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Stonewall Noise Orchestra

Interview von: arne mit Snicken&Pillow, am: 27.09.2005 ]

Mit schwerer Doom-Kante unterwegs, liefert das StoneWall Noise Orchestra auf seinem Debüt “Vol.1” einen voluminösen und überaus eingängigen Mix aus Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus und Monster Magnet, der glücklicherweise auch noch recht brachial verbleibt. Dabei steht die Band „modernen“ Vertretern der Spielart wie Place Of Skulls, Reverend Bizarre oder The Hidden Hand in Nichts nach, zeigt sich musikalisch ebenso allumfassend und heavy.


Musicscan: Introduce Stonewall Noise Orchestra and its individuals, please. What is to know about you guys?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: We’re just five guys from the beautiful industrial city of Borlänge, Sweden, doing what we love the most.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken:- Me and Jansson played together in Demon Cleaner where Mr. Pillow joined up for the last tour back in 2001. Ever since that we’ve been talking about doing something together.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: - Personality was as important as musical skills, therefor Jonas and Singe was a natural choice. I think chemistry in a band is everything and with these guys you can’t go wrong!

Musicscan: What's your self-understanding of Stonewall Noise Orchestra - What does your band stands for? What are the goals you try to reach with your music?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -What it all comes down to in the end is to have a good time and make the music we would like to listen to ourselves.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -Our main goal is to make people get the same kick as we get.

Musicscan: How did you first get involved with Heavy-/Stoner-/Doom- metal? And when and why did you start to become active musicians yourself?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -When we first heard Black Sabbath!

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: - The first time you hear that kind of music you feel like: I wanna do that too!

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -When you live in Borlänge there’s not much to do. You play football, work in the steel mill or play rock’n’roll. We all chose the last one.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -We’ve all been playing in several local bands since we were kids.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -We don’t really see ourselves as a stoner/doom/metal band, I think we’re just a hard rockin’ band.

Musicscan: Do you feel like you’re out to make a difference or more to make people more aware of heavy music?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow:-None of the above, we’re not out on a mission here, either you like heavy music or you don’t.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -And we’re not the first band to play heavy rock. We like hard and heavy music and hopefully there’s some more people out there with the same passion for that kind of music as we have.

Musicscan: Do you feel that Stonewall Noise Orchestra already has found its "own" sound, or is it still evolving? "Vol.1" features songs that vary from traditional Heavy Metal to Doom and Hard Rock grooves…

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -It’s defenetely still evolving, but of course we have our own sound because it’s us doing it. I think the next album aren’t going to sound exactly like Vol.1, but you will still be able to hear that it’s StoneWall noise orchestra.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: - I think the variations on the next album will be even bigger than the ones on Vol.1 due to many factors. Music is a mood thing, whatever comes out comes out and as long as it’s good it’s going to end up on an album, I mean how interesting would Vol.1 be with ten “Epic Curses”?

Musicscan: As you were forming Stonewall, what was influencing the direction you would take the band? And how did your sound develop over time?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -We didn’t have any direction to work in. That’s the beauty with music, you’re free to do whatever you want.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -We didn’t have time to let our sound develope, we borrowed a studio from a friend and we just played around with some ideas and whatever felt right at the time ended up on Vol.1.

Musicscan: Beside you are sounding very traditional at first view, i would say you try to include some kind of modern appraoch to heavy music as well, right?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -We’re not trying to include anything special, I guess it just happens, I mean, there’s alot of music around you that constantly inspires you, either you like it or not.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -I guess it’s all a mixture of everything we’ve heard growing up.

Musicscan: What has the feedback on your Vol.1 record been so far?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -Great I think! The reviews have been great so far.Everything we hoped for and more.

Musicscan: I was surprised finding this record to be released on Daredevil? How did this happen?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -Jochen at Daredevil Records is one of those guys you just got to love! If there were more people like him in the music industry it wouldn’t be so fuckin rotten as it is today!

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: - We contacted several smaller labels and Daredevil were very helpful. They give us the total freedom and let us do pretty much what we want.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -A good thing with a small label is the true love for music and and the total lack of bureaucrazy. Things are getting done, maybe not in a million dollar way but it’s getting done!

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on “Vol.1”?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -We’ve just woken up the giant!

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: - I think it’s a pretty good introduction of the band.

Musicscan: What’s the title supposed to represent? Is it just a start? For what?

Pillow: -Yeah you’re right! It’s just a start for bigger things to come! Snicken: - More results of whatever comes to our minds are yet to come.

Musicscan: How did you go about writing your songs, and what was your main focus creating them onto?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -The writing process was pretty fucking spontaneus, we didn’t take time to analyze so much. If it felt right, we just did it.

Musicscan: Your record has a very dark mood to it. How did you approach the songwriting to have that dark mood in it as well as still have a lot of aggression?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -I don’t really know, maybe we’re just moulded by the times we’re living in. It’s so much easier to be angry on something than to pretend that everything’s allright.

Musicscan: When you strip the band down to its core, what would you say is the message of Stonewall?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: Pure and true passion for music.

Musicscan: Do you think you captured the intensity of a live show on your records?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -No way near, when you play live there’s an audience to “feed” on, it creates an atmosphere and that tension you’re mentioning.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken:- Even if you have great times in the studio some times and everyones’s being creative and the mood is on top, you might even have a sort of “live” sound, but again, there’s no audience there. We look at ourselves as a live band, that’s the reason why we’re doing this. We get out there and try to give people one hell of a good time.

Musicscan: What are your expectations for this European tour to take place soon? And what is to expect from Stonewall?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Snicken: -Hopefully we reach out to new people at the same level as us. We’re very eager to get on the road again. Pillow: -We will do our absolute best every show, because this is what we believe in and truly love.

Musicscan:What does the future hold for your band? What do you think?

Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Pillow: -Hmm...don’t know, a second album, lots of great gigs and meeting awesome people. Snicken:-Sometimes it feels like I’m balancing between exactly knowing what we’re doing and not having a clue! This question refers to one of those times!Cheers!

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