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Sleeping, The

Interview von: Jan mit Doug Robinson, am: 30.07.2006 ]

Ein farbloser Mann sitzt am Strand und winkt einem Hasen auf einer Leinwand. Was der Künstler damit sagen will erzählen uns THE SLEEPING und entführen uns auf eine Reise durch Liebeskummer, Verlust, Angst und Alkoholmissbrauch. Alles ganz schön Emo? Ja, aber so gut und glaubwürdig wie auf „Questions And Answers“ hat das schon lange nicht mehr geklungen.


Musicscan: Was Victory Rec. your favourite label or just a matter of negotiations with differnt labels?

Sleeping, The: Victory is a dream for all of us. Ever since growing up all I pretty much remember was rocking out in my bedroom to bands like Earth Crisis and Strife and Snapcase.. Victory was a dream and I am super happy to be a part of the family.. we all are.

Musicscan: ”Questions And Answers" sounds really diversified and timeless. A good mix of the last 20 years of rock music. Is that the natural approach to your music or did you "plan" that to avoid the "emo"-thing?

Sleeping, The: We didn't plan anything when it came to writing this record. Though ever since the start of this band.. we pretty much made a vow to avoid unoriginality. We all have such a wide variety of musical taste... why conform to the same exact sound as everyone else... when you can just branch off and stick out for not being afraid to be yourself.

Musicscan: "Q&A" sounds very personal, please tell us something about "your demons" released by this album?

Sleeping, The: There were many, many demons... we had the loss of our amazing friend John "Beatz" Holohan...which took a huge toll on all of us. My girlfriend of two years and I had just split up not to long after John's Passing... I had no place to live.. I was starting to question everything around me including myself. This is the most personal I have ever gotten on anythingn I have ever done in my life.

Musicscan: How was working with Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner? Was was different from past recordings?

Sleeping, The: Working with them is and will always be some of the best times ever. Those guys not only know their shit... but they are all around nice dudes with good hearts. We did our first record with them also.. so I am pretty much used to the way they operate. We love them and they know how to make records sound natural and amazing.

Musicscan: What do you think makes THE SLEEPING a band to listen to?

Sleeping, The: We have heart... when you listen to us you will hear honesty at its darkest. I know it sounds cheesy, but try locking yourself in a room for days doing nothing but writing and sobbing and drinking and realizing that you have lost everything you cared about. You can ehar all of that through this record. Although there are a few upbeat songs.. they still have pretty dark messages.

Musicscan: Do you concentrate on the American market or do you wanna get your feet on Euorpean ground as well?

Sleeping, The: Honestly... we are focused on EVERY part of the globe. We want to get this message out to anyone and EVERYONE. We are super excited to be heading overseas and making some new fans from other spectrums of the world.

Musicscan: Why the rabbit?

Sleeping, The: The Rabbit has many meanings.. lets just say it represents rising up. ;)

Musicscan: Whats the biggest difference to "Believe What We Tell You"?

Sleeping, The: This record is way more personal, I mean "'Believe.." had many demons within it as well.. but it was also our first material as a band. A lot of life has come and gone in our lives. When that happens, things inside of you change and meanings and questions. You pretty much Re-boot yourself, for better or worse.

Musicscan: Last words?

Sleeping, The: Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope to see you all when we roll through the VICTORY TOUR 200666!!!