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Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Tim Williams, am: 01.07.2005 ]

In der aktuellen Ausgabe in unserer Reihe “10 Fragen An…” haben wir uns die Moshkapelle Bloodsimple vorgeknöpft, die sich mit ihrem Debütalbum „A Cruel World“ musikalisch gar nicht so klischeegebeutelt präsentieren, wie dies der Albumtitel und das dazugehörige Artwork vermuten ließen. Einige werden die Vorgängerband Vision Of Disorder noch in guter Erinnerung haben und so war das Interesse an Bloodsimple schon mal geweckt. Rein musikalisch lassen sich allerdings nur bedingt Parallelen ziehen, denn Bloodsimple agieren auf einer komplexeren Ebene, was man von den Antworten Tims nicht behaupten kann, die von ehrlich, über einfach strukturiert bis fragwürdig rangieren und stets gefährlich nah an leeren Phrasen grenzen.


Musicscan: Tim, tell me a little bit about how Vision Of Disorder ended and Bloodsimple began?  Where do you seen differences and similarities for yourself between the two bands?

Bloodsimple: Vision of Disorder broke up because we were bored and frustrated and needed a break. I think there are similarities because I sung for both bands and Mike played with Vision Of Disorder as well. I think the differences lie in the song styles.

Musicscan: Do you feel like everybody in the band knows how to function within the collective of a band since most of you have rather extensive experiences of being in bands?

Bloodsimple: Yes, everybody has certain professionalism.

Musicscan: What do you think Bloodsimple can contribute to the musical landscape?  Is there anything that you would say is particular about the band?

Bloodsimple: We will bring back originality and dynamics back to heavy music.

Musicscan: How does the songwriting process look like with you guys?  Is there one major songwriter or does everybody contribute equally?

Bloodsimple: Me, Mike and Nick basically wrote most of the record in protool sessions. The next record we want to write as a band and jam everything out live and try to capture that raw energy.

Musicscan: Do you approach this band any differently than you did your previous bands?

Bloodsimple: Not really.

Musicscan: Are there any objectives that you want to achieve with the band?  Of course, musicians always say that they are just doing it for the music, which in some cases might definitely be true, but it is also important to sustain yourself when in a band?  Could you imagine compromising your music in some way?

Bloodsimple: We just want to take it a far as we can. We're not into compromising our music at all.

Musicscan: How do you perceive the metal scene nowadays?  Many people would argue that there have been very few exciting, inspiring and original efforts lately.  How do you assess the situation?

Bloodsimple: Yes, metal is in a good place right now and there have been some genuine efforts from a shit load of bands and I think that’s great.

Musicscan: What influences and inspires you besides music and art?  Could you imagine doing something else besides music in the future?

Bloodsimple: The ocean inspires me, gardens, sunsets... change in season... I'd like to be a navy seal but I think it's a little late for that.

Musicscan: I actually enjoyed the album, but I think the artwork is rather a little cliché-ridden.  Where did you get the idea for the artwork and how important is the coherence of the complete package with lyrics, artwork and music for you?

Bloodsimple: Well, Mike our guitar player came up with the concept. I think it is very important to have a good package and lyrics. I hate when band do not add the lyrics to the album. It's an extension of your art. I hate boring record packaging.

Musicscan: You also deal with issues such as the Iraq War in your lyrics, but are hesitant to position yourself politically with regard to these issues?  What is the reason for this rather “objective” perspective on social and political issues?

Bloodsimple: It is easy to get pigeon holed when it comes to politics. Also you can get into trouble. Opinions change also, so I wouldn't want to get caught saying one thing then a year later saying another.

Musicscan: What can we expect from you guys in the near future?  Any further releases, tours or projects planned?

Bloodsimple: Total world domination!

Musicscan: Three current favorite records?

Bloodsimple: My Bloody Valentine “Loveless”; Madball “Set It Off”; 50 Cent “Get Rich Or Die Trying”

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