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All Shall Perish

Interview von: arne mit ASP, am: 02.08.2006 ]

Dass auch das zweite Nuclear Blast-Album von ALL SHALL PERISH eine amtliche Abrissbirne werden würde, ist keine Überraschung, doch mit einem solch “fiesen Monstrum” war nicht unbedingt zu rechnen. “The Price Of Existence“ ist brutal, hinterrücks und extrem gemein! Und eine verdammt geile Heavy Platte sowieso! Das Quintett agiert deutlich variabler und stilübergreifender als noch auf seinem Labeleinstand. Zwischen Death, Trash und modernem Hardcore-Metal ist der musikalische Schwerpunkt der Kombo anzusiedeln, doch heute gibt es ebenfalls eine gewisse progressive Schlagseite!


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about All Shall Perish, please. What have you guys currently been up to?

All Shall Perish: Well we are on tour in the us right now makin ladies cry and men jealous with our large deathmetal penises. We are gunna be on tour for like 2 months so nothin but rockin for us.

Musicscan: As you were forming the band what was influencing the direction you would take the band and what influenced the writing of The Price Of Existence? Comparing your two records, there are lots of changes to notice....

All Shall Perish: We were a little apathetic to a lot of the music coming out and we were really tired of our last record so we definitely wanted to make a more musical record. We also had a totally different writing process for this record, we got our own practice space, sat in there for 8 hours a day, wrote non stop and jus revised shit over and over and over....for HMR we just wrote some songs really fast and threw em on a record...some of us were only like 17. When we sat down to write this time we knew we had to write 11 or 12 songs and there was no way we were gunna write the same song over and over again.

Musicscan: What is the most significant way signing Nuclear Blast has affected your band and its development?

All Shall Perish: I guess just realizing our music will be worldwide and having that inspire us to write whatever the fuck we feel like.

Musicscan: What's your attitude towards All Shall Perish in general? I noticed that you are a highly professional working band regarding the music, but that you at the same time don't take yourself too serious, right?

All Shall Perish: Naw we like to have fun, joke a lot and fuck around on tour...we are still kids in our early 20's and its jus a party right now for us.

Musicscan: Many of todays heavy (hardcore) bands seem to miss originality and hearable passion, but you guys have tons of both and i'm impressed every time i listen to your songs. Is it just a question of the right attitude towards music? What do you miss within the heavy music today?

All Shall Perish: I miss experimentation, I like bands that suprise me and do unexpected shit. I remember the first time I heared between the buried and me 3 or 4 years ago and I was amazed at their crazy cross breeding of a million styles...I was stoked someone was breaking down the ideas of how diverse 1 band can be. We are into so many different styles of music we will prolly never write the same album twice.

Musicscan: Do you feel that All Shall Perish already has found its "own" sound, or is it still evolving?

All Shall Perish: Definitely still evolving along with us as people and musicians. The price of existence definitely is a milestone for us but we are already looking forward to the next cd with crazy ideas.

Musicscan: Do you feel that "The Price Of Existence" is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now, or did bands sound change again after you recorded those tracks?

All Shall Perish: Well we will always love fast tech metal and breakdowns and it will always be part of is cuz we are a metal band but we like trying to push ourselves as songwriters and all the great old school bands that were huge like pantera and metallica had so many different kinds of songs it made them legends....we want to eventually write timeless music.

Musicscan: There are lots of bands out there these days, that are mixing different aggressive metal styles with technical skills and hardcore breakdowns. What makes All Shall Perish stand out from your point of view? Is there something you would point out to be your trademarks?

All Shall Perish: We are still a young band to have trademarks but I guess its doing things a lot of bands similar to us would never do....I don't know a lot of bands who would have a groovey breakdown dying fetus style death metal song and an acoustic master of puppets style instrumental on the same cd.

Musicscan: "The Price Of Existence "covers a lot of bases musically - there's something for everyone of hardcore, metalcore or more extrem metal. Were you going for a more inclusive approach or is it an intentionell drive to you to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

All Shall Perish: We just didn't want to be like one of those bands who end up in a formula and singing about the same shit for 20 years.....we have way to diverse of influences to let ourselves get stale.

Musicscan: Describe the songwriting process, please. Your songs are incredible interesting and complicated but rarely ever stay in one place for too long...

All Shall Perish: All starts with a pile of riffs and we piece similar stuff togeather and then write transitions and revise shit a million times till we can listen to the song without vocals and love it, then we throw on lyrics. We definitely change the songs up a lot, not much stuff goes for more than 8 measures, but we get bored easily

Musicscan: Were there any particular adjustments or things that you wanted to focus on from a technical aspect? How important is the technical side to All Shall Perish?

All Shall Perish: Its just all about writing shit that's fun and catchy but challenging too, we arnt nearly as tech as a lot of newer metal bands but if u go too tech it can loose a lot of catchyness so we try to use it tastfully

Musicscan: What bands do you consider to be truly inspiring to you? Do you think that your songwriting is affected by music your hear, or do you try not to be influenced by that?

All Shall Perish: We are definitely influenced by what we hear in good ways and bad.....if a style is over saturated u know someone may write a riff and everyone will say eh heared it a million times before.....we are in this to write music we actually like. And as new music comes out or as we rediscover classic stuff it inspires us in various ways to write new shit that meshes all the stuff we love as we try to put our own twist and take on things. Throughout the record we listened to a lot of.........necrophagist, opeth, irate, pantera, between the buried and me, suffocation, crowbar, throwdown, hypocrisy, dimmu borgier just to give u an idea.

Musicscan: What message where you trying to portray through "The Price Of Existence" lyrically? Do you feel you were successful in this respect? Unfortunately I only have access to a cardsleeve-promo at the moment...

All Shall Perish: Its fairly straightforward in trying to get people to look deeper into things that are considered commonplace these days in society, life, love, government......everything. How our world and our life is built off the backs of so many and how little we as a society choose to analyise and discuss this.

Musicscan: What sort of show do you feel more at home with, your "average" metal-hardcore show or one that places you in front of a "true" metal crowd? And what is more challeging for you guys?

All Shall Perish: I know what you mean by this question sort of a deicide show vs a as I lay dying show......but really with so many kids getting into metal and how different the fans of the same band are across the country it really depends on who and where hahaha but I'd say its prolly a little more challenging to play infront of more traditional metal crowds cuz they can tend to be very judgmental if you like don't have long hair etc

Musicscan: Any chance to see you guys plaing overhere in the future?

All Shall Perish: Tell nuclear blast u want asp in europe!!!!!

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