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Interview von: Hannes mit Jayce and Jeff, am: 12.10.2005 ]

Aphasia holen mit ihrem „Fact & Fiction“ zum grossen Rundumschlag aus und präsentieren uns eine Hitsammlung voll von Ohrwürmern und mitreissenden Hymnen. Ihre Mischung aus Emo, Punkrock, Alternative und Nu Rock kommt an und überzeugt. Fett produziert von Chris Brown, hauptberuflich Sänger und Gitarrist bei Trapt, wird hier alles auf Erfolg gesetzt.


Musicscan: Did you have a lot of problems finding a label or did they just ask you?

Aphasia: DRT Entertainment had been watching us for a while. We were in the process of writing new music when Derek came out to see us in San Francisco.

Musicscan: What kind of music did you use to listen to while recording “Fact & Fiction”?

Aphasia: We listened to a lot because we recorded over the course of a year. Near the end of recording Jayce was listening to "minus the bear" and Jeff was listening to "Bjork".

Musicscan: Have there been any problems during the recording progress or has it been just a lot of fun?

Aphasia: From start to finish we were in the studio on and off for a year and a week. We would record 3-7 songs at a time. Jeff got ill during recording and had some trouble singing towards the end.

Musicscan: Are there any special records that influenced your whole songwriting?

Aphasia: We really like "Blindside" from Sweden. They are amazing and we were very excited to hear we were going on tour with them.

Musicscan: How come you put 6 already released tracks on your new album?

Aphasia: When we got signed, our label wanted to re-release our self titled e.p. We wanted to include some new material and make some improvements. This way those songs weren't lost.

Musicscan: Do you have one favourite Aphasia song?

Aphasia: "House of Cards" and "Compromise" are great to play live. But we have a lot of fun with our music and can't wait to write more!

Musicscan: How was it like hearing your song “flatline” in the movie “War of the worlds” for the first time?

Aphasia: It was so unreal. We were excited. In fact, we didn't even know we were in the movie until the day it came out.

Musicscan: Is it more important to you recording hits or playing live in front of an enthusiastic crowd?

Aphasia: Both are very important to us. We love everything about music. Nothing beats playing live but it is just as important to write quality music.

Musicscan: Nowadays so many bands start their own record label. Would you also like to do something like that?

Aphasia: Maybe. We all have future plans that we would like to pursue. Right now we are focused on playing and writing as much as possible. There will be plenty of time in the future.

Musicscan: What are your future plans? Will you ever come to Germany?

Aphasia: Yes! We heard that Germany is amazing, so playing there would be a dream come true! We need your help to get there, please request our music on the radio and in music stores. With your help we will be there very soon. Thank you so much for talking to us!

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