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Interview von: arne mit Henric, am: 05.03.2005 ]

Gerade erschien mit “Descent Into Chaos“ der zweite Nightrage- Longplayer und dieser strotzt gerade zu über vor Spielwitz, Energie und Druck. Alles ist im Überfluss vorhanden und die zwölf Tracks formen ein Manifest im Sektor des melodischen Death Metal. Inzwischen steht auch Cipher System- Bassist Henric in den Reihen der Band und mit ihm führten wir ein Interview...


Musicscan: How did you find your way to the line up of Nightrage, Henric? What's behind this greeting to Micke from Evergrey in the booklet telling us, that he's responsible for it!?

Nightrage: The thing is that I was about to bay a bass from Micke in Evergrey and we decided to meet up outside studio Fredman. Then when I got the bass I went upp to the studio to give Patric a Cipher System T-shirt as gift for his great jobb on the Cipher System album. When I got there Nightrage was just done with the drum sound. So they asked me if I was interested to try out as their bass player. So a week later I auditioned and now I am a member.

Musicscan: Did you start a career as professionell musician lately? You are involved in two of the most promising Swedish metal acts now, so it would be possible, or not!? What have been your hopes and expectations with joining Nightrage?

Nightrage: It is like this. Even if your bands are good you can't really live on your music. It takes great work by your label, management, booking agency and the band has to be able to go on tour always. But this is not the case, so right now I am starting my own buissenis as a graphic design, for Webdesign, print, cd-covers and such. More info at www.uprising.se

Musicscan: I can imagine, that working with this well established and famous musicians it's a great step to your own progression, right? How did you experience the writing and recording process with Nightrage and what did you learn from it?

Nightrage: The thing is that I have progressed alot both as a musichan and how I can improve Cipher System. We had alot more time in the studio with Nightrage then we had with Cipher. I was not able to arange any songs, but I was recording Tomas vocals and I helped him with some vocal arrangements. I learned alot from the Cipher System recording so I did not make the same mistakes on the Nightrage recording. So the my recording will be even better as I have learned alot from the Nightrage session as well.

Musicscan: What's the actual status of Nightrage? Do you consider yourself to be a real band or is this more kind of a project with the difference, that Nightrage is touring?

Nightrage: Nightrage is a band. Marios has always been Nightrage's main music writer, but on the first album he had to borrow musichians to get the album together. Today we have a stable line-up and we have got great interest from booking agencys so we are going to do alot more live shows soon. Nightrage has only made two shows until today so we are really looking forward to get out on the road. The band unit is really strong and we have a blast when we are out together so I can't wait to get out on the road.

Musicscan: Does Nightrage see a problem in the fact, that the band sometimes is limited to the participation of Tompa? Everyone's writing of him, similarities to At The Gates and stuff like this. It seemed to have changed a bit with this second album, but for the debut I read it in every review.

Nightrage: No I don't see that as a problem. Musicwise we are not like At the Gates, we are way more melodic then they where in the end. Tomas is now singing deeper then he did with At the gates. But still, he is a death metal legend so this is just good for the band.

Musicscan: There are quite a lot of bands with the trademarked 'Gothenburg' sound out there. What brings Nightrage to this sound?

Nightrage: This is just the sound that Nightrage has had since the begining. If you listen to Exhumation (Marios former band) you can easly hear the resemblance to Nightrage. So this is nothing he has just started to play because of a trend or anything, this is just how he writes music and how Nightrage sound.

Musicscan: Did the other member tell you about their motivation to start espacially this kind of 'Gothenburg' sounding band? It's very hard to please technical at least...

Nightrage: Yes, of course it is. But I don't think you can please any genre by playing bad. And as you said, it takes skilled musichians to performe this genre good. With Cipher we just progressed into the sound we had on the album, but with Nightrage they already had that sound when I joined, so I know what i singed in for.

Musicscan: Speaking of the Swedish melodic death metal scene, how do you feel about the path some of your compatriots have taken, like In Flames or Soilwork?

Nightrage: It is great, I have just heard some songs from the last Soilwork album and it took some listenings but now I love it. In Flames did an ok album last year, but since they have made so much great material before they will still have a great live show.

Musicscan: How important is it for Nightrage to include guitar solos and great heavy metal parts to your songs? Oh, and have you been able to bring in own influences to "Descent Into Chaos"?

Nightrage: They are really important. I love guitar solos and when you have skilled musichians as Gus and Marios on guitar you should use them. It fits perfectly to our sound so I could not see Nightrage without them. The song I had the most input on was "Descent Into Chaos". I changed the bass lines and I helped Tomas with the vocals a bit. Since I joined the band after one week in the studio I did not really had so much to change.

Musicscan: In retrospect, how do you and the rest of the members feel about the debut "Sweet Vengeance"? Where do you see the significant differences between both albums?

Nightrage: It is a great debut. I love it, but I think that the new album has a better sound, the songs structure on "Descent..." is easier and more straightforward. On "Sweet Vengance" it was alot of tempo changes, so that has changed alot. Less is more.

Musicscan: Do you feel that Nightrage already has found its own sound, or is it still evolving? I really enjoy the fresh and straightforward attitude of the record, but the songs seem to tend to more modern edge.

Nightrage: I think that the 3rd album with Nightrage will take an bigger twist then the second did. Since both me and Fotis will make music for it as well. Fotis is also a great singer so he will handle all the clean vocals on the next album. But stil Marios is the main music writer and he will take care of that Nightrage will still sound Nightrage but with some new inputs.

Musicscan: When do we have the chance to see Nightrage playing live over here in Germany?

Nightrage: We have got some offers to play at some festival but I don't think that anything is booked yet. But this will be revealed as soon as it is carved in stone, ha ha.

Musicscan: Any last words?

Nightrage: Thank you very much for you interest in me and Nightrage. Visit us at www.nightrage.com

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