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One Nation Under

Interview von: arne mit Rich, am: 13.05.2002 ]

Rau, ungeschliffen und verdammt wütend präsentieren sich ONE NATION UNDER aus Ohio. Formiert um einstige Culture-, Diecast- & Blood Has Been Shed- Mannen geht es erwartungsgemäß stark metallisch zu Gange. Das Debüt erschien unlängst via Alveran und es ist eine astreine Hardcore-Scheibe, die zwar nicht mit hochkomplexen Strukturen aufwartet, aber dafür unglaublich viel Kraft und Energie versprüht. Kehliges Geshoute auf aggressiver Musik, die vor allem auf Tempo und heftige Breakdowns setzt. Die Scheibe zieht in ihren Bann und das war für mich Grund genug Gitarrist Rich Thurston per Mail einige Fragen zu stellen...


Musicscan: introduce the band and sum up its history, please. what is to know about ONE NATION UNDER?

One Nation Under: Ok we have Robby on drums, Jon on guitar, Brian on bass guitar, Mike is the singer and me, Rich, on guitar also. We've been together now for about a year and a half and we've sorta come into our own during that time. When we first started we couldn't find our niche or sound. we tried to imitate other bands styles and emotion but it wasn't working. One day i just decided to play from the heart, do what felt right and see what happened. For me the most important thing to know about ONE NATION UNDER is that we are one hundred percent dedicated. We write and play from the heart and I hope that kids see that and can identify with what we believe.

Musicscan: tell me something about your releases, please.

One Nation Under: Well our cd on Alveran Records just released. It's ten songs and I have to say I am the most proud of this band then anything else i've done. The reason for this is that it's from me. It came from my heart and it's amazing to be able to have that freedom.

Musicscan: what about touring europe - have you already thought about it? What is your live show all about?

One Nation Under: If you can come see us play you'll see a genuine love for what we are doing. We are emotional and dedicated to our music and sound. We hope and encourage everyone to check us out if they can. We are hoping to get over to Europe in September of this year. I have spoken to Sasha (Alveran Records) about it and it should be cool. I really hope so because I want to get back there with some people I like this time. When I went with Culture it ws a nightmare. I was on my way out and the lies and half truths have seem to stick on my name since I was there. Hopefully I will get a chance to talk to some of those that listened and believed. Hopefully.

Musicscan: so what's your motivation to still play especially this heavy kind of music? you have been in culture and diecast so you're involved in this music for a long time i guess - what keeps your fire burning? by the way: is ONE NATION UNDER a straight edge- band?

One Nation Under: When I listen to a band for the first time I need to have my emotions grabbed immediatly or I lose interest quick. I need an atmosphere that compliments the raw emotion of the lyrics and puts me in the bands shows. I need to feel what they feel. Heavy music makes me feel alive. I get energized and I get sucked in. Being that ONE NATION UNDER is a straight edge band we had to surround our lyrics with an aggressive sound that would compliment the honest and brutality of the lyric content. I think we do that. I want to keep pushing this band to it's limits and then create new ones.

Musicscan: the promotion compares your band to throwdown - do you agree this?

One Nation Under: Throwdown is not only one of my favorite bands but I love those guys as well. I think we are compared to them because we are also very vocal about our straight edge beliefs and we play heavy music also. Musically we may be similar but just as Throwdown has created there own niche and sound so has ONE NATION UNDER. Like I said I have no problem with the comparison but aside from lyrically I think we are different.

Musicscan: you are a band from ohio - right? what are bands that surround you? can you tell me something about ohio's scene, please.

One Nation Under: Well when I first moved back to Cincinatti, Ohio there wasn't shit going on. No bands a very small scene and hardly any shows. I came back, started this band, started doing shows and tried to get kids more involved. Now don't get me wrong the scene was always here I just think it needed a swift kick in the ass. I think with ONE NATION UNDER we have given the kids around here something to rally around and support and I try to get as many shows with touring bands as possible. We now have some other local bands like Dead Heroes and Sufocate Faster which are doing their part also. I think the hardcore scene here has great potential but those involved need to keep their collective heads on straight and support one another. So we'll see what happens.

Musicscan: how did you get in touch with german based alveran records?

One Nation Under: We found out of Alveran Records form John Wylie and Eulogy Recordings. I've known John for years now. (We were both in Culture together) After we played Hellfest 2k1 we wanted to work with Eulogy. John had a lot on his plate but he saw something in us so he refered us to Alveran and Sasha. Sasha liked what we were offering and us as well so we signed the dotted line so to speak. So far everyting is going smoothly. To be honest I can't wait to go record again.

Musicscan: i do like your cover-artwork!! what was your intention to do it this way?

One Nation Under: Grez from Halo Tattoo in Syracuse, NY painted all of our artwork for our cd. I loved his art and wanted him to draw something for our cd. We liked what he was doing so we yold him to keep going with it. Each painting on the cd represents some aspect of the band. The kid is pretty fucking amazing if you ask me.

Musicscan: what do you feel more familiar with: hardcore or metal?

One Nation Under: Well I grew up on metal. Bands like Iron Maiden and Slayer. Around 14 or 15 I started skateboarding and got into bands like Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, and Sucidal Tendencies. I found that I could identify with Hardcore and Punk bands more so then with metal. These band talked about real life issues and things I lived everyday. It just made sense that I would be drawn to that.

Musicscan: what kind of people should listen to your record? what is your music all about?

One Nation Under: Well like I said we are a staright edge band so hopefully straight edge kids are into it. We try and show people an alternative to what they've been taught since birth. TV and magazines making it look cool to drink and smoke when in reality you are commiting slow suicide. Thses companies don't care about you or your health. All they want is the almight dollar. We offer alternatives not condamnation. We offer a change not isolation. We offer a family not an early grave.

Musicscan: why didn't you title the record?

One Nation Under: We didn't title the cd honestly because we couldn't think of a good one. Not really a good story here. We were just at adeadlock so we said leave it just ONE NATION UNDER.

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