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God Forbid

Interview von: arne mit Byron, am: 20.09.2005 ]

Mit ihrem dritten Longplayer für Century Media trumpfen God Forbid so richtig auf. Von jeher zählte das Quintett zu den eigenständigsten und wichtigsten Vertretern der „New American Wave Of Heavy Metal“, doch ein solch abwechslungsreiches Album wie „IV: Constitution Of Treason“ legten sie bislang noch nicht vor. Brachialer Death Metal trifft auf dezente Thrash-Elemente, eine deutliche Hardcore-Schlagseite sowie ein gleichermaßen modern wie traditionell geprägtes Metal-Verständnis.


Musicscan: How big is the interest in God Forbid coming back with a new record? Do a lot of people asking for interviews and stuff?

God Forbid: I think that right now people are anxious to see if we can top our previous effort on Gone Forever and the answer honestly is YES, we can and did, It is about pure artform for us and making sure that anyone who has spent their money on a GF cd is satisfied. You are the ones who have allowed us to play music and entertain you, so why not go all out and create something amazing for you.

Musicscan: What are your feeling seeing "IV: Constitution Of Treason" being available in the stores soon?

God Forbid: We are pretty excited to have it out and in the hands of the real critics, the people they Im sure will let us know if they like it or not. I can honestly say this is our best effort to date and we look forward to writing another album soon. The best part about it is that now since the record is complete we can do what we really want, TOUR. It has been hard on us sitting at home playing a few shows here and there while all our friends have been hitting the road it sucks. Its really a love hate relationship, lol. You wanna be on the road when your not and you wanna be home when you are, but it is all in good fun.

Musicscan: Your last album was your most successful thus far. Do you feel a lot of pressure to top it?

God Forbid: The only pressure we feel is to ourselves, it is important that through out everything we do, we continue to keep our music pure, and by that I mean doing what we do not worrying about the other bands because in the end, the good bands will still be around and the shite will dissolve lol.We are loking forward to writing the next album we love music.

Musicscan: You were always tagges with having a so called "new american wave of heavy metal" Sound. Do you still feel attached to this label, or have you outgrown that now?

God Forbid: Well we always feel we outgrow our last efforts everytime we hit the studio, but its ok to have a tagg I guess its easier for people to word associate bands in order to get a gist of what the band is about, but truly in the end the music should speak for itself and that be the end of it, but we dont care about being lumped in with them we know who we are and what we want to accomplish in the music game.

Musicscan: Out of my view "IV: Constitution Of Treason" is a perfecetly balanced record in all aspects. Has this been something you were heading for?

God Forbid: Well when writing this record we were focused in on the qualities we do best as a band, and happy to say that we felt we have with this record and continue evolve with the next after. It takes alot to become a GF song and I think we have done it quite well. But once again it is a matter of the people making that decision for themselves. We are proud of all our material and it is important to have balance, just like in life The Good With the Bad, so there you have it. IV Constitution of Treason.

Musicscan: Would you agree to say the new songs are more focused as well as being more controlled while still keeping a lot of room to grow for the plain music?

God Forbid: Yes we are an evolving band once you decide to put out the record you did previous, you are done in this business or you have come into your own as a band and musician, but i think for us we are still evolving and look forward to what lies ahead and the direction in which we choose to follow. Dont get me wrong we will always be a heavy band but we will always be a melodic band so the path for us is set and we will do what we want when we want and how we want. The music speaks for itself.

Musicscan: Is it a challenge to continually record new God Forbid songs?

God Forbid: Yes it is because we are always pushing ourselves and I believe we are up to the challenge. We believe in making a conscious effort to always out do ourselves.

Musicscan: About "IV: Constitution Of Treason" i noticed a more obviously traditional metal-attitude as well as a stronger technical edge. Why did you choose to go this direction musically?

God Forbid: Because we can,lol. We are fans of good music so why wouldnt we make sure that our music is good and technical. We believe in the old school ideal of musicianship, delivery and hard work. That is the only way to survive as a major player in the heavy music genre.

Musicscan: Is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

God Forbid: Well songs are supposed to be heard and why not make something pleasureable to all ears rather than a select few. Its boring to be predictable where is the fun in that. I think music should be available for all and it should not be looked down upon because it does not sound like the rest. Everything we do is intentional, We are survivors that love music and doing what we do musically.

Musicscan: Have there been certain issues you specifically wanted to address with "IV: Constitution Of Treason"?

God Forbid: I could tell you that there have been, but I think once you hear it, you will be able to decipher that on your own. Its important in this day and age that people learn to think for themselves and not take or be fed what they are given. Use your brain, thats why you have one. Always ask questions and search out your own truth, you know what you feel to be right or wrong.

Musicscan: What was your main focus creating this new songs onto? Have there been any difficulies while you were working on the songs?

God Forbid: We always run into difficulty writing, nothing good comes by easy you have to work for it.I think our struggles have made us who we are and the band that we are, so without struggle there can be no progress.We love a challenge.

Musicscan: Your releases always cover a lot of bases - there's something for everyone within the heavy underground i would say. Were you going for a more inclusive approach right from the beginning or is it a result of your progression?

God Forbid: Well we have always tried to make music for everyone so naturally it has come out that way through out the years and will continue to. No sense in putting yourself in a box, saying we can only do this or that. Life is a box so you need to make the most of what you are dealt with and try to persevere. You must aim high and go for it.

Musicscan: Again there are lots of instrumental parts on the record, the music itself has room to grow and there is some kind of special mood around your tracks, but has it been your aim to create some kind of more positive feeling?

God Forbid: Yes anytime you can create a song and it has meaning to people differently then you have created a positive feel. Music is interputative, you get out of it what you bring to it. It is very therapuetic in itself.

Musicscan: With the new record you had a larger amount of time to spend on it, right? Did this make the whole process easier?

God Forbid: Any time you have more time it makes it a bit easier but at the same time you want to create more and you really never have enough time, because issues always seem to arise when you are trying to be creative. That is just the way it is, you never have alot of time, but you learn to use time wisely and make the most of it.

Musicscan: Do you feel that the new record is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now?

God Forbid: Yes I think it has shown alot of growth from our previous record, we have done more and we were focused in on doing what we do best and expanding into the other areas of our personalities and letting go of any idea that we cant do this. we do what is best for our band God Forbid and what we like.

Musicscan: How did you came up with the title and the concept of the record "IV: Constitution Of Treason"? There is a concept behind it, right?

God Forbid: Yes the idea is a new thought prosee, thinking and asking questions for yourself and trying to figure out your placement in the whole grand scheme of things.

Musicscan: What is the massage God Forbid tries to get out to the scenes with the new songs?

God Forbid: That no matter what you look like, who you are, your economic status we are share one simple factor. We are all himan and we all have feelings. So know that the decision made in the world affect all of us no matter the consquense.

Musicscan: I like to think God Forbid is in need of open minded listeners, because you play a well belanced mixture of different styles. Do you still have problems to find your right crowd?

God Forbid: No because like i said we are a band which evolves and writes music for all people, there is no crowd I dont think we could play to except maybe a country western crowd, but who knows alot of people like country music and the songs they write tell stories I think the only difference would probally be the delivery. When We perform we are far from soft spoken, we intend to make you hear us whether you want to or not.

Musicscan: Since music videos are the thing right now, what will a new video with God Forbid look like?

God Forbid: The new GF video will be nothing like you have seen before, fresh and innovative. The way videos use to be long ago. I think that in this day and age alot of people suffer from ADD so you gotta work a bit harder to grab their attention and once you have it the message is clear.

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