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[the] Zaccharia

Interview von: arne mit Imran, am: 20.03.2002 ]

Die belgischen BROKEN PROMISES haben sich leider vor einiger Zeit aufgelöst. Letztes Lebenszeichen bleibt das auf Goodlife erschienene "Dying Before The First Step". Doch die Mehrzahl der beteiligten Musiker musiziert unter neuem Namen weiter...


Musicscan: So why did you choose to end BROKEN PROMISES?

[the] Zaccharia: We decided to end BROKEN PROMISES because there was a split in the group. Some of us (David-drums, Cédric-guitars, and I-guitars) wanted to create something different. We didn't like the direction that the band was taking (musically and idealogically), so we came to the conclusion that we needed to part ways with the others and begin anew.

Musicscan: Have you heard about the very bad critics here in germany? A lot of people didn't like your debut- record, because it was promoted in comparism to POISON THE WELL - Those people couldn't understand this...

[the] Zaccharia: To be honest, I don't think BROKEN PROMISES can be compared to PTW at all ! Maybe 1 - 2 riffs (even though they weren't one of the influences). This was a comparison made by Goodlife Recordings, not the band, so maybe you should ask them why we were compared to PTW ! As for receiving bad critics because of this, I think its ridiculous to judge a band based on its descriptions. More than half of the time the descriptions have nothing to do with the music, yet people still form their precious little stereotypes. Its time to start listening to the music and not to the people judging the music!

Musicscan: If you sum up the history of BROKEN PROMISES - What is worth to speak about? What have been the 'highlights'? What does this chapter of your life mean to you nowadays? I can imagine it's difficult to start another band from point zero...

[the] Zaccharia: The highlight of BROKEN PROMISES for me was our 4 week tour through Europe. It was the most intense, exhilarating, incredibly fun experience of my life! I learned so much and met so many people. BROKEN PROMISES for me was a quintessential transition period which helped me discover myself and certain people around me. It was the first step towards something bigger and I'll never forget the moments and the people behind it. It's hard starting from zero, but it's SO much fun ! We can do everything that we REALLY want to do, and avoid previous mistakes. We're all going through an amazing process of re-birth, re-discovery and re-invention for the moment. It's breath-takingly awesome!

Musicscan: If you start this new band with the same people - What will be different? What is to expect musically? Why should someone listen to you?

[the] Zaccharia: Well, not all the members are the same. David is on drums, Cédric is doing guitars and I do vocals instead of guitars this time. Our bassplayer is Daniel, the previous BROKEN PROMISES bassplayer (who was replaced by Pierre). Mael (singer of Broken Promises) and Pierre (bass) are not involved in our project. They're working on something else, and we wish them the best of luck. The main difference is the style of music and the lyrical approach. The music is best described as a solid mix between HEAVY nu-metal, and melodic hardcore with chaotic undertones (Deftones, Norma Jean, Zao, …). So it's quite different from what we were doing with BROKEN PROMISES. It seems fresh and original to us, (so that's already a pretty good reason for people to listen to us), but it's also sincere. We've put a LOT of hard work into this and if you listen carefully to our CD and learn to understand our concept(s), you will be greatly rewarded with a different level of music ! Our lyrics deal less with the political aspects of life (even though some may argue that each action is a political one), but more with direct elements of life like hurting and being hurt (emotionally), failing and succeeding, death, etc. I basically try to write lyrics that people can relate to.

Musicscan: You already told me about the new name, but i couldn't find this mail anymore... Has it been zacharias? - There is this novel by murilo rubiao...

[the] Zaccharia: We're called Zaccharia. It's a name, nothing more, nothing less.

Musicscan: Do you consider this new band as some kind of hardcore-band?

[the] Zaccharia: I personally consider the new band as a band. We just want to play the music that we love. If you call it hardcore, then that's fine. If you call it nu-metal, then that's cool too. What counts is the music, not the title or description.

Musicscan: What is to know about song-titles and lyrics? What are topics you sing about this time?

[the] Zaccharia: Well, I already spoke a bit about the topics, so here's a few lines from one of our songs :

"I'd slit my own throat just to watch you breathe,
The perfect ending to the perfect love."

I guess it's pretty obvious that these lines are about loving someone! They're about loving someone so much that you'd be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice (self-destruction), to let them live instead of you. This poses certain questions as to human nature. Are we truly capable (each and every one of us) of self-destruction in order to let someone else (that we love) live ? Who would dare commit an act as noble (yet as idealistically utopic), as suicide in the name of love ? And what IS the ending to the perfect love ? What is the perfect love for that matter ? I always thought that there were more questions than answers in this world.

Musicscan: I can imagine that you have tried to be as varied as possible. What have you done?

[the] Zaccharia: Yes, we're trying to explore new realms of music. We're working in a different way and with new elements, so it's very exciting for us right now. We're currently in the process of working with a regular formation (guitar, drums, bass, vocals) but also with electronics (groove boxes, beat boxes, digital recorders, electronic drum sensors, etc Â…). Basically, we hope to incorporate electro-influences into our music, and add a new depth to our compositions. Our live shows will also include these elements (and many others including light shows)!

[The] Zaccharia musicians are :

Cédric Caron - Guitars

David Delander - Drums

Daniel Lescot - Bassguitar and backing vocals

Imran Siddiqi - Vocals and additional guitars

Contact : the_zaccharia@hotmail.com

Imran Siddiqi
243 Boulevard des Invalides
1160 Auderghem
Brussels, Belgium
++ 32 497 26 05 47