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Interview von: Selma mit B, am: 19.05.2005 ]

BURNTHE8TRACK spielen rockigen Post-Hardcore, der ebenso auf eine stark emotionale Komponente setzt, wie er sich auch offensichtliche Indie-Anleihen bedient. Vor allem die Rhythmus-Sektion und die konsequent gesungenen Vocals gefallen. Das Debüt “The Ocean“ verbleibt als unterhaltsame Platte einer guten kanadischen Band, die Fans von Shades Apart, Dag Nasty und Hot Water Music ansprechen dürfte.


Musicscan: First of all, give us a brief description of the band. Who exactly is BURNTHE8TRACK?

Burnthe8track: Burnthe8track is myself, Derek(Vocals), my brother Jason (Guitar), Sam (Drums), and Mike (Bass). We have been a band for about 3 and half years. Basically we are a band that spends a lot of time together writing, touring, and recording music.

Musicscan: Taking a closer look at BURNTHE8TRACK. What are important facts to know about the band?

Burnthe8track: We have all known each other for a long time. We were friends before we started the band, which I think has been a big help in terms of spending so much time together. I think that it has helped us with our writing, and kept us sane on the road. We are from Winnipeg, Canada but don't spend a lot of time at home due to the amount of touring we do. We have played over 120 shows in the last 10 months and have plans to continue touring hard throughout the summer.

Musicscan: Is there a special meaning behind the band`s name BURNTHE8TRACK?

Burnthe8track: The name is a spin on a story we had heard about a major label from the 80's. Apparently there was a large record label that wen't bankrupt in the mid 80's and decided to burn and bury all of their remaining 8tracks instead of paying their artists royalties. I don't know how accurate the story is but that is the basic idea on the name. It is also a spin on new and old technology.

Musicscan: How did you get in touch with Alveran Records and how would you describe the relationship between the label and the band?

Burnthe8track: We are signed to Century Media and Abacus Recordings in North America. When we started talking about the European release of the album they thought it might be best to go with Alveran Records as Century Media is a very metal label, and we are not a metal band. Alveran has an amazing reputation as being a strong label throughout Europe and they have done an amazing job of getting the album out there. We have a very strong relationship with them and are thrilled to be working with both them and Century Media.

Musicscan: On your recent album you worked with Justin Koop, who also produced BILLY TALENT and SILVERSTEIN. What was it like to work with him?

Burnthe8track: Well I know that Justin worked with Billy Talent in the past but did not produce their recent album. He did however produce both Grade and Silverstein and did an amazing job. We have been working with Justin since day one. He has worked on everything from our demo's to our original E.P, and the new album. We have grown together from the start of the bands existence and it has been amazing working with him. He has a way of capturing what we are looking for. We worked on the album for over 30 days, and about 16 hours a day, so it was quite a process.

Musicscan: What do you like the most about your new album The Ocean and which song do you favourize?

Burnthe8track: The Ocean is an album that we are all very proud of. I think that it captures our sound really well. It is our first major release and I am happy that it has found it's way to so many different people. I think that the cool thing about the Ocean is that it shows many different periods of songwriting in the band because it was our first major release. There are a few songs on that album that were written over 2 years ago. I would have to say that my favorite song on the album is the title track because it displays all aspects of the band. We are really excited to get into the studio this fall to start work on the new album as I think that we all feel that our new songs have taken another huge step forward.

Musicscan: You already played with the all known punk ikons PROPAGHANDI and THE MISFITS. What is it like to perform with such known and musicially experienced bands, who influenced such the whole music industry?

Burnthe8track: I grew up listening to the Misfits and it was a real honor to share the stage with true legends of punk rock. It was cool to hear all the stories of their tours with bands like Bad Brains, Ramones, and Black Flag. It was pretty amazing. As for Propaghandi, we are lucky to be from the same city as them and have had the pleasure of seeing them perform since day one. I can honestly say that I think they are far and away the best Punk rock band in the world. They write amazing songs about important issues and they are true to their word. Playing with them was one of our best experiences as a band.

Musicscan: What was your European tour with MISCONDUCT like?

Burnthe8track: The tour was a lot of fun. We were really happy to get over to Europe for the first time. The shows were all really good, and we met a lot of cool people. We also had the pleasure of doing 3 shows with Agnostic Front, DieCast and Death before Dishonour. Those shows were great as well. We are going to be spending a lot of time in Europe over the next few years. We had an amazing time.

Musicscan: I personally think that your sound is very individual and unique. You combine brilliant melodic parts with perfect singing. Hand in hand with that you also use hard riffs and melodic punk hooks. Imagine that someone would not known your music, how would you describe your musical style to that person?

Burnthe8track: This is probably the hardest question anyone could ask. We have always had a hard time describing our music because we don't really sound like any one band, or any specific genre of music. We are an intense band that combines both energy and subtle aspects to our songs. We are all into a wide variety of music, and I think that has a lot to do with the diversity of our songwriting. We all grew up listening to Punk rock and Metal, but over the years have started listening to all types of music.

Musicscan: What music do you listen to in your spare time and are there certain bands that influence the music you do?

Burnthe8track: We are all over the board with this one. One minute we will be listening to Iron Maiden, and the next we will be listening to The Weakerthans. We listen to all sorts of different bands from different musical backgrounds. I would say that most of the stuff we listen to has influenced us musically.

Musicscan: What bands would you like to go on tour with, if you could choose?

Burnthe8track: I would have to choose Iron Maiden, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, or even the Foo Fighters. These are or were all great bands that put on great live shows. It would be amazing to share the stage with any of them.

Musicscan: The last statement always belongs to the band. Would you like to add anything that hasn`t been mentioned yet?

Burnthe8track: We are all really excited to spend a lot of time touring Europe as we feel that it has the strongest live music scene in the world. The shows are always great, and people are very passionate about bands. We expect to be over there a number of times each year and hope to see everyone at the shows. Thanks a lot for giving us this interview.

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