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Interview von: arne mit Himsa, am: 13.03.2006 ]

Spätestens mit “Hail Horror“ ist die Transformation vollzogen: HIMSA sind endgültig im Metal angekommen und das zu 100 Prozent! Das tolle Zweitwerk “Courting Tragedy And Disaster“ sowie einschneidende Line-Up-Wechsel hatten diese Entwicklung eingeleitet, doch ein solch explosives und variables Schweden-Tod-Brett, wie es nun in Form von zehn brutal fokussierten Tracks vorliegt, ist dennoch eine faustdicke Überraschung.


Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on "Hail Horror"?

Himsa: I think we wrote some pissed off songs!

Musicscan: Do you feel that the record is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now? It's straight up metal and can't be compared to the style Himsa started with years ago.

Himsa: Himsa is a different lineup from those days, with different people writing the music, so in a way it can be thought of as two different bands.

Musicscan: "Hail Horror" was considered to be a highly anticipated release and Prosthetic seems to put a lot of expectation on it. What are your thoughts on this?

Himsa: We are glad to hear that people are excited for it, and its been a long time comin. Its nice to know that people are as excited for it as we are.

Musicscan: Who came up with the idea of this great live dvd, that saw light of day some weeks before the new studio record hits the streets?

Himsa: I think it was Pettibone who brought up the idea. we just wanted to do something simple, one show in Seattle with some other bits and pieces thrown in. We live in such a great city and take a lot of pride in our fans, in a way, this was for them.

Musicscan: Your new album seems to be a little more groovy, in some way less speed and agression oriented, beside this is your most metallic release to date. Is it just me or is there any truth to this? This is a brutal record for sure, I am just speeking about the overall feeling in comparission to your last record.

Himsa: Sounds like you hit the nail right on the head!

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently on "Hail Horror" that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Himsa: We got to concentrate on only writing. we had two months to just work on writing and rehearsing.

Musicscan: As the songwriting developed a lot, were there any particular adjustments or things that you wanted to improve upon from a technical aspect or writing?

Himsa: Personally, i'm always trying to become a better guitar player. I spent some time just working on some fundamental guitar playing while i was working on writing 'Hail Horror.'

Musicscan: Have there been any difficulties or obstacles during the songwriting or recording process?

Himsa: Yes, its a long story. One of our guitar players quit after the recording process and wasn't there a whole lot for the writing process. Things turned out for the best when he left.

Musicscan: I was surprised finding the new album being recorded in Europe, so why did you choose Antfarm studio?

Himsa: It kinda happened by accident acutally. we were supposed to record with a guy here in the states, he had to back out and we were scrambling to find somebody to do it. We got a hold of Tue, he cleared his schedule, next thing we know we were on our way to Denmark! We are fans of the bands he has recorded, and love the sound he gets. it honestly could not have worked out better for us.

Musicscan: What was working with Tue Madsen like and what's his impact to "Hail Horror"?

Himsa: Tue is a great guy, with a great personality. We wanted a raw, yet clear sound and i think he did a great job getting us that sound.

Musicscan: I once read someone writing something like Himsa are the most European sounding US-band and i like to think this is highly descriptive for what you are doing musically. What are your thoughts on this? You have a strong European sounding for sure!

Himsa: I've actually heard the total opposite, that we are the least European sounding US band, so thats kind of funny. we definitely are fans of a lot of Euro bands, but i think our Thrash influence really comes through, which sounds a little more US to me.

Musicscan: Your releases always cover a lot of bases - there's something for everyone within the extreme underground. Were you going for a more inclusive approach right from the beginning or is it a result of your progression? Or of your own diverse musical interests?

Himsa: We've got pretty diverse musical taste within the band, but we tried to focus a little more and get a bit more cohesive sound on this one.

Musicscan: What kind of band do you consider Himsa to be and how do you feel about your place as a band in the extrem underground metal scene? I guess most of your fans come out of a hardcore/metalcore-background, but musically it's straight-up metal.

Himsa: I consider us straight up metal, we do have some hardcore influence, mostly vocally. although i think pettibone sounds almost deathmetal a lot of the time.

Musicscan: Due to downloading music a lot of people already have "Hail Horror" i guess. How do you feel about that and downloading music in general?

Himsa: Its cool to know that people were excited enough about it to get it ahead of its release, but hopefully people will decide to support us and still go get the real thing, its got some great artwork and lyrics. Downloading music in general hurts some bands financially, but i think it can help to. If that person still likes the CD, and wouldn't have heard of the band otherwise, that person might go see the band live. As long as the person downloading music shows some real support for the band, i dont have too much of a problem with it.

Musicscan: Would you say a band of your size makes more money touring or selling records? What happens when you go back home, any jobs to keep up with or does Himsa already pay your bills?

Himsa: We make some money touring, but we've never seen a penny from record sales. Himsa pays some bills while we are away from home, but to keep an apartment and maintain a pretty meager lifestyle, we all go back to work.

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for bands future?

Himsa: We'd like to have a legacy, where we can keep the band going for a long time.

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