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Interview von: Janick mit Ville Laihiala, am: 03.05.2002 ]

Das Neue SENTENCED Album "The Cold White Light" ist seit dem 13. Mai erhätlich und setzt genau da an wo "Crimson" aufhörte. Wer auf nach vorne losrockendes Songs steht gepaart mit einem Schuß Düsterniss und Melancholie wird mit dieser Platte vollauf zufrieden sein und ich kann mir nur sehr schwer vorstellen, daß es dieses Jahr noch eine stärkere Platte in dieser Kategorie von Musik geben wird. Für die Fragen zum neuen Album stand mir Sänger Ville Laihiala via e - mail Rede und Antwort.


Musicscan: I´m into SENTENCED since the "Amok" album. Ok, i´m not the absolute old school fan but i think i followed you a long way! :-) First of all i want to congratulate you for that great new album! Once again you created a timesless piece of music in your own typical way! I think with "The Cold White Light" you started excactly where "Crimson" ends!

Sentenced: Thanks a lot man, on behalf of the whole band.

Musicscan: The first thing i noticed when i looked at you cover is, where is the SENTENCED logo? The only thing that´s left of it is the big S. Was this a difficult decision for you or did you say it´s time to change the logo, because we aren´t that death metal as we started in 1993?

Sentenced: It has been 2 years since we`ve put out music and we also took a 7 month vacation from the band so we kinda feel that this album is a somewhat new beginning for the band. There is something new in every aspect of Sentenced...lyrically, musically etc. So naturally we wanted to change the album cover also. Still we`re not trying to get rid of our logo we just felt that the cover do not need the whole thing and the letter "S" just looks a killer by itself and the backround scenery gives a depth to it. The entire artwork on this album is created by our drummer Vesa Ranta.

Musicscan: Since you entered the band you can name every album by colour and without saying the name of it. for example "down" is the golden album, "frozen" the silver, "crimson" the red and "the cold white light" the blue album. is this planed or did it just happened?

Sentenced: It just happened I guess...even though the artwork on every album is created to suppourt the whole feeling, lyrics and music. Maybe the next one will be yellow!?

Musicscan: How long did you worked on this album?

Sentenced: A month and a half in two studios, NEO and FINNVOX. We used FINNVOX to record the drums and for the mixing of the album. Everything else is recorded at NEO. It`s a little atmospheric studio near where we all live so it was less complicated cos we could go home every night instead of living the whole time in some shithole somewhere...

Musicscan: Are your songs completely finished when you entered the studio and when you´re making a song what is first the music or the lyrics?

Sentenced: Usually all the songs are pretty much finished but of course some slight changes happen in the studio. We might change some vocal melodies and arrangements if we feel they make the song work better.

Musicscan: It´s the second time that you choose Hiili Hiilesma as your producer how big is his influence on the new songs and how is it to work with him?

Sentenced: Yes, it is the second time we chose him and it`s only because he did just a great job with CRIMSON and we truly felt that he is the only producer who can bring out the best in our music, see the forest from the trees so to speak. He kinda understands where we come from, our humour and how we want to sound like as a band. And of course we have become friends so the working is really easy with him. We can tell him to go fuck himself if we don`t like his ideas and vise versa.

Musicscan: Can you tell me in a few words something about your new songs? Let´s start with "Cross My Heart And Hope To Die"

Sentenced: A great opener for the album. Musically straight forward atmospheric song about a loss of a loved one and the feelings that create.

Musicscan: "Brief Is The Light"

Sentenced: Time is short so make the best of it...musically this song has a weird twist of positivity.

Musicscan: "Neverlasting"

Sentenced: A basic up tempo rock song with a funny topic, alcoholism. Yet it`s expressed in not so heavy way. A disgusting party song....

Musicscan: "Aika Multaa Muistot"

Sentenced: Lyrically and musically totally personal defiance. It`s about an ending of a period in ones`life and saying goodbye to all the fears.

Musicscan: "Excuse Me While I Kill Myself"

Sentenced: Frustration, sarcasm, irony... Our way to play a finnish country song.

Musicscan: "Blood & Tears"

Sentenced: Time is long. Life is long yet somehow we`ll get through it... allthough it`s feet first. The best chorus on the album, at least I think so...

Musicscan: "You Are The One"

Sentenced: A love song with a catchy chorus. An atmospheric rock song.

Musicscan: "Guilt And Regret"

Sentenced: When one drinks one usually fucks up and these are the two things one wakes up with the next morning. Musically, melancholic and maybe the arrangement of the song doesn`t open when you hear it for the first time.

Musicscan: "The Luxury Of A Grave"

Sentenced: Don`t need one a plastic bag is enough...

Musicscan: "No One There"

Sentenced: The first single from the album and one of the best songs we`ve ever written...

Musicscan: Thanks for taking the time to say a few words to every song!

Sentenced: I`m sorry but for me it feels uncomfortable to "explain" our music, so I recommend everyone just to get the album and figure it out, o.k.

Musicscan: Can you translate "konevitsan kirkonkellot" what does it mean?

Sentenced: "Konevitsa" is a name of a place in finland and "kirkonkellot" is "churchbells". It is a really old finnish folk song which fits in our music really well. We made it a bit more heavier and darker than the original version is.

Musicscan: "The Cold White Light" is the name of the new album did you mean a specific white light? Like the white light people saw as they were lying in a coma or is it something else?

Sentenced: Whatever you want it to be... Light can give you different kinds of feelings. Hope, love the feeling of warmth in the middle of freezing cold. It can be in the palm of your hand or too far to be touched yet you are trying to figure out what it is... A train coming at you perhaps?!

Musicscan: Are there any tour plans right now? I heard you´ll play at the summer-breeze open air in germany and that you´ll doing a tour after the summer is this right?

Sentenced: Yes, after we`re done with the festivals we`ll do a 5 week tour headlining with suppourts Lacuna Coil and maybe Arch Enemy as many countries as we can. It should start on the second week of october.

Musicscan: Can you live from the music or does everybody in the band have a regular job too?

Sentenced: We live from this but personally, when we`re not touring I like to do something totally different from the whole music scene just to keep me sane.

Musicscan: Any last words?

Sentenced: Well, it`s been awhile since we`ve been out there to play or even release anything but now we`re back to kick some ass and to drink everyone elses beers, so check out the new album and come see us live. Keep the hate, VILLE LAIHIALA

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