there is always different opinions when it comes to what we sounds like and many people says that there aint any band out there that we sounds exactly like and thats very good. think we can see through our influences to the grade that we dont sounds like them like so many other bands out there.

Musicscan: Did you fear that By Night might come to be wrongly labeled like Metalcore?

By Night: dont care to be honest, some magazines has labeld us like for being a metalcore band but thats just prooves that they dont understand the music we creates or that they have not even listened to the album. but everyone has the right to have their opinion of the album and I believe that most of the people is kind of tired of all these names media is trying to create just to find a new way of seeinf in a metal band. And that is what I think we play-metal nothing more nothin less.

Musicscan: When you edited your first record you were considered as one of the great revelations of the Swedish metal. How did is ends to benefiting the progression of the band ?

By Night: think that it have make some good things for us but also put more pressure on us to do a new album as great as " burn the flags" "Burn the flags" was a great debut album and we prooved to the people out there that we are a band that will be realy hard to get down on our knees. now when we put out "a new shape of desperation" we proove again that we are a band that will continue doing this for a long time wethever people like it or not. we had a great time tourin "burn the flags" and meet so many fans out there in many countries and it is for them we will countinue touring and it is them that helped omming this far that we did with our debut. So we just recorded 9 songs that we decided to release through a label and the people have done the rest for us and now we are giving back to them through " A new shape of desperation".

Musicscan: With the second edited album, can we expect By Night touring all over Europe?

By Night: we will go out on a european tour in oct with our labelmates FAll of serenity then tour sweden in nov. Then back in europe in dec or jan so we have some great shows infront of us and that feels great.