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Comeback Kid

Interview von: arne mit Andrew, am: 02.03.2005 ]

Comeback Kid lassen mit ihrem Victory-Einstand eine wahre Bombe auf die HC-Kids los! Youth Crew-Old-School spielen sie in Perfektion und “Wake The Dead” erklingt als straffe Ansammlung nach vorne gehender Hardcore- Hymnen. Wer auf spritzige HC-Klänge zwischen In My Eyes, Reach The Sky, Champion und American Nightmare steht, kommt an den Kanadiern nicht länger vorbei.


Musicscan: Please state your name and what you do in the band at first.

Comeback Kid: Hi, IÂ’m Andrew Neufeld. I play guitar and sometimes do some vocals in Comeback Kid.

Musicscan: What's behind the band name? Sorry for this question, cause i can imagine that everyone's asking for it, but what's the deal? It's a funny sounding name to me, but it also suits very well with your actual sounding!?! Is there any certain meaning or thought behind it?

Comeback Kid: Well, we got the name when Scott Wade was looking through a magazine clipping and it was talking about a hockey player coming back to the NHL. The headline was “The Comeback Kid”. We thought it sounded cool and decided to use it for our band name. The idea kind of fits our band. Getting up after a fall… turning things around.

Musicscan: Would you consider Comeback Kid to be a Christian band? I asking because of your Facedown- past...

Comeback Kid: No, Comeback Kid is not a Christian band, although we do have some Christians in the band. Everyone in the band has different beliefs and ideas. We are 5 very different people, so we couldnÂ’t label ourselves one type of band.

Musicscan: I am surprised finding Comback Kid signed to Victory these days. What's the story behind this? You surely had other options, so why did you team up with them?

Comeback Kid: Yeah, we had been talking to a few really amazing labels. It was a very hard decision seeing as though, all the labels we were talking to were amazing. I donÂ’t think any of them would have been a bad decision. We just had to make the one we felt best about. We chose Victory because of their hard work ethic. They push their bands harder than any other label out there. They understand hardcore and they also understand what goes on beyond the underground. They are great to work with and I can always get a hold of someone when I need to. We feel great about signing with Victory at this point.

Musicscan: Any problems with kids blaming you for sell-out or stuff like this so far? Whenever a popular underground-group makes its way to a more major-styled company (i wouldn't call Victory underground anymore), people seem to get jealous and start with backstabbing-shit...

Comeback Kid: As soon as we signed with Victory I read some shit on message boards. People are so funny sometimes. People talking about how we are going to “change our sound” now that we’re on Victory Records. Haha. We would write the same record for whatever label we are on. That has does not affect our song writing at all. We were finishing up recording “Wake The Dead” when we actually signed with them. So, some people were really supportive of it, and some people had other opinions. The fact of the matter is we are the same band that we have always been and we are happy that we can get our records in stores worldwide.

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on "Wake The Dead"?

Comeback Kid: I feel like “Wake The Dead” is the best piece of music recorded that I have ever been a part of. Working with punk legends like Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room was just amazing for us. It was the best recording experience we have ever had. We spent so much time writing and perfecting those songs and we are really happy with how it came out.

Musicscan: When did you feel that Comeback Kid got its first big break? The word on your band spread quiete quickly over the underground...

Comeback Kid: I think we were really fortunate to get that momentum so quick in our band’s career. When we released our demo online, it was cool that we saw kids from all over interested in our band already then. I booked our first tour and our first record “Turn It Around” came out only in the middle of that, but the whole tour was really great. Kids knew our words even from the internet which was awesome to us. Our second tour was with Terror, Throwdown, and Every Time I Die. I think we were really lucky to get on that ( probably one of the biggest hardcore tours going on at the time). We owe a lot to our booking agent Matt Pike and Jason at Facedown Records for pushing us hard from the start.

Musicscan: How do you feel about your place as a band in the independent music scene? There seems to start some bigger old-school-revival you could benefit from...

Comeback Kid: We arenÂ’t part of the old school revival. We donÂ’t play old school hardcore. We take influence from old hardcore bands, but we take influence from a lot of places. I see us as a hardcore/punk band. Plain and simple. I like to see a lot of different types of kids at our shows. I donÂ’t think our sound is written for one group of people.

Musicscan: What about the mass of post-hardcore music that's been flooding the independent scene lately? This seems to be the second big "trend. "What are your thoughts on it?

Comeback Kid: I think it’s fine as long as bands are doing what they want to do. If they are doing it for the “trend” or to get popular, that sucks. If they are writing the music for themselves, I think that is great.

Musicscan: Does a band like Comeack Kid make more money touring or selling records? Do you expect changes on this fact with Victory behind you now?

Comeback Kid: We get by. The only money we really see is from being on tour, so we have to stay busy. IÂ’m looking for a dirt cheap apartment right now.

Musicscan: Speaking about "Wake The Dead" - What did you guys do differently on this record that you hadn't done previously? I'm asking since this new record isn't comaparable to your earlier releases, since it's much more intense and powerfull...

Comeback Kid: I think we have just matured in song writing and as a band. There are some obvious things like this record has a bit more of a punk influence to it. There are some more melodic parts, but we have always been a melodic band. This record is more intense, a little bit darker, and yes, more powerful in my opinion.

Musicscan: As I already said there's some pretty significant difference between your two records out of my view. To what do you attribute that change?

Comeback Kid: We have just grown as musicians and as a band playing and touring together for a good while. ItÂ’s a natural progression I think. Lyrically we deal with some of the same subjects, while this record is maybe a little more personal and we talk about some struggles we have been through in the last year or so.

Musicscan: Was it kind of a different thing writing this album, now that you are more skilled with your instruments?

Comeback Kid: We just would practice everyday. I would write a song, or we would write songs together. It was really great, because Jeremy, Kyle, and I would just jam and we gelled really well. Some of the songs almost wrote themselves. Well, not quiteÂ… but you get the idea.

Musicscan: How do most Comeback Kid songs come to be? What's the writing process like? How long does it take, on average, to finsh a song?

Comeback Kid: It all depends. Sometimes It takes us one practice and the song is done. Sometimes it takes forever, because IÂ’m really anal and keep changing things to make the song better. Sometimes I will write a song and bring it to practice and everyone will throw their 2 cents in. Sometimes Jeremy or I will just have a couple riffs and we will write the song together. I think I like that the best.

Musicscan: What message where you trying to portray through the record? Do you feel you were successful in this respect?

Comeback Kid: There is not one particular message we were trying to portray. A lot of the songs have different themes. The title track “Wake The Dead” is about people who live stagnant lives. People who have given up on their dreams. With a “sleepwalking” mentality. It is a wake up call for people to see that there is hope and you can make something of your life. It’s about following your dreams and not giving up.

Musicscan: What music would you typically listen to in the van on tour during your turn to drive?

Comeback Kid: Lately between the other guys and I, some stuff being played is No Warning, Propagandhi, Champion, The Smiths, Mew, The Dears, Blink 182, Madball, Lifetime, Chain Of Strength, Muse, Lamb Of God, etc. a lot of different stuff.

  Comeback Kid