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Some Girls

Interview von: arne mit Some Girls, am: 10.01.2006 ]

SOME GIRLS scheint es einzig und allein darum zu gehen, Aggressionen auszuleben. Musikalische Entsprechung finden diese in zutiefst dichten, noisigen (Post-) Hardcore- Strukturen, die durch „Störgeräusche“ und „lautes Geschrei“ ausgebaut werden. Nicht nur auf den ersten Blick wirkt das Material zerfahren, auch noch auf den zweiten, dritten,... Doch „Krach“ zum Selbstzweck gibt es mit dem ersten, regulären „Longplayer“ “Heaven's Pregnant Teens“ und dessen Spielzeit von 25 Minuten auch nicht. In bester San Diego-Frickel-Blast-Tradition (vor allem The Locust) entfaltet sich ein kurzes, intensives Album mit (!) Aussage.


Musicscan: Your members have been involved into several well known bands in the past. Has there been some kind of benefit you could Some Girls build up on? Did you always had people who supported you right from the biginning?

Some Girls: Yeah, We noticed right away that some people would wear shirts and stuff. Others would show up to shows with those big fuzzy fingers making a #1.

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently with Some Girls that you hadn't done with your previously bands to keep things progressing for yourself, now that you got more mature on your instruments?

Some Girls: For me it was playing everything I knew how to play twice as fast.

Musicscan: This whole screamo-emo-hardcore-metal-punk-thing has become so big during the last few years and a lot of people are focusing on San Diego as one big center. What is different about San Diego?

Some Girls: San Diego has certain laws in place that other cities don’t. For instance it is perfectly legal to stand on street corners and scream as loud as you can at who ever and what ever you want to.

Musicscan: Now that your new record is released through Epitaph, are you confronted with kids blaming you for sell-out or stuff like that? What are your thoughts on issue like this in general?

Some Girls: We kind of dodged that whole “sell out” thing because of bands like the Locust signing to Anti way before we signed with Epitaph. All of the kids who were trying to give them shit got to fail at that a good two years before Some Girls signed. I still don’t understand what the label has to do with a bands integrity. If this record would have been on Revelation, Capitol or Epitaph it would sound the same. In fact the vinyl is going to be put out on 31G so if you buy that version it won’t be an Epitaph record at all.

Musicscan: Heaven's Pregnant Teens is still pretty hard, chaotic and rough, so you didn't sell yourself for sure. Is it just some kind of jealousy that makes people talk shit? What do you think?

Some Girls: I think people at, shows or on message boards or what ever their medium is for talking shit, run out of legitimate things to talk shit about a band for so they start up with this “sell out” nonsense. If we did “sell out” we wouldn’t all be poor and most of us wouldn’t have to work shitty jobs. One last issue I have with the whole “sell out” claim is that for the most part bands who “sell out” don’t have any integrity to begin with and selling themselves short is the ultimate goal anyway.

Musicscan: As for the hardcore-genre everything turned into one big fashion show during the last few years. Of course you still can find the real Spirit and people that are inveolved for the right reasons, but a lot went wrong. What have been your own experiences of this whole hardcore-thing changed?

Some Girls: I’ve been going to shows for about thirteen years and nothing has really changed. It’s always been a fashion show the only difference is that now the fashion is being embraced by the mainstream. Girl pants replaced Krishna beads, Cyclops hair replaced the cargo shorts and shoes with no socks, bands with blood, the fall season, and dying in their names replaced the names that had to do with hardcore unity, and scratchy messy lettering replaced college varsity lettering with catchy hardcore quotes on shirts. The real kids know who they are and the fake ones do too.

Musicscan: What bores you about todays music-scene/-bands? ...and what is your motivation to go your very own chaotic, noisy and rough way? What does Some Girls offer the scene? Why should someone pick up your new cd? This is your chance to do some “advertising”! What would you point out to be your trademarks?

Some Girls: I get bored with bands who want to sound like every other band. I’m not really sure what exactly we offer the scene, but we offer each other a challenge to play better and write better songs. And for all those kids who buy the new record make sure you also buy a mouth guard and put extra padding in your pants because the new record will punch you in the mouth and knock you on your ass.

Musicscan: For me personally your style of playing is aggressive, a little sick, partly chaotic and yet melodic. The listener always has to expect the unexpected. Is this close to what you want your songs to be like?

Some Girls: Yeah, we just want to challenge ourselves and people who listen to our records. Challenge the notions of what they put up with or what they except.

Musicscan: Your songs combine lots of different elements and styles to create some kind of unique sound. How do you go about writing your songs? What's your main focus creating new stuff onto?

Some Girls: We just take shit and mix it up and mosh it up. We never say we want a song to be rock or metal or techno, we just play and what ever happens happens.

Musicscan: Last words?

Some Girls: Fucking Slayer!