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End Of Days

Interview von: Janick mit Kevin, am: 01.06.2005 ]

Mit ihrem Debut "Dedicated To The Extreme" haben die Jungs aus´m Pott ein absolut fieses Monster erschaffen! Die Mixtur aus fettem, nach vorne losgehenden US Death Metal gepaart mit ultra fiesen Breakdownparts ist der Hammer und geht absolut auf. Veredelt wird der Sound mit den Obituary-artigen Growls von Fronter Kevin, der das Ganze zu einem tödlichen Geschoß werden lässt. Die Mucke von anderen Bands wird oft mit dem sprichwörtlichen Schlag in die Fresse beschrieben - END OF DAYS dagegen zermalmen dir den Schädel!


Musicscan: Hello Kevin please introduce yourself and what your doing in End Of Days.

End Of Days: Hey Janick, what´s up?This is Kevin from End of Days. I´m 25 years old and I live in Bottrop, Germany. I am responsible for the vocals and lyrics in End of Days.

Musicscan: Give us a short briefing about End Of Days history - what should our readers know about you?

End Of Days: EOD was founded in 1999 by Thorsten, Frank and myself. A bit later two old friends joined the Band and we have been completed.We played our first show in the beginning of 2000 and in autum of the same year we recorded a 3-Song-Demo CD. After that we got a bit lazy and furthermore we had some Line-up problems. But finaly we recorded our MCD"HateAnthems" in 2003 wich brought us back on the Map.The MCD was kind of succeslully in the Underground Metal/Hardcore Scene. End of Days played a lot of shows and at the top of that we got a deal with Alveran/Century Media Records. We also had a Line up change, Sven and Kai left the Band and Oliver as well as Dennis teamed up.Then we started to write new Songs for our First LP"Dedicated to the extreme"wich we recorded in the beginning of 2005.........and here we are. The CD is released and things are working better then we ever expected........

Musicscan: Did you guys play in other bands before? Which ones?

End Of Days: Thorsten and Frank played in a Band called Surface. Oliver had a Band called I Despise and Dennis used to be in Impure. Later on Dennis also played in I Despise. I also had Band when I was 17 or 18 years old........but we totally sucked!! I´m lucky that we never hit the stage;-)

Musicscan: How long did you work over all on the material of "DTTE"?

End Of Days: We wrote the most of the new stuff two or three months before we went in the studio. Turned to Death, Unbreakable and Worthless have also been on "HateAnthems". We re-recorded them so it was relaxed with those ones.......

Musicscan: Are your songs totally finished, when you entered the studio?

End Of Days: Yes, every song was finished as we entered the Studio. We just had to record that shit.This was hard enough;-)

Musicscan: The title of the album "Dedicated To The Extreme" seems that it could be also a statement for the band and for which music it stands for, right?

End Of Days: Yes, we feel very related to extreme Music, no matter if it is Deathmetal or Hardcore.We don´t care if a Riff is more Hardcore- like or a Drumbeat more Deathmetal like. We do what we feel for and this is extreme music.

Musicscan: In short words "Dedicated To The Extreme" is to me: mean and pure death metal with Obituary-like grunts with ultra violent breakdown parts. Would you agree with that?

End Of Days: That sounds good in my ears.We see it in a same way. Deathmetal with Beatdown Parts......

Musicscan: What are your lyrics dealing with?

End Of Days: The lyrics are dealing with diffrent subjects. A big inspiration was the Iraq-War and the position of the USA in it.On the other Hand I wrote about personal things but also about things wich make us angry in several ways.............I always try to support the atmosphere of a song. Due to this I try write the lyrics in an aggressive and brutal way.

Musicscan: Have you message you wanted to transport in your lyrics?

End Of Days: The most of the lyrics have a message or a certain meaning.But each song speaks for himself.

Musicscan: You were founded back in 1999 why does it take such a long time to release your first album?

End Of Days: There are many reasons why it took such a long time to release our first LP. We had problems within the band, we have been lazy as shit and a lot of times we had bad luck. But right now I think it is good the way everything happened. We learned our lessons and we know how it is when things are working very bad.

Musicscan: How did you guys get in contact with alveran records?

End Of Days: We know Sascha Alveran since a long time.He saw us grow as a Band and we saw him grow as a Label. After the "success" of "HateAnthems" and after a lot of shows that we played, he made us an offering we couldn´t deny;-)

Musicscan: To me it sounds that Obituary is big influence to you, is that right?

End Of Days: It would say so, too;-) Old Obituary albums belong to one my favourite. But also the other guys love Obituary......

Musicscan: In which ways does the joining of Olli and Dennis effects the band?

End Of Days: Since these Shitheads are in the Band we can do stuff we were not able to do before.I don´t want to be an asshole , or talk in a bad way about the former members but Oliver´s and Dennis skills are better.They are also very dedicated to extreme music wich is very important for us.

Musicscan: Why do you choose the Ant Farm Studio in Denmark to record "DTTE"?

End Of Days: We did not choose the Ant Farm Stuido, we have been in the Smart N Hard Studio;-) We wanted to work with Jacob Bredahl because we heard his last Productions and of course we knew his Bands Hatesphere and Barcode. We thought that he had a good understanding for brutal music because of his musical experience.

Musicscan: How was it to work with Tue Madsen who has worked with such other great bands before?

End Of Days: We never saw Tue Madsen. He mastered "Dedicated to the extreme" together with Jacob Bredahl.But the work with Jacob was good.He is a nice guy and a good producer. He totured us a thousand times while we had to do the same spot over and over again.......but it´s his job;-)On the other hand we never saw him hit the shower wich made the recording process even harder.......hehe

Musicscan: Are you totally satisfied with the result of "DTTE" or is their still something that could have done better?

End Of Days: In general we are satisfied. Of course there are a few things we would change now but I think it´s normal. I don´t like the vocals because I injured my vocalchourds a few weeks before we went in the studio. It´s not that powerful as it could be, but I have to live with it. The other fact is that we have to work on the variety of the songs......

Musicscan: How would you explain the sound of EOD to someone who had never heard you before?

End Of Days: As I said before, I would describe our sound like a mixture of US Deathmetal and Beatdown Hardcore........

Musicscan: To me first of all End Of Days is a death metal band or maybe a death metal band with hardcore roots/background. How did you guys see yourself?

End Of Days: To be honest, we don´t care if someone categorize us as a Hardcore or Deathmetal Band. We love both types of music and we support both scenes. But you are right, we sound like a Deathmetal Band with Hardcore roots........maybe Deathcore would be the most fitting description. But everybody has to decide for himself....

Musicscan: Are there any tour or gig plans so far?

End Of Days: Yes, we will play our balls off this year!! We have two tours confirmed!!!! First we will do a Support Tour for Napalm Death from June 24th till July 16th. The second Tour will be the "Hell on Earth" Tour from September 22nd till October 16th with As I Lay Dying, HSB, Evergreen Terrace, Agents of Man,Neara and us..... We also have a lot of single dates planed. Check out. www.end-of-days.info

Musicscan: The last statement belongs to you. Is there anything you like to add - here´s your chance.

End Of Days: Thanks a lot for the interview and your support. Open your hearts for brutal music All together stay as one Kevin

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