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End Of Level Boss

Interview von: arne mit Harry, am: 17.08.2005 ]

Das Berliner Exile On Mainstream Label setzt mit dem END OF LEVEL BOSS Debüt “Prologue” die Reihe qualitativ hochwertiger Heavy-Platten fort. Erschienen zuletzt tolle Longplayer von The Hidden Hand oder Shepherd braucht sich das Album des englischen Quartetts nicht vor dieser starken labelinternen Konkurrenz verstecken.


Musicscan: What is everyone in the band, including yourself, up to these days? Give us a short briefeing about End Of Level Boss, please.

End Of Level Boss: This all started around 2 years ago after I returned from touring with my last band - Hangnail. The other guys in Hangnail didn't wanna do it anymore, so I started a new project designed to satisfy my desire to play a more bizzare form of heavy music. I recruited Jimm Ogawa from Hangnail and started jamming with our bass player Elenajane. Soon afterwards we met Gareth Millsted through the London metal scene. The End of Level Boss was born.

Musicscan: What was the original goal (or reason) for the formation of End Of Level Boss and when became it a real band? I read, that you started out as some kind of (side-)project...

End Of Level Boss: I wanted to be in a band that could tour with Voivod!!! Originally it was just a side project from Hangnail, but as I became more entwined in EOLB it became obvious that this band is closer to the kind of metal I really love. Dischordant and off the wall. Progressive but still something you can bang your head to.

Musicscan: Do you feel that End Of Level Boss already has found its "own" sound, or is it still evolving? "Prologue" features songs that vary from traditional Heavy Metal to Doom and Hard Rock grooves...

End Of Level Boss: Hopefully it will always be evolving, otherwise we'd only do one record. I like to try and surprise myself and the rest of the band when I write, just to keep everyone on thier toes! I think that we are definately at the begining of something different. Only time will tell what it eventually becomes.

Musicscan: The heavy underground, as a whole, has evolved over the last copule of years with huge success of bands like Mastodon or this Probot thing on Southern Lord. What are some of the noticeable changes you've witnessed as you are involved in the scene for years, too?

End Of Level Boss: It reminds me of the 80's when glam rock was huge. Glam bands got wiped out by Thrash Metal. Now the poser make up bands are being destroyed by the likes of Mastodon and Isis. People want real music again, not pre-packaged McMetal. But great music has always been around. Sometimes you just have to look harder to find it.

Musicscan: Could End Of Level Boss get some benefit from the past of its members in Hangnail and Flood? What have the reactions on End Of Level Boss been like so far?

End Of Level Boss: I think that we may have a slight advantage over a completely new band as we still have contacts for touring. We've been fortunate in that we were able to start playing live immediately. Other than that I think people still just listen to the music and decide whether they are into it or not. So far, I think they like it!

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently with End Of Level Boss in comparism to the bands you have been involved in in the past to keep things progressing? Has there been something that you hadn't done previously?

End Of Level Boss: The only real difference is that every other band I've been in was put together by good friends just wanting to make a noise with a case of beer. This band was put together with a definate idea of how it should sound. We still have a crate of beer when we make noise, but there's another force at work. The music is more important this time!

Musicscan: Were there any particular adjustments or things that you wanted to improve upon from a technical aspect or writing?

End Of Level Boss: I just wanted to play play something more challenging. Something that pushes our abilities, mentally and physically. I was always suggesting twists and turns in Hangnails music, but everyone was too drunk to understand it! Maybe I was just too drunk to explain it!

Musicscan: How do most End Of Level Boss songs come to be, what's the writing process like?

End Of Level Boss: Aliens feed the riffs directly to my brain!! Seriously though, so far I have written everything at home and then brought it into the rehearsal room for all of us to batter into shape. I have a distinct idea for how this band should sound. Fortunately the other guys all seem to dig it!

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on Prologue?

End Of Level Boss: The begining of something different. That's why we named the album Prologue - a glimpse of something to come. Prologue has shown us the future!

Musicscan: What made you settle on Exile On Mainstream? A German label donít seem to be a natural choice for an UK-band, so how did you get involved with them? How is your relation to the other Exile-bands like Hidden Hand, Place Of Skulls or Shepherd (RIP)?

End Of Level Boss: We already knew Andreas from Exile/Shepherd from the underground doom scene that we are all fans of. He heard EOLB and offered us a support slot on the Hidden Hand UK tour. When he heard we were working on an album he really wanted to be involved. We love the stuff he's done in the past so we thought it was the best choice for us. It's working out great. It's much easier to get information from our German label than our previous UK label, so I think we made the right decison!

  End Of Level Boss
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