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Torture Killer

Interview von: Janick Schlee mit Jari Laine, am: 02.03.2006 ]

Für die Finnen von Torture Killer wurde ein Traum wahr, als ihr Idol Grunzgott und Rastafronter Chris Barnes sich bei ihnen meldete und schließlich auch als vollwertiges Mitglied bei Torture Killer eingestiegen ist. Dieser Umstand macht die Jungs natürlich sehr interessant, doch viel wichtiger ist ihr erster musikalischer Arbeitsnachweis für Metal Blade mit dem Titel "Swarm!", der jedem Six Feet Under und Obituary Jünger mordsmäßig gut reinlaufen sollte!


Musicscan: Please give us a short briefing about TORTURE KILLER´s bandhistory, what´s important to know?

Torture Killer: This band started in 2002 as a fun project, playing covers and enjoying the weekends with the rest of the guys. 6 months later we did one cover show and as we needed a name for the band we chose it after a tracktitle we played that night, shortly after started writing our own songs - went to studio and recorded 9 songs that were released through Karmageddon Media in late 2003/early 2004 as our debut album "for maggots to devour". In late 2004 we did some touring here in Finland and Europe and run into trouble with the line up, Chris picked up the news and felt it would be a cool idea to get in touch with these guys and one thing led to another and now we have our 2nd album out through Metal Blade records. Oh yeah, and we did a split 7" with our fellow finnish death metallers Sotajumala which was released in october 2005.

Musicscan: How were the reactions on "Swarm!" so far?

Torture Killer: So far it´s been good, better than i expected to be honest - there are good stuff going on in the album and i´m glad people i´ve been talking with seem to like it a lot, also the reviews have been mostly positive so i´m pleased about the reactions.

Musicscan: How long did you work over all on the new songs?

Torture Killer: We started writing songs pretty shortly after we recorded the first album, i guess that´s what usually happens - once you get the old tracks recorded you get this energy and desire to start writing new tracks as soon as possible. So to answer to your questions the music was written between early 2004 to early 2005.

Musicscan: Are you totally satisfied with the result of "Swarm!" or is there something you could have done better?

Torture Killer: Songwise i´m very pleased how it turned out, soundwise it´s ok aswell - it has that clear up-to-date kind of sound and it works pretty well i think, but the truth is as i´m a huge fan of the more underground type of sound i think we´ll go a little bit that way in the future. The songs came out great, i am very pleased with those and it is definetily a step forward for us.

Musicscan: Now tell me the circumstances why does Chris Barnes contacted you?

Torture Killer: He picked up the news somewhere about our insufficient line-up, obviously the band name caught his attention. He told us he was expecting that at some point a band like us would arise, you know kind of like a tribute band and is he was very much into the stuff we were playing he just thought it would be a cool idea to help us out.

Musicscan: Is Chris Barnes now a fulltime member of TORTURE KILLER?

Torture Killer: Yes he is, all our future recording and touring plans include Chris and i can´t wait to start writing new songs with him. He really lifted the songs to another level with his amazing writing of lyrics and other vocal arrangements. As for Finland we still do these random shows like once a month or so, just to keep us motivated - we need those in order to keep the engine running and we use Sallinen (the guy who saved our european tour and recorded the split 7" with). He´s helping us out with those but otherwise Chris is our full-time band member.

Musicscan: Where the songs done when Chris joined the band or did you wrote the stuff together?

Torture Killer: We had the music pretty much written down but the thing we have to struggle with the most are the lyrics and that´s the coolest thing about it - not only having him singing on the album but actually participating in the songwriting aswell. That was a huge honour for us and he did an amazing job - he ended up writing more than half of the album and honestly i can say that we propably wouldn´t have the material even ready yet without his help.

Musicscan: How did you handle the recording process of the new effort?

Torture Killer: We recorded the basic tracks here in Finland (drums, bass and guitars) and sent the tapes to Hit Factory, Miami where Chris did his vocals and the album was completed in november with Erik and Chris mixing and mastering the album.

Musicscan: You started TORTURE KILLER as a Six Feet Under cover band, now tell me how cool is this, that your idol is now the singer in your band?

Torture Killer: It´s something we never would´ve expected - still it feels a bit unreal, Barnes is a death metal pioneer without a doubt and having him singing on our album and writing music with us is like a script from a hollywood movie. It´s not like were jerking off on the couch with a SFU cd on the other hand, but we have a huge respect for his discography.

Musicscan: Now that Chris had joined the band, did you guys feel a kind of pressure that the whole death metal scene throws an eye on you? How will you manage it?

Torture Killer: A bit, but then again we felt pretty strong about the material we had. There´s no way we can please everybody so we didn´t worry too much about it but of course we were aware of it. I think we did ok.

Musicscan: How does it feel when Chris stated the following: "These guys are some of the best musicians I have ever been involved with, and I am 100% intent on using all my resources and energy to help propel this band to the top of the death metal food chain." (you can read this on the metal blade homepage)?

Torture Killer: It´s an huge honour of course, i guess the main point in that statement was that this is not going to be a one-off project for him. Letting people know theres more to come.

Musicscan: Congrats to your fantastic cover artwork! It captures perfect the titel of the album in a cool death metal-like artwork. Will there be a vinyl edition, so that we can enjoy this cover in a bigger format?

Torture Killer: So far we haven´t talked about a vinyl release but like you said the cover looks amazing and it would definetily look totally killer as a vinyl. Hopefully MB will release it on vinyl aswell but i guess first they want to see how the CD goes down.

Musicscan: Are there any tour plans so far or will you play some open air festivals this summer?

Torture Killer: Were waiting for the right time, there are a lot of schedules that have to match with SFU and it sets limits to our touring plans. Those guys are 100% professionals and SFU keeps them quite busy but were patient and i´m sure it´ll happen somepoint when the time is right.

Musicscan: Anything you like to add, the last statement belongs to you.

Torture Killer: Thanks a lot for the interview! Hopefully you guys will enjoy the upcoming Torture Killer CD!