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Mercury Switch

Interview von: arne mit Mark MacDonald, am: 24.07.2005 ]

Mercury Switch legen mit ihrem “Time To Shine“ ganz klar das metallischste und härteste Indianola-Release der letzten Monate vor. Und was für eines!! War bereits das Debüt “If You Love Me You’d Take Me To The City“ auf ansehnliches Feedback gestoßen, dürfte das Quintett mit diesem Zweitwerk endgültig seinen Platz im MetalCore-Lager finden. Die Tour mit As I Lay Dying dürfte ein Übriges dazu beigetragen haben.


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about Mercury Switch, please. What are you guys doing right at the moment?

Mercury Switch: Mercury Switch is heavy metal band straight out of the southern New Hampshire metal breeding grounds. We started out a few years ago and we have been head banging ever since! At the moment we are actually getting our new press kit together and starting to talk to some bigger labels. Moving on to a bigger label with more support will be the next thing for us. We are also playing shows around the northeast (US) too!

Musicscan: The word on your guys band has been spread quiete quickly over the whole world. How does all of this attention make you feel? (At least you have become popular within the metal-hardcore-underground...)

Mercury Switch: Well Im not going to lie, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside! We still have a long way to go before we get close to the point we want to be with this band.

Musicscan: Do you have some advice for upcoming bands: How does a band make themselve known to the world?

Mercury Switch: Music first! Dont worry about image, or "hey we are the new next crazy band because we do this or that." Write music that is good and that you like and enjoy. Follow that up with some professionalism and you are on the road to victory!

Musicscan: Define "success" in the context of being a musician, please.

Mercury Switch: Success- Being able to tell your mom or family that you are making a living and having a great time playing loud obnoxious metal!

Musicscan: I'm surely right to say, music is your way to express your feelings and anger, right!? Do you think life would be possible for you without music and did your work as musician change your personal view of life?

Mercury Switch: Music sure is one of the best gifts we have been given. I think I would be able to live physically with out it but it sure would suck. My views of life didnt change too much other than how greatful I am to be able to play music as often as I get to.

Musicscan: What inspired the writing on "Time To Shine"? Do you guys feel that the this new record is a pretty good representation of bands sounding as of right now?

Mercury Switch: The inspirartion for the most part is just what we want to sound like with this band, as well as as personal lives and views that come through in our lyrics. The writting is pretty much where we want to be. I think we will always be trying new adventurous and dangerous things. But for the most part we are where we want to be. I think the biggest change you will see from us is the song writting is going to get better. And we will always progressively get a little heavier and a little faster at the same time as being just as melodic.

Musicscan: Is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied as possible and do you consider fans expectations when writing new material?

Mercury Switch: We literally dont consider what anyone thinks on us until after we are done recording. When we write its just about if we like it and are happy with it etc.

Musicscan: When you were writing the new songs, did you have certain issues you specifically wanted to address? How did you go writing the songs and have there been any difficulties or obstacles during the songwriting process?

Mercury Switch: There were no big issues we wanted to come out on. At most I think we wanted to have a positive vibe while still sounding heavy. The only real difficulty for us is finalizing all the little things we do with our songs and making sure things are how we want them.

Musicscan: What kinds of feelings and reactions you want to cause within your listeners?

Mercury Switch: When people listen to us, at some point I would like them in their head to say "AWE-SOME!" And if the msuic makes them head bang then that would be super sweet too!<(music-band>

Musicscan: With this state of modern hardcore embracing clone after clone, what do you feel can break the pattern that has been developed? (The i loveabout Mercury Switch is your fresh and somehow original sounding - you stand out of the "grey mass".)

Mercury Switch: I think people once people get bored with the 47 million generic bands that are out there, I would hope they would start to turn to bands that are super talented and doing some really cool things but maybe arent as popular.

Musicscan: How do you guys feel about the term of metalcore? I think it's limitating for what Mercury Switch is playing, but a lot of people call you metalcore. At least, that's what I read in different reviews...

Mercury Switch: The term is fine just like any other term. I mean basically we are a metal band with hard core influences, so it somewhat makes sense for someone to describe us as that for the person to get a general idea. But yes I would hope we are more than just the average metal core band. I think it would be cool if everyone called us a heavy metal band. That would just be cool to us.

Musicscan: As an artist do you feel a responsibility to comment on current events, or are your motivations more personal? Are you involved in any political activities besides the band? Do you think that political awareness is important? Which? (I know, that such issues are more important for Europeans...)

Mercury Switch: For the most part I feel almost the opposite. Just because you play guitar for a metal band doesnt really make your opinions more special than anyone elses. I think its important that if you have a voice than you should use it, but never think you have the right to think your views are everything and everyone elses are nothing. Mercury Switch is not an active political band. I think the awareness is super important, but it is not our calling to share that information on a larger level.

Musicscan: How much attention you put on europe in general? Is there a chance to see Mercury Switch playing overhere this year?

Mercury Switch: Well I must say that we all listen to a whole lot of european metal. In fact some of our favorite metal bands are from over there. It is one of our goals with this band to tour europe. We have never toured out side the US (besides Canada) and I would absolutely love to go over there. We head from some of our friends bands it is amazing over there. So maybe next year we will make the trip?

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for the band in the future?

Mercury Switch: Signing to a bigger label with more support, and touring a whole bunch more is where we want to be!

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