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Sense Field

Interview von: arne mit John Stockberger, am: 18.04.2002 ]

Es hat lange gedauert, doch nun erscheint tatsächlich das neue Album von SENSE FIELD. "Tonight And Forever" heisst der Nachfolger des '96er "Building" und diese zwölf Songs waren ihre lange Wartezeit wert. Verletzlich, zutiefst emotional und unglaublich ehrlich präsentiert sich das Quintett auf seiner dritten Platte; wohl auch gehörig poppig. SENSE FIELD sind inzwischen eine fast perfekte Rock-Pop-Band; ihr Sound einfach mitreißend und wunderschön. Die Vergangenheit der Musiker in der Punk-Band REASON TO BELIEVE ist im Grunde nicht mehr zu hören, aber die teils sehr kritischen Texte sprechen noch immer eine deutliche Sprache. Die Labelprobleme der Band sind ja hinlänglich bekannt und wohl auch eher unwichtig. Kurz: Das Release der neuen Platte wurde immer wieder mit fadenscheinigen Begründungen verschoben und glücklicherweise gaben die fünf Musiker nicht auf. Nettwerk ist das neue Label von SENSE FIELD und hier erscheint das so lang erwartete Album der einstigen Revelation-Band. Mit neuem Drummmer und mehrmals eingespieltem Material in der Hinterhand sind die fünf Musiker nunmehr bereit für den ganz großen Sprung. Besser denn je sind sie zweifellos. Grund genug, Bassist John Stockberger per Mail einige Fragen zu stellen...


Musicscan: you have been one of the first bands that played this emotional kind of rock-pop- music within the hardcore-/punk-scene. did you ever expected to be this successfull when you started to play such a music? (i mean a lot of people are into your band since you started!!) by the way: why did you start to play this style of music? sometimes it's pretty close to -hhm- R.E.M.!!

Sense Field: well firstly, when we started playing shows i don't think people really knew what to make of us. i mean we would be on a bill with 4 hardcore bands and then we would play our set of pretty love songs...i'm sure it must have been confusing for the kids, but they did eventually figure it out. or their girlfriends did it for them.

Musicscan: in a way sense field can be called "pioneers" of this whole emo-thing i guess. without your band todays really popular acts like promise ring or the get up kids wouldn't sound like they do. do you see it same way?

Sense Field: as for why we started playing this kind of music there was no real intent to be "emo" or rock or anything for that matter. we just wanted to play music we liked and i guess this is what it sounds like. i never really thought of us as "pioneers" but we were certainly much more of an oddity at shows before and now there defintely are a lot more bands playing similar kinds of stuff.

Musicscan: why did you choose to release this split with onelinedrawing back in 2000? the sound of onelinedrawing is pretty close to yours. Wouldn't it be bettter to do a split with a completely different styled band!?

Sense Field: well we have been friends with jonah for a long time and out of the options of doing a split or not it seemed to make more sense just to do it.

Musicscan: finally your new record is released after all this trouble you have had. if i take the booklet i see "tonight and forever" written in this big, white letters - is this your way to say "we made it after all these problems"? your lyrics are partly very critical. is this a proof for some kind of punk-attitude towards your music and its statements? why didn't you put the lyrics in the booklet?

Sense Field: well we all grew up in the punk scene and i think we have always had a do it yourself kind of ethic, partly because at first nobody else wanted to do it for us and later on through the whole big label debacle we found out that we were the only ones who could do it. as is evidenced by the fact that we recorded the record at our own studio and chris produced and engineered it. so....maybe we are still kinda punk?? oh the lyrics...no reason. maybe we just wanted people to check out the web site or save some paper or something.i don't know.

Musicscan: there is this sentence in your band information: "...and some tracks have been expensively sold in the internet " - is this for sure? what do you think about this whole internet- and copy kills music- thing? can you understand your fans which payed lots of money to get your new songs?

Sense Field: yeah it is true but we don't really look at it as a bad thing. i think we can all understand that feeling of wanting something so bad you would do anything to get it and esecially if its unreleased. i don't think it's hurt us. besides anyone desperate enough to pay that much is also gonna buy a copy when it comes out even if just for the package.

Musicscan: some of these new songs have been released during the years ("part of the deal", this split i asked for and "fun never ends" last year). do you know this releases or are it bootlegs?

Sense Field: those were legit releases. i think we felt sorry for our fans who were waiting so long for a record.

Musicscan: you stamped the "typical revelation sound" of the mid-90ies. how do you remember your revelation- time today? why did you leave the label?

Sense Field: i think we all remember our time at rev fondly. we never made a dime there but we certainly got our name out there and they really were a big help in getting us on the road in the states and in europe.

Musicscan: you have had the chance to make them as good as possible. can you say you have recorded 12 perfect songs? this there still something you aren't satisfied with?

Sense Field: i think this record is the most accurate depiction of sense field so far. as for satisfied...everything can always be better but this is pretty damn good.the problem with a record is once it's done you have to hear it the same way forever and if one day you hear something you would have done differently (and you always do) you can't change it. maybe that's why playing the songs live is so much fun. you can do them a little different every night.

Musicscan: the artwork of "tonight and forever" is really minimalistic. why did you choose to do it this way? it's the complete opposite of what's your music is like... what is most caracteristic of this 12 songs - what do you think. what is sense field all about this time?

Sense Field: i think after all we have been through over the last couple years we just wanted the music to speak for itself. the thing that seems most characteristic of these songs is maybe that by doing the record ourselves we finally found someone who knew how to make it sound like sense field and it just happened to be us. i think the title may be our way of saying ..oh you don't wanna put out our record...i guess this is where we're supposed to break up and get real jobs...i don't think so..we'll just do it by ourselves. and well..here we are.

Musicscan: what will be the nearest future of sense field?

Sense Field: the near future will be spent in non-stop touring. oh ..and of cousre international superstardom.

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