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Interview von: Torsten Ostwald mit Anders Nyström, am: 20.03.2006 ]

Wer kennt sie nicht die Düsterrocker von Katatonia. Seit mehreren Jahren produzieren sie grandiose Platten, die Melancholie pur ausstrahlen. Anlässlich des Erscheinens ihres neuen Albums "The Great Cold Distance" stand mir Gitarrist Anders Nyström Rede und Antwort.


Musicscan: Congratulations to your new Album. Out of my view "The Great Cold Distance" is your best effort ever. Beside this new record is your most catchiest so far, it is more complex than your previous stuff at the same time. What is the secret behind your brilliant arrangements?

Katatonia: Thanks! Well, our mission was to create and deliver a very heavy and aggressive album layered on susurrus depth of atmosphere. We carried on tons of dark and cold visions and with our minds set on that, we felt obliged to transform that vibe with razor-sharp precision into music. Practically, me and Jonas wrote and put this album together in our home studio. We never rehearsed once before entering the studio. The other guys learnt their own stuff via mp3's. A legal filesharing within the band!

Musicscan: What caused the more electronic elements? Why did you integrate more keyboards and samples this time?

Katatonia: Apart from loops, most of keyboard sounds are actually guitars with tons of effect. We use mellotrone on the album, but everything else are guitars tweaked into sounding electronic. The loops added groove and the rest add a fresh and modern edge.

Musicscan: Why did you choose to return to a more heavier and harsher sound with "Viva Emptiness" and "The Great Cold Distance"?

Katatonia: Simply because this is where we stand today and what we find representing our minds. It's a challenge to explore the progressive and heavier side and juxtapose it with our traditional mellow dark moments.

Musicscan: While your lyrics and the plain music create dark feelings, there's still some kind of positive outlook to me. Is this something you are trying to have within your songs?

Katatonia: I can't see a glimpse of postive outlook on the new album. It's the coldest piece of work we ever done in our career. Jonas usually adapts a drop of hope into his despair, but on this album it's all about negativity and coldness. It's literally mentally freezing.

Musicscan: Is there some certain philosophie behind your lyrics, maybe some kind of concept? Who wrote the lyrics for the new record and what inspired them?

Katatonia: For this album, there's not a red thread concept, but there's a vibe intact onthrough the whole album. You just have to look around you to get the philosphy. The actions of people are cold, devious, egoistic and even evil every second passing by. It's even down to the everyday life, the small pointless details. Everything is infected with this coldness. People are only interested in materialism and judging eachother by what gadgets you have or you don't have. You get viewed and analyzed and given benefits or prejudices upon how you dress, speak and move and fit in with the lies. It's all a pretending dream world that the youth long to be in. It's a great fucking coldness out there, and we're measuring the distance every day.

Musicscan: Where do you get the inspiration for your music from? Maybe there are movies, books or perhaps persons?

Katatonia: It's impossible to start lining up all books, movies and individuals that have meant something, so it's easier to just admit that life and death and everything in between is really the never ending source of inspiration.

Musicscan: How do you feel about bands standing within the metal scene? Do you see your band as "icons" of dark metal? Your releases have been influental to a lot of bands and musicians and critics describe you doing as "new dark star that leaves bands like Paradise Lost behind"...

Katatonia: Well, we are perfectly content with the evolution of our sound as it is right now. It's always hard to predict the future, but we'll never lose the dynamics of a dark atmosphere throughout anything we do, that'll always be the very soul of Katatonia. I'm very happy if people view us as forerunners in this style. We're just spinning further on our dark stylistic turn and being the people we were born to be. The day we stray from this, that's the day Katatonia sold out.

Musicscan: Who's responsible for your cover artwork, and how do you choose the artists to work with?

Katatonia: Travis Smith once again did the new art. We've been working with him for the past 6 years and he just can't go wrong. Our relationship is of a magic kind. He's one of the few that is able to interpret Katatonia's vibe into abstract symbolism.

Musicscan: Is there a chance to see you playing overhere in Germany in 2006?

Katatonia: Yes, it looks like our headline tour will take place in the fall and Germany will definately be included as always. I believe our Italian friends Novembre will be our special support. There are also plans of heading out on a bunch of dates in May as well as a couple of summer festival appearances. It should all be announced in the coming months, so stay tuned as we're gonna come your way!!!