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Interview von: arne mit Patrik&Linus, am: 03.11.2005 ]

BURST sind eine der inspiriertesten und progressivsten Bands sowohl ihrer schwedischen Heimat als auch des Programms ihres Labels Relapse. Dennoch scheint das Quintett wenigstens in Deutschland nach wie vor unterbewertet zu sein, und für ihren letzten Longplayer “Prey On Life“ reichte es zu kaum mehr als zum Status eines heißen Insider-Tipps. Nur langsam spricht sich herum, dass die Schweden in punkto musikalischen Potenzials sowie intensiver, breitflächiger Metal-Arrangements populären Visionären wie Neurosis, Isis, Cult Of Luna oder Opeth in Nichts nachstehen.


Musicscan: How big is the interest in Burst coming back with a new record? Do a lot of people asking for interviews and stuff?

Burst: We hope that the interest for a new Burst record is big but you can never know untill the record is out. Origo has just started to make some rumble and we are starting to recieve interviews more and more.

Musicscan: You were always tagges with having an emo-metal-sound in the past. Do you still feel attached to this label, or have you outgrown that now?

Burst: That statement has to be your words cause we have never tried to label ourself as an emo-metal band. Of course you can hear those things in our music but you can hopefully hear many more influences than that. Specially on Origo. If you pay attention you can hear some tributes to other genres. We never outgrown anything. We just add stuff to our music. Or turn it around and we outgrown everything and make new stuff up every single day.

Musicscan: What's your motivation to still play this intense and melancholic kind of music?

Burst: It´s just something that we can´t really explain. When we are together all five of us it´s just that kind of music that are being made. We know how we want it to sound these days and we now what kind of feeling we are after. We are much more focused on the songwriting. The motivation for this is probably that we like our songs. Otherwise we are just idiots playing music that we don´t like. And I don´t wan´t to end up as an idiot.

Musicscan: Out of my view "Origo" is a perfectly balanced record in all aspects. Has this been something you were heading for?

Burst: Definetly Yes! This time we had so many ideas for our new record and we think that result is great. It´s not perfect cause that would be kind of boring. But it´s getting there. With Roberts vocals we managed to broaden our music a lot I think. The music is more diverse and we have matured a lot. We can look on what we are doing very differently these days. You could say, and I know we will hear this, that Origo is a softer album than Prey on Life. But I contradict that. I think it´s an harder album but of course more balanced and when we want it to be soft, it will be soft. And we want it to be hard, it will be hard. If you know what I mean. So we have just made this album a lot better than Prey On Life. It´s in the same veins but more explored.

Musicscan: Would you agree to say the new songs are more focused as well as being more controlled while still keeping a lot of room to grow for the plain music?

Burst: The new songs are definetly more focused. But I don´t think that we have more controlled songs. I would say that the songs are not so controlled as they were on Prey On Life. We have more riffs and the construct of a song is not as thight as it used to be. But that is what I think. You may have another idea about the record. And that is what makes it so good, right?

Musicscan: Is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

Burst: Yes and no. You see, we like varied music but you can´t say that we planed it this way. What we listens to shines through in or songmaking and since we all listens to very different kind of music, the music we make will be varied. If you could come home to each and one of us and take a look through are records you would understand. For example me and Jonas listens to very different kind of music. He´s into the prog thing and i can´t say that I listen to that sort of music that much. Not that I hate it but it´s just not that appeling to me. But when we jam together we manage to bring together our ideas into one song. And that´s the whole idea with Burst.

Musicscan: It seems that your sound is continually changing, while other bands are stagnant. Is it just me or is there any truth to this?

Burst: Well it´s definetly some truth to that. We would never do a Prey On Life 2 cause that would bore us to death. We want to explore new ways to develope the sound of Burst. We will allways keep the sound that we have but broaden it as big as we can. NEVER NEVER do same thing twice. I hope anyway. But bands that are stagnant have probably found there happiness in the music they make and that´s not so bad either. I listen a lot to punk rock music and you can´t say that the music in this genre has been developed over the years. It is many times the same riffs since the beginning of time but I like it. And I like the feeling I get from it. And for me that´s all thats matters.

Musicscan: Have there been certain issues you specifically wanted to address with "Origo"? What was your main focus creating this new songs onto?

Burst: We just wanted to make new and good songs. It´s hard to explain everything that ends up on an album. We don´t have any deep messeges to what we do. Making good music is all that matters for us. The music we play are from within us and the 5 of us would probably have a hard time not to get the Burst sound if we would try it. Since we been playing together for over a decade it´s hard to think in different ways. That´s why I play in other bands. To explore myself and other kinds of music.

Musicscan: I like to think Burst is in need of open minded listeners, because you play a well belanced mixture of different styles. Do you have problems to find your right crowd?

Burst: You could think so since we fall between the different categories in music. But we have gotten appreciation when we toured with Mastodon and The Dillinger Escape Plan as well as done shows with bands like Deathchain and Torture Killer from Finland. So we have been blessed with openminded listeners from different scenes. And that is very promissing for the future in all aspects. But maybe this is an aspect of growing up. I remember how I used to be when I was younger and I can promise you that I would never listen to Miles Davis or Pink Floyd. But you realise that a good song ( or band) is good whatever type of label you put on them. It doesn´t matter. Good music will allways be good music. But of course how the music sounds is in the listeners head. And it will differ.

Musicscan: Again there are lots of instrumental parts on the record, the music itself has room to grow and there is some kind of special mood around your tracks, but has it been your aim to create some kind of more positive feeling this time? I would say it's not as dark as your former releases have been....

Burst: We are very possitive persons so maybee we have transfered that to the songs. But basicly the songs were made without any certain mood or goal in mind. We wrote songs that we thought were great and if that made the songs more possitive. So be it. But many of our lyrics have a possitive feeling to them. We are not trying to be dark all the time. That would be two-faced somehow, since we are not dark and sad persons. I love life but I need play this kind of music as an outlet for everything in this life. Now i´m getting kind of philosophical but I love the anger and frustration in this kind of music. And those two feelings isn´t allways negative.

Musicscan: How did you came up with the title and the concept of the record "Origo"? There is a concept behind it, right?

Burst: There is a concept behind the title Origo. Origo means the center point, the beginning, the first existence. But how we feel that this fits the album differs a lot from person to person in the band. For me it´s like 5 very different people coming together at one place to create something new.

Musicscan: What is the essence of Burst? What does it all come down to?

Burst: 5 friends that see each other once in a while to make music. Have a good time and of course we have been priviliged by having a kind of big label that spreads our music around the world. So we have gotten the chance to go on tour and play our music live and that is probably the most important thing, to play live I mean. We love to do that and hopefully we will be doing that a lot more with origo in your player.

Musicscan: What's behind this split-7inch you are gping to release on Garden Of Exile. Do you have any connection to The Ocean or has it been labels choice to put them together with you?

Burst: We like The Oceans album Fluxion so we know about them. And we met them on tour several times. When we got the question to do this with The Ocean the answer was of course YES!!! And it´s a cool thing to do since both bands will be releasing their new albums this fall. It´s all about PR you know.