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Interview von: arne mit Carley Coma, am: 03.05.2005 ]

Candiria melden sich nach ihrem schlimmen Unfall endlich wieder voll genesen mit neuem Longplayer über Earache zurück. Einen prägnanteren Titel als “What Doesn't Kill you Makes You Stronger" hätte die Band nicht wählen können. Musikalisch zeigen sich die einstigen Crazy-Frickler ungewohnt zugänglich und hit-verdächtig - Anspruch und “Easy Listening“ zeigen sich perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt.


Musicscan: What is everyone in the band, including yourself, up to these days?

Candiria: We've been planning our tour schedule for the rest of the year , in and outside of the United States. I've also been doing some writing for the next album. You can never have too much material.

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on "What Doesn't Kill you" and how long did it take to choose this title? It seems to be a natural choice after your crash-experience, right?

Candiria: I feel that we have accomplished another breaKthrough in our writing process. Candiria has always been about challenging ourselves as well as the listener. It might not be the typical Candiria sound but it is still Candiria. It wasn't that hard coming up with the title. I almost feel like it chose us.

Musicscan: Did your attitude towards life and Candiria change, now that you have been given this second chance...

Candiria: Most definately. How could it not? It was a very horrifying and near death experience. I evaluated my life , who I was as a person, how i wanted to change, how my decisions affected other peoples lives, my musical career, etc. If it wasn't for the accident "What doesn't kill you" would have never been written. It would have been another album, with a different sound. Our near death experience was the inspiration for the songs on this album.

Musicscan: How hard was it coming up with new material this time around? Did you ever talked about endidng your band career and work on with regular jobs or stuff like that?

Candiria: The heavy songs on the album came to us very easily. We've been writing like that for years. It was the melodic songs on the album that were the real challenge. We were stepping out of our comfort zone. I had to take a series of vocal lessons to be able to sing, period. It was very stressful at times but well worth it. We had to stay focused and learn how to discipline ourselves even more than what we were used to. We were in lots of pain but i don't remember anyone mentioning anything about ending our musical careers as Candiria. We just wanted to get rehabilitated and back to doing what what we love. Writing and performing.

Musicscan: Did you feel any pressure about trying to make another successfull album, now that you got signed to Earache?

Candiria: I think as a member in this band we felt pressure from trying to top what we did last. If we feel that a recording is not up to par, we will throw it out and start from scratch again.

Musicscan: What made you settle on Earache? An European label don't seem to be a natural choice for an US-band, so how did you get involved with them?

Candiria: The president of our U.S. label thought it was a wiser choice to go with a record company that was from the U.K. . We felt that Earache was the right way to go. I think it's going to be a great partnership.

Musicscan: There's a pretty significant difference between your last record and "What Doesn't Kill You..." out of my view. The new songs prove a more homogenous flow and are better balanced if i take the whole record. To what do you attribute that change?

Candiria: We matured as musicians and song writers. We figured out how to write better songs by cutting off the fat. For instance, we didn't want to put a jazz part in a song just for the sake of putting it in. That would be too self indulgent and unnecessary. We wanted to get to the point and i feel that that is exactly what we did with this album. We let our emotions dominate the writing process instead of just relying on the technical aspects.

Musicscan: You guys seem to master your instruments. How important is that technical aspect for you?

Candiria: I feel that is important for any artist to master their craft. By doing so, you give yourself options. The option to write a song that doesn't require much technical prowess or a song that completely astonishes the listener. You have free range to express yourself in any manner that you choose musically.

Musicscan: Were there any particular adjustments or things that you wanted to improve upon from a technical aspect or writing?

Candiria: We wanted a new sound, something fresh to our ears as well as our fans ears. I began to listen to a lot of songs that i thought were great and then i asked myself what made them great, what did the artist do to get his message across so accurately? I took what i learned from that experience and i applied it to my way of song writing.

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently on "What Doesn't Kill You..." that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing? You added some easier to listen to parts for sure and those remindable clean singing refrains!!

Candiria: Besides adding melody and choruses, we approached certain things differently. We recorded demo's of the songs before we layed them down, something we've never done previously.

Musicscan: What message where you trying to portray through "What Doesn't Kill You..."?

Candiria: The title of the album says it all. That was the theme and inspiration of this record. We wanted to get the emotion of what we went through across to our fans, even though there wasn't a particular song about the accident on the record.

Musicscan: What would you like listeners to get out of the album as a whole?

Candiria: I would want them to sit back, enjoy the experience,learn how to ignore musical boundaries and to never give up on something or someone that they whole heartedly believe in.

Musicscan: Your new record again covers a lot of bases musically - there's something for everyone of metal or hardcore or ragga or whatever. Were you going for a more inclusive approach by choice?

Candiria: We let the album naturally evolve. We started off with certain concepts but allowed the writing process to go in whatever direction felt right.

Musicscan: What bands do you consider to be truly inspiring to you? Do you think that your songwriting is affected by music your hear, or do you try not to be influenced by that?

Candiria: Tool, A perfect circle, Bjork, Alice in chains, just to name a few. I'm influenced by what i hear, what i'm going through in my life and what i believe in spiritually.

Musicscan: The heavy underground, as a whole, has evolved over the last copule of year with huge success of bands like Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Shadows Fall, Isis, Converge or this Probot thing on Southern Lord. What are some of the noticeable changes you've witnessed? You are involved for years, too, so what are your experiences? Are those changes for the better or for the worse?

Candiria: I've noticed that metal is reaching a wider audience and shows no sign of slowing down as of yet. Bands are getting the respect that they deserve, some bands are actually able to feed their families, which can sometimes be a struggle when you're a touring musician. Our experiences have been good thus far. Some bumps here and there, but for the most part i love what we do and i appreciate the love that we get from the industry and our fans that respect what we have done in the past and the present. I think the changes are for the better from what i see as of now.

Musicscan: There are only a few bands out there, that are mixing metal with hip hop, ragga and stuff. Why are you bringing those completely different styles together?

Candiria: Cause we are capable of doing so and i also wanted to expose the listener to music that he may not have had the opportunity to check out otherwise.

Musicscan: Is there something you miss within todays heavy music scene? I often miss passion and originalityÂ…

Candiria: I couldn't agree with you more. It sometimes seems like bands will latch on to a fad and ride it as long as they possibly can. Which tends to dilute the music and the scene.

Musicscan: Does a band like Candiria make more money touring or selling records?

Candiria: Most bands make more money touring. We're a merchandise company on wheels. The label has to take what they've put in before you can see a dime. The amount of albums you sell and the type of contract you sign will determine how soon you start seeng royalty checks.

Musicscan: What music would you typically listen to in the van on tour during your turn to drive?

Candiria: We ride in a small bus and hire a driver. We allow the driver to play whatever he wants so he can feel comfortable while he is driving.

Musicscan: Is there a chance to see you guys playing over here in Europe soon?

Candiria: We're setting up a tour European tour for september of 2005. Check our website www.candiriamusic.com or check local listings for club dates.