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Interview von: arne mit Marcus, am: 18.06.2005 ]

Von jeher zählten Naglfar für mich zu den inspiriertesten und originellsten Black Metal-Bands aus Schweden. Mit jedem Album hat sich ihre Anhängerschaft in der Szene kontinuierlich ausgeweitet und für “Pariah“ ist das Quartett nun zu Century Media gewechselt. Der Neuanfang im größeren Rahmen geht dabei auch mit dem Wechsel der Position des Frontmannes einher, die fortan von Basser Kristoffer ausgefüllt wird.


Musicscan: What is everyone in the band, including yourself, up to these days?

Naglfar: At the moment we have just finished recording the video for the track "The Perpetual Horrors". Apart from that we are rehearsing for the upcoming summer festivals. Myself and Kris are working on the new Bewitched album as well that hopefully will be recorded in a not too distant future.

Musicscan: The word on your band spread quiete quickly over the underground. When did you feal That Naglfar got its first "big" break?

Naglfar: I would say that leaving our old label and hooking up with our management and Century Media really made it feel like things were finally moving in the right direction.

Musicscan: How hard was it coming up with new material this time around? Did you feel any pressure about trying to make another successfull album, now that you got signed to Century Media?

Naglfar: It wasn't that hard actually. We have always made music to satisfy ourselves, not anyone else and we know what we want.

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on "Pariah"?

Naglfar: Personally I feel that we have produced our strongest album to date, combining the melodies that are kinda the trademark of Naglfar with the sheer brutality that is displayed on "Pariah".

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently on "Pariah" by choice, that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing?

Naglfar: The main thing that we did different this time was that we recorded a preproduction of the album in my homestudio. In the past all music has been put together in the rehearsal room but now we were able to record everything, try out different arrangements and stuff like that which I feel helped us alot in the creative process.

Musicscan: You guys seem to master your instruments and you throw in a lot of technical stuff to your songs. How important is that technical aspect for you?

Naglfar: It is not important at all if you ask me. The important thing is to write songs that are of good quality and that we are satisfied with. It doesn't matter if they are technical or simple as long as they are good.

Musicscan: What bands do you consider to be truly inspiring to you at the moment? Do you think that your songwriting was affected by music your hear, or do you try not to be influenced by that?

Naglfar: I wouldn't say that I get inspired by any specific bands, I simply write music that appeals to me, music that I would like to listen to myself.

Musicscan: Switching the singer of a band is always a pretty significant change. Before Kristoffer took over on vocals, did you may thought about integrating a new member to Naglfar or even rehearse with others?

Naglfar: No, we decided straight away that Kris would do the vocals. We know what he can do with his voice and that it would be perfect for Naglfar.

Musicscan: What message where you trying to portray through "Pariah"? Do you feel you were successful in this respect?

Naglfar: We wanted to create a brutal and spiteful album and I am very satisfied with the result. "Pariah" reeks of uncompromised brutality without losing the melodic sounds that Naglfar has been known of since the beginning.

Musicscan: What would you like listeners to get out of the album as a whole?

Naglfar: Personally I would like the listener to realize that he/she is listening to something unique, an album filled with pure musical intelligence.

Musicscan: Speaking about this European tour you just finished: what have been the highlights and how did the new songs stand the live-test?

Naglfar: The tour was a great success for us. We got the chance to play alot of new places and reach alot of new people. All in all the tour was killer, Finntroll and Amoral were great guys and everything was handled in a professional way so I am more than satisfied. We only played two songs from the new album but the audience seemed to enjoy them indeed.

Musicscan: Does a band like Naglfar make more money touring or selling records? Do you expect changes on this fact with Century Media behind you now?

Naglfar: It's too early to say really but I doubt that we'll be making alot of money from the band. Of course there might be some cash if we get to tour alot and sell merchandise because that's pretty much were you can make money in this business but still we won't be able to make a living out of it.

Musicscan: Last words?

Naglfar: Thanks for the support and I hope we will be back in Germany soon. Check out the new album, it will rip you apart... Your flesh is now ours!

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