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Interview von: Daniel mit Janne, am: 04.04.2006 ]

Der Albumtitel sagt eigentlich schon alles: “The Time Is Now“! Seit nunmehr einer Dekade sind die finnischen ENDSTAND eine wichtige Konstante in der europäischen Hardcore-Landschaft, die sich völlig zurecht eine große und loyale Anhängerschaft erspielt hat. Nun legt man in gewohnter Manier zwischen Give Up The Ghost, Hope Conspiracy und Amulet über Lifeforce Records los...


Musicscan: First you have to tell me about the choice of your name, because I thought it was rather unusual for a band from Suomi. Is there a connection between you and Germany ?

Endstand: Ha, none of us know German language except for some very unnecessary bullshit. The story behind our name is that our bassplayer Joel was watching the icehockey world championship 10 years ago, they were help in some German speaking country. Don’t know where since i don’t really follow sports, haha... anyway, after the game the final result was shown on the billboard and there it said Endstand. He thought the word looked cool and suggested that one to be our name. We didn’t really have any better ideas at that time, so we picked up that name:) It looks very English and actually you can find that word in English in some dictionaries meaning ‘Final statement’ or something like that. We pronounce it as an English word, but most of the people in Germany say it very differently than we do... First few years when we toured over there, no one mentioned about our name, but now i have to explain this to everyone, damn.

Musicscan: After nearly ten years of the band, are you still hungry ? Please recall your evolution until your present state as band.

Endstand: Fuck yeah, we’re still hungry! I think at the moment we’re hungrier than ever! Now it really feels like we know what we are doing and it all feels very good. And seeing that dreams can actually come true, feels like we can get anywhere we like if we only believe in this all strongly enough. There’s still lots of things we haven’t done yet, so it’s not time for us to quit – sorry, haha. I think we’ve progressed so much as a band during these ten years. Overall, we are beter musicians, know how to make better songs (at least for our ears, there is people who say that we used to sound better, though) and we feel much more comfortable touring and playing shows now when we know what we are doing. Not to say that we are even close to the perfection, but don’t really even know if we are aiming there. In the end, this is just punk, ha.

Musicscan: Is there a tour planned supporting the new album ?

Endstand: Yep, we will be touring Europe once again for pretty much whole May. First we will play three long weekends here in Finland and then we come over there again. Can’t wait to get to play shows again!! The last show we did was in early December... This is the longest break we’ve ever had with shows, don’t want to wait any longer. Playing live is just too much fun, i really miss it! Seems like we will come a couple of times over there in the Summer too – there’s some festivals we will do and there’s a short tour planned with Bridge To Solace for the last two weeks of July. Hope kids won’t get bored with us being there too much;)

Musicscan: What is the hardcore/punk – scene in Finland like these day ?

Endstand: Man, it’s better than ever! There’s so much good bands here mow. Too bad it’s so hard for the bands to get attention outside of Finland. There’s lots of good things happening here, many different kinds of bands who all sound incredibly good! I wish we could take them all on tour with us so we could shows you guys how the Finns rock, haha.

Musicscan: I would describe your style as somehow both mature and sophisticated, what are your current musical influences, and who where they back in the days, when you started out ?

Endstand: Uh, we listen to lots of different sounding music, don’t think i can point out some certain bands as our influence. Guess it just all melts into our sound and you can hear the result in our music. When we started, our goal was to have some of the Rage Against Machine’s groove mixed into Refused - kind of hardcore... Man, did we fail on sounding like that, haha!! Well, it’s always been that if we wanted to make something to sound like some certain band, we always end up sounding completely different. Funny that you say our sound mature and sophisticated – we’re not that too much as people, haha. We’re just a bunch of childish morons refusing to grow up and instead of being adults, we just create some noise with this band.

Musicscan: Please comment on the momentarily extremely popular style called “Metalcore”

Endstand: well, there is some good metalcore bands, but more than anything there’s lots of bad metalcore bands, haha. Somehow it just feels that every fucking band nowadays sounds and looks exactly the same. The songs are so predictable that even if you haven’t heard the song a single time, you know exactly what’s gonna happend next. I’m really damn bored with the clean vocals every band tries to do – most of the vocalsists are so fucking bad, so it’d just be better if they screamed all the time. The bands definately know how to play and they have a good sound on their records, but when you can’t tell when the record changes to other band’s record, there’s something wrong. I feel the ‘heart’ in music is missing. It doesn’t sound passionate or challenging, just repeating what every other band is doing.

Musicscan: Could you tell me about the lyrical basis for your songs ?

Endstand: The issues i write the lyrics about vary a lot. They’re just things i’m thinking about and things that wake some feelings in me. Somehow i have to ‘feel’ something to be able to write lyrics. My lyrics aren’t the greatest poems in the world, they’re more like pondering the issues going though in my head. I’m not really trying to change the world with them, even i do voice my opinion in some of the songs. In the end, it’s just a way to get those things out of my head and many times writing those lyrics is a big relief to me.

Musicscan: Who are the main songwriters ?

Endstand: It’s Mika, our guitarplayer who’s making the base of the songs at home. Then the songs are made complete at our rehearsal room with the whole band. I would say they’re Mika’s songs where the rest of the band gives their flavour to them.

Musicscan: As I read, your intention to form a band in the beginning was to escape from the negative state of being unemployed, what are your intentions today ?

Endstand: Still today, 3 of us 5 are unemployed, so not that much has changed during the years, haha. Guess the main reason for a part of us not working is that it’d be so much more difficult for us to tour if everyone would have to try to get time off from work for the band. The way i feel this band today is that it’s a great way to get out the pressure inside me. There’s still a lot of challenge in this all, it’s a good way to be creative, get to meet friends around the world, get to travel and go through emotions that wouldn’t be possible to face just by staying at home. We all enjoy playing so much, so it’s great to have this group of friends and get to share the passion for music with them. I want to enjoy this all as much as possible while we still can!

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