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Evergreen Terrace

Interview von: arne mit ET, am: 22.06.2005 ]

Endlich haben Evergreen Terrace aus Florida mit “Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise In This Business” einen neuen Longplayer vorgelegt. Das Quintett spielt nach wie vor variabel angelegten New School-Hardcore mit deutlicher jedoch nicht dominanter Metal-Edge. Vielerlei Melodien, einprägsame Refrains aber auch markerweichende Keif-Vocals und Unmengen Mosh prägen die Platte, die keine Wünsche offen lässt.


Musicscan: What is everyone in the band, including yourself, up to these days?

Evergreen Terrace: Right now, we are sitting at home waiting for our next tour, which starts in mid June. We have been home since March and have just been working shitty jobs; Jason is a bartender at an old persons retirement home, Andrew and Kyle work at a restaurant, Craig drinks beer, and Im heading out on tour with my other band, Casey Jones.

Musicscan: Not too long ago your drummer Chris left the band. Why did that happen and was it difficult to find someone to replace him?

Evergreen Terrace: We parted ways with Chris because of a few different reasons. Most of them being personal, lets just say that it wasnt working out. Chris is an awesome drummer and it was very hard to find a replacement. After a decent search we got in touch with a friend, Kyle Mims, he played drums for a band called Love Is Red. They had just broken up so everything fit perfect. Its awesome having him in the band.

Musicscan: How hard was it coming up with new material this time around? What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on "Sincerity..."?

Evergreen Terrace: Actually this was the easiest record to write. In the past we would always wait till the last second to write a record. This time we just wrote songs here and there, whenever we had time. A lot less stress. This is our best work yet, the songs are much more mature. "Sincerity..." is Evergreen Terrace at our best.

Musicscan: Would you say there are any topics that you specialize or favourize writing about lyrically?

Evergreen Terrace: Lyrically there is a bit of ‘calling out the trash talkers’, such as on the track Dog Fight. We are speaking out to kids to be responsible for what they say by owning up – the song is about saying what you feel to people’s faces and not behind their backs. We are also calling out the music biz on a few songs on Sincerity… It can be frustrating dealing with the music industry lies, with the exception of our label we have done everything for ourselves, we have never had an agent or had anyone help us with endorsements. We have handled everything ourselves. (Until now.)

Musicscan: What message where you trying to portray through "Sincerity..."? Do you feel you were successful in this respect?

Evergreen Terrace: We have never been a band with message. We just want people to come out to the shows have fun, and have fun listening to the record. This band is about being FUN and have a positive effect on others.

Musicscan: What makes your music different or unique compared to other hardcore bands out of your view? You surely have a sound of your own, but how would you describe the music you do?

Evergreen Terrace: Its just one of those things that i cant really put my finger on. I think that Craig's clean vocals and his guitar effects have a huge impact on the songs and make them stand out from your run-of-the-mill hardcore/metal band. We dont ever have a set style or anything like that, we just write and what comes out comes out.

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently on "Sincerity..." by choice, that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Evergreen Terrace: The main thing we did different when writing is that we didnt settle for anything. If there was a part that 1 person in the band thought could be better then we sat there and figured it out till it was better. We also had much more time in the studio so we could tweak all the small things that we never got to do before.

Musicscan: What music do you listen to in your spare time and are there certain bands that influence the music you do?

Evergreen Terrace: We all listen to a wide range of music. I listen to a lot of Propagandhi, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, etc. As far as bands that have an influence on us, well that is a wide range as well; anyone from Weezer to Indecision.

Musicscan: You made a cover album from the 80's. On "Writers Block" you cover songs from the legendary SMASHING PUMPKINS or TEARS FOR FEARS. Why did you decide to cover those song who do not really have anything in common with the musically style you got and why the 80's?

Evergreen Terrace: Well it wasnt just 80's songs, it also had songs from the 90's. All the bands on the cover record inspire us somehow, we just thought it would be fun to do some songs that we personally really like.

Musicscan: The last statement always belongs to the band. Would you like to add anything that`s not been mentioned yet?

Evergreen Terrace: We will be on the next HELL ON EARTH TOUR, all over Europe. So make sure you check out the new record which hits stores June 21st and come out to the shows!

  Evergreen Terrace
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